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Driver Jobs in faisalabad Pakistan

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Driving mostly refers to a controlled operation of a motor vehicle such as a car, bus, truck etc... Thousands of Driver vacancies in faisalabad Pakistan are available. Vehicles are required and used in every field in Pakistan. It is used in industries, agriculture for official or business persons, whereas it is also used in homes for personal use.  Driving is a very responsible job and you need to drive very carefully according to the rules which are set by the authority. When you are driving on the road you need to drive carefully because you are responsible for not only your life, but of other peoples life who are on the road, your small mistake can cause an accident and result in financial, physical and life loss. Driving is also very interesting job as the drivers have the luxury that they travel in all sides of Pakistan, especially heavy vehicle drivers who are taking the carriage goods/product from one city to other travel for a very long time and distance. A normal person does not have the luxury of that much travelling and sight seeing and visiting the other cities as the driver does have.

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Driver Jobs in faisalabad Pakistan

Here we will discuss about different Driver positions in faisalabad Pakistan and their responsibilities and criteria to qualify which will help you to find the field of your interest.

Domestic Driver Jobs in faisalabad Pakistan

When you get a job as a driver in any home you normally need to have an LTV license, driving experience is also required to get a job in home, but most importantly, you need to have a good refrence because normally you can only get a driving job in home if you have a strong refrence. Normally these driver openings are not published in any newspaper or any website and you come to know about these vacancies through your refrence. Education may not be compulsory here and even if you don't have any education that might be ok for this job. People prefer driver to whom they or someone in their social circle know.General duties at any home in Pakistan for a driver is that you may need to drop the children to their schools and elders to office, then you may be required to do household purchasing. At noon you need to pick the children from their schools and your duty might also include taking the females to visit some places or for shopping. In this job out city travelling may required occasionally, but not so often.

Driver Jobs in Pakistan Offices

There are lots of driver are available in offices, every office, according to its business nature is in need of driver and vehicle to run the operations smoothly. The common responsibilities of a driver in offices in Pakistan are, that they need to keep the official vehicle operational and in running condition and if they found any issue in the vehicle timely report this to your supervisor and get the vehicle repaired as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.Drivers in offices also taking the officials to other offices for business meetings, surveys or other official requirements. In some offices the educated and aware drivers also perform the normal banking operations for their companies. They also assist the officer in purchasing of official goods as well. You need to have a good personality, HTV/LTV driving license, Minimum education and prior experience as a driver in any organization. Outstation travelling may require on a regular basis in this job depending upon the business nature of the organization.

Driver Jobs in Pakistan Logistic Company

If you know how to drive heavy/multi wheeler vehicle and you have HTV driving license, then you can get a job as a driver in any logistic or goods forwarding company. This job requires lots of travelling and you may get very few times on your home station and this job also have very long working hours as you need to drive the vehicle from one city to another and the running speed of these vehicles is not fast like a car so it will take double time then a car to travel from one city to another. Depending upon the company size and preference they might not require educated drivers to drive their vehicles. In this job your duty is to take the goods which your company booked for other cities of Pakistan or your company receive orders from other cities and your duty is to get your vehicle uploaded from the warehouse or store of the company and deliver the goods to the customer's place.

Driver Jobs in Pakistan Agriculture Sector

You can get a driving job in agriculture sector if you have HTV driving license and can drive heavy vehicles.  In Pakistan you may even get a job as a driver even without having driving license. This job may be seasonal, you may need to drive tractors to harvest the fields at the start of the harvesting field, then you need to do pesticides spray in the fields during the corps. Again, you can get a driving job in corping season, and you drive the vehicles or machines for corping the crop. Other then driving the tractor for harvesting the filed or machines for corping the crops, you need to drive the loader vehicles to take the corps to the markets for sale and you will also be used by your boss/owner of the fields to purchase the pesticide sprays or other related materials.

Driving is very professional work and you need to pay full attention to your work during driving, and you also need to obey the traffic rules. The problem in Pakistan is that drivers do not follow the traffic rules and because of this there are accidents which ends in financial/physical/or in extreme conditions loss of lifes as well. If you are willing to do driver job in faisalabad you should be aware off the traffic rules and follow them to become a good driver and a responsible citizen of the country.