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You can search for latest jobs in Pakistan in many ways, you can search career opportunities on the internet through our websites RightJobs.Pk. There you can find many posts relating to your qualification and experience and also you can find many other openings in Pakistan on those websites. Other vacancies may include all those vacancies which are not relevant to you because you may not have experience and does not have relevant education for those. If you are a professional in the accounting field, then all Administration, marketing, management, sales, supply chain, HR, Store, Technical, Software or other fields/departments  are for you. These other openings may be from government sector or may be from the private sector.

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RightJobs.Pk have various opportunists for job seekers for particular skill set categories including  IT, Accounting, Engineering, Medical, Clerical, Government, Technical, Teaching, Administrative posts and etc. 

Opportunities of Other Jobs in Pakistan

On RightJobs.Pk many job opportunities are available for job seekers in all main cities that include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Jhang and many other cities of Pakistan.

Driver Jobs in Pakistan

Every organization utilizes the driver as per their own need. In some organizations they are only required to drive the vehicle and they are only responsible for driving and there vehicle these type of organizations are only looking for a person whose driving and vehicle related technical skills are very good and they are not mainly looking for an educated person as driver.  Some companies in Pakistan are looking for an educated person as a driver for their company as they not only make him responsible for the vehicle and driving but they also allocate them other works as well for which the education is required. A person who can only easily read and write the things may only be ok for them. Other things for which a driver may be responsible along with his primary duties of driving and looking after the vehicle is banking. Especially in those organizations where driver is allocated to accounts department they don't need to allocate their officer for banking purposes whereas they train there educated driver to perform the daily routine banking work for them. This may save their time and allocation of resources as well, which is beneficial for organizations.

Other Part Time Jobs in Pakistan

Part time job means that if you can find a job where you don't need to work for full hours/ day and you can do something else along with that job as well e.g. if you are working in a super store as a cashier for 4 hours shift in the evening and you are studying in the morning this will be called as a part time job for you. You may get part time job as an accountant in any store or you may find tuitions as part time job where you don't need to spend your complete time and you can do other things along with that as well.

Freelance Jobs in Pakistan

If you are a skilled person then you can do a freelance job as well. If you are a good photographer and you have good camera you can do different events as freelance and you don't need to get full time job in some company for this. You will be paid for that specific event which you capture and you are free to do your work after that.

Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan

If you have writing skills and you can write contents then you can become a free-lance writer, you may attach yourself with some company and write articles for them as and when required or on agreed terms or you can write articles and you can get them publish in different newspapers or magazines and get earning from that.

Online Jobs in Pakistan

You can write articles online for some of your client or you can do data entry work online, online job also give capcha entry work and you may find different projects from clients and you need to perform those projects.

Home Based Jobs in Pakistan

Home based work include tuitioning you can start giving education to students of your locality, you can start Quran tuition in Pakistan as home based jobs in Pakistan.

Internship and fresh Graduates Jobs in Pakistan

Internship is also another type of job in Pakistan, this is very good job for fresh graduates in Pakistan. Companies providing this opportunity for fresh graduate where they can enter a firm or company and start learning the process of professional level they may not be accountable for anything in this phase and along with that they can earn as well because companies have set some stipend for these fresh graduates and this is a good opportunity for fresh they can earn and gain experience which is beneficial for them in future.