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Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Karachi, Peshawar, Pakistan

12 may 2017

12 august 2017

HR Business Partner


1 Years


Not Specified




23 - 35 Years

Job Description

We are looking for a HR Business Partner.

  • Excellent people management skills
  • Analytical and goal oriented
  • Demonstrable experience with HR metrics
  • Thorough knowledge of labor legislation
  • Full understanding of all HR functions and best practices

Required Skills

human resource, recruitment

Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

16 april 2017

16 july 2017

Software Marketing / Support Officer


0-1 Years

Not Specified

Not Specified


PKR. 20000 - 30000/Month


18 - 25 Years

Job Description

We Are a Well known, Well Growing Software Company. Company develops Management Software's for pakistan.

  • We have software products which we want to Introduce to our end users. 
  • The Candidate will visit schools/colleges and give software demo to end users and encourage them to use our management software.
  • We want young energetic candidates who can work hard.
  • *The Candidate should be familiar with computer knowledge, Computer science student's will be preferred.


  • Well known computer knowledge  
  • Laptop
  • Bike
  • Good Communication Skills  

Required Skills

marketing, Basic Computer Skills

Karachi, Bahawalpur, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Pakistan

24 march 2017

24 june 2017

Web Developer


1-2 Years


Not Specified




23 - Years

Job Description

Syntax software House Looking For a Web Developer

  • Writing well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices
  • Creating website layout/user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Integrating data from various back-end services and databases


  • Fluent in Urdu and English
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation process
  • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills

Required Skills

information technology, Javascript / jQuery, php

Karachi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan

15 march 2017

15 june 2017

Area Sales Manager


3-5 Years


Not Specified




29 - Years

Job Description

Shield Corporation Limited is looking for Area Sales Managers. 

  • Report to Regional Sales Manager
  • Team Management
  • Team Building
  • Target achievement
  • Fulfilling KPI’s
  • Betterment in availability
  • Visit all potential and production towns.


Required Skills

effective communication, must have strong knowledge of area., negotiating skills

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Gujranwala Insights

All we knew about Gujranwala is a city known for food and wrestling, but there is much more to it. Gujranwala is an industrial city with the populous population of manufacturing a variety of goods at a very large scale. Gujranwala also plays a great role in the economy of Pakistan as the entrepreneurs of Gujranwala are making efforts to increase their product’s exposure to the international market also like Europe, America and the Middle East. 

The city Gujranwala is full of small to medium sized industries including home based factories. The products manufactured mostly in Gujranwala fulfill all the needs of the Pakistani consumers. These products are mostly electronics, industrial machinery, poultry, cutlery, kitchenware, utensils, etc. Hence, it is playing a major role in the economy of the Pakistan.

Gujranwala is also doing a great work in its agriculture department also. The major crops produced in this region are rice, wheat, sugarcane, melon and grains. These crops are also exported to other countries in a large amount. Apart from raising crops, agriculture department is also currently working in four other different aspects including agriculture, livestock and dairy development, forests, fisheries and farm water management.

Apart from the great appreciation from international market, Gujranwala is also getting a lot of revenue from it in Pakistan also, thus building a great part in the economy of Pakistan.

Top and Trendy Positions and Careers in Gujranwala

RightJobs.Pk provides the top and trendy jobs in Gujranwala in the following categories. We provide a great list of jobs in Gujranwala in the following departments of agriculture.

Industrial Jobs

As we know that Gujranwala is the industrial hub of the Pakistan and contributes a lot in generating revenues therefore there are the top careers in Gujranwala that you can apply for in any industry. Thus, RightJobs.Pk offers endless list of jobs in Gujranwala in different departments of industries which are mentioned below.

Sales and Marketing Jobs

A majority of our entrepreneurs are self-made and not literate enough to know the required marketing skills to display their products in the right commercial market.

 There is a great scope for sales and marketing officers like ales managers, sales coordinator, marketing incharge, marketing director, etc.

Maintenance and Repair Jobs

Industries are always in need of technical personals like engineers, technicians, electricians, etc. for the maintenance and repair to run their industrial machineries smoothly and soundly. They also require hiring nontechnical staff like plumbers, lifters, etc.

Management Jobs

To run and carry out the chief operations of any industry, they need expert assistance by hiring chief executive officer, managing director, financial manager, export manager, auditors and many other significant employees.

Food Jobs

Gujranwala is very famous for its delicious and mouthwatering food. People from nearby cities also came here to try its tasty food. There are many hotels on the G.T road which offers food from Desi to continental. Many fast food chains are also opening up in Gujranwala which increases the job openings in this field like hotel managers, chef, cook, helpers, waiter, order takers, delivery boys, etc.

Banking Jobs

In Gujranwala, banks are required to provide financial assistance to their clients on the buying and selling of industrial and agricultural goods on the daily basis. There are a variety of job openings in the field of banking like financial manager, operational manager, data entry, auditor, etc.

Agriculture Jobs

To ensure the quality, production and continuous supply of crops, there is always a need for the expert persons like farm managers, farmers, trainers, quality controllers, field assistants, stockists, distributors, sales officers, export officers, etc.

Livestock Jobs

Livestock and poultry production is a huge department in Gujranwala which requires dedicated and professional staff like livestock production manager, veterinary officer, research vet, farm managers, caretakers, trainers, etc. to check the quality of veterinary services.

Water Management Jobs

For the proper growth of crops, proper water utilization and channelization is required to water them on time by avoiding water lose. This can be done only by hiring the trained personals like water resource director and modeler, tube well maintainers, canal guards, technical assistants, etc.

Other Employments in Gujranwala

Apart from these top and trending employments in Gujranwala, our platform offers over thousands of jobs in various fields like education, medical and fitness, business sector, IT and software, technical and nontechnical employments, etc. So, you should have a close look at the job listing available on our forum.

So, don’t waste time and look for the best job of your choice from our platform. We will work to the best of our abilities to make sure that you succeed in getting the right job in Gujranwala.