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Construction Jobs in construction Pakistan

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Construction is a very vast field, this field also reflects the technology advancement of a country. Construction field is well established and growing rapidly in Pakistan and creating job opportunities for people of Pakistan. There are several types of jobs you can do in construction field the best thing about this is that it provides job for both literate and illiterate people, which is a very good thing for a country like Pakistan where literacy rate is not that high and there are millions of illiterate people who are looking for work and they need to feed their family as well. There are many other fields which are interlinked with construction vacancies in construction Pakistan and it is creating more opportunities in Pakistan. For literate people or educated individuals like civil engineer, quantity surveyor, site supervisor, accountant, office administration, sales and marketing type on RightJobs.Pk. For illiterate, but skilled persons there are labor, masson, machine operator etc positions. you can find a job in this field and can choose a job according to your qualification and interest via RightJobs.Pk.

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Below you can find job roles in the field of construction that includes

Site Supervisor Jobs in construction Pakistan

Site supervisor job in Pakistan is crucial in the field of construction, as the site supervisor is the person who always remains on the site and he is the main person who have all the update of work and he gives the update to relevant authority. He is responsible to execute the work as per plan given by the management. Eligibility criteria for a site supervisor is that he should at least be a diploma holder in civil engineering. He should have the ability to comprehend structural and design drawings. He should have the ability to manage the resources and handle the contractors for smooth operations. He need to check the structural elements, bricks, steel, wood, PVC pipes, concrete, etc. and he also needs to generate BOQs from drawings. A person having contacts with small contractors and who can manage the labor force is preferred in this field.

Civil Engineer Jobs in construction Pakistan

Civil Engineer is an integral member of the development project team in construction field. Most companies preferred those civil Engineers who are PEC-certified. Civil engineers are responsible for managing all engineering-related activities at the designated project sites. Civil engineers are the main technical advisor in the construction field or on the construction site for junior engineers, subcontractors and other staff or labor. If you are working as a civil engineer then you are responsible to look after the process of the work of setting out, levelling and surveying the site. You also need to check the plans, drawings and BOQ for accuracy of calculations, along with this you need to ensure that all materials used and work performed are as per approved plans or specifications. You also need to check and select the requisition of materials and plant. In some organizations or projects you might have to handle the procurement of the project as well and you need to make cost effective solutions for the project, you may also need to Lise on with the local authority to ensure compliance with local construction regulations and bylaws. As you are the one who have the project update and you are looking after the whole project so you also need to keep the upper management update about the progress of the project, you may need to prepare reports on the progress of the project. As a civil engineer, you need to do planning of the work and efficiently used the resources to meet agreed deadlines. Day-to-day management of the site will also be a part of your job responsibilities, including supervising and monitoring the site labor force and the work of subcontractors. You must have a problem solving personality to resolve some unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise in daily routine matters or during the project.

Quantity Surveyor Jobs in construction Pakistan

As a quantity surveyor your responsibility is to handle the cost and other data by using software tools in the web based environment. You will be responsible for evaluating, analyzing and determining the market rates based on the data provided by the market surveyors. In some organization quantity surveyor will also be responsible to coordinate directly to manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, for all projects related inputs to verify the information provided by the market surveyors. Quantity surveyor normally working under civil engineer and he shall be responsible for determining the quantities, prepare the rate analysis (based on rates provided by market surveyors) and composite item rates. You also need to plan and schedule data collection and provide full technical assistance to market surveyors to achieve the desired results. QS Is normally leading/heading the team of market surveyors and you need to manage and monitor the day to day activities and performance of the market surveyors. You also need to prepare a database as a QS for the manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and service providers for reference and record which will be helpful for you in your upcoming projects.

Other than above mentioned/discussed positionss, there are lots of other vacancies in the construction field of Pakistan, others opportunities include to work as a labor and you need to perform multiple tasks as assigned by your supervisor, you may need to work with a masson as a helper. You can also find a job as shuttering fixer in the construction field for this you need to be aware of the shuttering work and skilled person is required for this type of job because in , shuttering work plays a vital role in constructing a building. Steel fixer is also a type of job which is available in Pakistan construction field, this job is also associated with a shuttering job in Pakistan. Construction field is mainly for skilled person, unskilled person can only work as a labor in this field.