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Hyderabad – a Paris of Sindh

Hyderabad is the fourth largest city of Pakistan which is located in the Sindh province. In the past, Hyderabad was known as the Paris of Sindh when its streets were washed with perfumes. But sadly it ends soon after the invasion of British rule in the subcontinent. Hyderabad is an industrial city but it is famous as it is the biggest producer of bangles and amazing Ajraks (a Sindhi traditional fabric) which is famous all over the world.

Hyderabad is also a famous city due to the presence of many historical places in the city. But nowadays it is going under a great transformation. Many new projects are introduced to this cause like new flyovers, bridges, roads, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, radio and television channels, etc. There are also many industries working like handicraft industries, textile industries, sugar, cement, tanneries, hosiery mills, etc. Rice, wheat, cotton and fruits are also commonly produced in the city.

Thus there are a lot of chances of getting a high paid job in Hyderabad due to the increased economic, industrial and commercial activity in the city.

Different High Paid Jobs in Hyderabad

RightJobs.Pkguarantees you to find a perfect job in the following industries that provide more pays, incentives, successful career path and much more.

Entertainment Industry Jobs

Hyderabad is also advancing in the entertainment industry. The city has its two radio stations, namely Radio Pakistan FM 101 and Sachal FM 105. It also has five television channels including KTN entertainment, KTN news, Kashish TV, Sindh TV, Dhoom TV. Kawish, Ibrat and daily Sindh are the famous newspapers published in the city. The city has also its web portal with the name of which depicts provides all the information and news of the city. More steps are needed in the advancement of the entertainment industry, which requires hiring more trained and hard working staff. As we know there is a lot of scope of getting highly paid in the entertainment industry, so don’t miss any chance to get a job here through our platform.

Construction Jobs

Jobs in construction companies are also highly paid with incentives like bonuses, medical and life insurance. As Hyderabad is advancing, many construction projects are introduced in the city like construction of high rise building, malls, flyovers, roads, bridges, etc. For this, technical staff is required like engineers, builders, technicians, electrician, plumbers, and other nontechnical staff.  Our job portal enlists all the jobs related to construction companies. Just browse a job in your desired company and apply for it.

Educational Jobs

The people of Hyderabad not only need different advancement programs to excel as a modern city but also it needs to educate individuals to make a true change in the city. Education not only changes peoples mind sets, but also advances people to progress in different fields. Hyderabad has a huge number of educational institutions and seven famous universities, including Sindh University, Liaqat University, Mehran University, Sindh Agriculture University, National University, Szabist University, Isra University. Thus, there is a constant demand of good and qualified teaching personals which leads it to become a well paid profession. A huge list of teaching jobs is updated on our forum daily.

Transportation Jobs

There are different means of transportation which not only help us to travel, but also sending goods from one place to other places. These modes of transportation connects intercity and intra cities through taxis, buses, trains and airplanes. Hyderabad Airport has also opened up again for flights to major cities of Pakistan. Thus, Hyderabad is making arrangements to better its transportation system by employing well paid staff.

Banking Jobs

As we know Hyderabad is an industrial and agricultural city, but many new programs are introduced to modernize the city. Apart from industrial activity, there is a lot of economic and commercial activity observed in the Hyderabad city. Due to which, more and more local and foreign banks are opening up their branches in the city. These banks need competitive and qualified staff to establish itself in the city, thus offering high paid jobs with a lot of incentives to their staff.

Other jobs in Hyderabad that are proving themselves to be the well paid jobs are industrial jobs, agricultural jobs, health and medical, nontechnical jobs among many other right jobs waiting just for you!