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Multan is the Pakistan's 5th most populous city and has an area of 133 square kilometers. The city is located on the banks of the Chenab River. Multan is known as the City of Sufis or City of Saints and Madinat-ul-Auliya because of a large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the city. The city is blanketed with bazaars, mosques, shrines, and ornate tombs. This city is also famous for ancient Hindus temples, the most famous temple is Prahladpuri Temple. Holi or Holika festival of Hindus started from this temple. Multan is the birthplace of Fariduddin Ganjshakar (popularly known as "Baba Farid"), recognized as the first major poet of the Punjabi language.

Multan is located in a bend created by five rivers of central Pakistan. The Sutlej River divides it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. One of the oldest Cities in the world dating back 6000 years, the city has grown to become an important political and economical center of the country, with a dry port and excellent transport links. Multan is famous for its crops: wheat, cotton and sugar cane, mangoes, citrus, guavas, and pomegranates.

Several Opportunities of Jobs in Multan

Over the link of jobs in Multan, you will find jobs in different enterprises. For example finance department jobs, marketing department jobs, I.T department jobs, construction jobs, and hotel industry related jobs and so on. Let us examine in detail the type of jobs we are bestowing in Multan, to make it clearer to you.

Following are the most trendy job openings in Multan. Let us have a glance on them.

Marketing Jobs

Every industry needs to be marketed, due to this fact like other cities of Pakistan, Multan is holding equal opportunities for marketing jobs. If you are having specialization in this topic and you are living in Multan, you can utilize for the mentioned marketing jobs there. This has never been so easy, so don’t pause and dissipate your time, rather grasp these opportunities by connecting to jobs spontaneously. You can apply for like marketing manager, sales representative, customer relationship manager and much more.

Information Technology Jobs

The field of I.T is itself a decisive sign for the one studied it, because of its emerging trends in every field. There are many I.T jobs listed for all the inhabitants of Multan city. You can follow all the available jobs with your skill set and apply accordingly. RightJobs.PK will keep you updated with all the new job openings. You can employ for developer job, graphic designer, software engineering jobs and much more.

Finance Jobs

Many finance jobs are present on our online job portal. If your area of specialization is finance, you can go for finance jobs category. There are many positions in banks and other financial institutions demanding finance individuals. So you are at right place, just login into your account, identify your desired results and apply for the chosen job types. Make up your profession with the job listings on our website.

Management Jobs

Management job is the one, which demands a person to manage everything given in a synopsis of a business. These jobs are developing very quickly these days. For example, the project manager is also a designation of a job. You should have such an experience set that you are able to work under stressed circumstances. You may call it as keeping the equilibrium with your right job. Human Resource (HR) jobs are also available. HR department is responsible for appointing and compensating the employees of the organization. You can view jobs with such description if your area of interest is the same.

Medical Field Jobs

For all the individuals in Multan, having an area of specialization in the medical field who want to serve their city, can view medical job posts in Multan. For instance, no matter if you are MBBS doctor or you have done Pharm D or anything in the field of medical, you can inspect job postings on Pakistan fastest growing online job portal, RightJobs.PK.

Teaching & Education Jobs

If you are passionate about teaching and good teaching skills, you can adopt teaching as your professional career line. There comes a vast number of openings in teaching and educational jobs. For example Teacher Assistant, Subject Teacher, Principal, Headmistress, Class Teacher, and Academic Coordinator to teach the students. You can join various institutions like academicism, private schools, government schools, private tuition centers etc.

There are many additional jobs of several disciplines announced on our website RightJobs.PK. You don’t have to worry much to view them. Just visit our website, login to your account and view jobs in Multan by the city in the search field. You can filter your results by concentrating on your desired job listings. RightJobs.PK is promoting you by producing all jobs just under one platform. So, start sending your CVs to your concerned organizations, you can help your friends in job hunt by telling them about this remarkable convenience. Wish you best of luck for your job hunt.