RightJobs.pk is Pakistan’s emerging online job portal setting new records of steady growth. Since its launch on 1st May, 2014, it is moving successfully in the right direction of eliminating the gap between recruiters and job seekers and bring them on one platform. Rightjobs is solely operated and developed by Cube Discipline Ltd

RightJobs Team

The Right Jobs team is over 60 dedicated individuals with additional support from the Cube Discipline Ltd wider team in different areas. RightJobs.pk is a team of professionals from the IT and recruitment world. Nice blend of Young and enthusiastic professionals have completed few amazing assignments on a daily basis and are contributing actively to the future and the prosperity of our nation. Rightjobs team currently is divided into few core teams beside management.

Sales and Service Delivery

We consider sales and service delivery at the top of our priorities. We are determined to provide best services to our valuable users However, jobseekers and employers are considered equally significant at RightJobs.  Those who visit our website and decides to work with us will be much contented to acquire the personalized services at RightJobs. Our definite target is to connect the best talent to the best employers. At RightJobs, we belief in assisting the job seekers to meet their dream employer and finding the right candidates for the business that is fundamental to their growth. Read More

Marketing Team

The marketing team is dedicated to minimizing the distances between employers and employees. Marketing team works hard to make sure that they can reach out the targeted audience as it should be. We hope to share our minds with the valuable users in the best way possible to let them know about the notions we want to convey to them.  We keep our social media activity updated with the association of several media partners and publishers. Read More

Development & Infrastructure Team

Our highly skilled infrastructure and development team is persistently working on the solutions to provide our customers, the best technology, outstanding user experience and all the necessary tools to connect the employees to the employer and have clearly laid out the development plan for next two years. Our team is working on a collection of material and virtual tools which can enhance the workings of server and storage components to guarantee the connection between employers and job seekers through RightJobs. They work on knowledge management tools and network administration system to provide the most feasible connection between the employers and job seekers. Dedicated team of development and infrastructure works on the database to ensure the integrity of data. Read More

Data Management Team

The data management team is committed to ensure the integrity of the data we publish on our website. It not only evaluates the legitimacy of our employers and the veracity of the data, but it also ensures that the candidates are equally complying with the rules we put in place. RightJobs.pk has a strong standing in Data management services. Data management team at RightJobs confirms to provide the accurate data collection, the uncompromised quality standards of the data within the respective time period. Read More

What we do?

RightJobs.pk is an ideal platform for employers as well as job seekers to get the desired employee and job respectively. With 7000 registered employers, RightJobs provides countless job opportunities for job seekers in Pakistan according to their preferred location and industry. On RightJob.pk, top recruiters place their latest job vacancies for which job seekers can send their online resumes. Whereas for employers, it provides a wide opportunity to screen the desired talent from the RightJobs’ database of over one million professional resumes. Rightjobs has made the hiring process easier than never before as it allows the employers to post their latest job openings. With its effectiveness for employers and job seekers, RightJobs.pk has created a brand of its own.

 Our Team: RightJobs.pk is a brainchild of CUBE Discipline, a software house based in Pakistan, offering IT services to worldwide clients.