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Legal Job vacancies in Pakistan are available in many departments of Pakistan. One can get a legal job in the private or public sector. One can also work individually if he wants to work in the legal sector. Law or legal sector is a very noble profession and very old profession. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is also a very good lawyer and many other renowned people are also attached with this noble profession. One can get a job in the legal sector after completing his/her education in law. These people are also very important for an organization because once they are employed in a private organization, you are responsible for the legal matters of the organization and to deal with the external and internal clients of the organization and this thing is required for smooth operations of the organization. Those who wants career opportunity in Legal sector should make an updated profile in Pakistan largest growing online job platform RightJobs.Pk to apply.

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Below we will discuss about the possible opportunities which one can find after his education in the legal sector.

Legal Executive Jobs in Pakistan

After completion of your education you can start your career in any private organization as a legal executive. Being a legal executive  you are responsible to draft and review the legal agreements of the organization, contracts with employees or with customer's/vendors, legal documents, and work in coordination with other departments including accounts/tax, treasury and revenue. You should be familiar with civil, commercial and business law of Pakistan. Once you are working as a legal executive of an organization, you need to coordinate and negotiate with the end-user (Customer) and Supply Chain department for the finalization of the contracts and also coordinate with an account manager/ Key account executive/manager and all other stakeholders for the signing of a contract and you will be responsible for the administration and monitor the process and progress of the contracts and deal with the legal issues if some arise. Legal executive have to review all tenders on legal aspects before work start on it. You have to outline legal and contractual risks in contracts and take effective risk mitigation measures as a legal executive.

Lawyer Jobs in Pakistan

After completion of your education you can start work as a lawyer in city court in your area, you can work individually as a lawyer or you may get a job in a good or a reputable law firm. Being a lawyer you need to defend your client's case in the court of judgement for this you need to prepare the case and search for the evidence which you have to present in front of the judge and he will make decisions on the basis of provided evidences. Other than presenting your client's case you can also give legal advice to your client's these client's may be individual persons or may be companies who don't want to hire permanent legal executives in their company and want your legal advice as and when required. If you are working with a legal firm as an employee your work depends upon your job responsibility in that organization. Mostly you have to work on multiple cases at the same time. At the start of your career you have to work with senior lawyers as assistant and help them in preparing and presenting the case in court. You have to find the evidences for them and you will learn the techniques, how to prepare and present the case.

Legal Content Writer Jobs in Pakistan

Another type of legal job in Pakistan is legal content writer, you can work as a legal content writer for a company or you can work individually as freelancer. If you are working individually you have to look for the customers/ clients who can give you work, these clients may be companies or individual persons. Individual people can come to you for their lease agreements, rent agreements, or other legal matters. Companies can contact you at the time of the beginning of a contract, when they are initiating the contract.

Other than above mentioned legal job titles in Pakistan you can find other work in the legal setup of Pakistan. If you are an experienced lawyer then you can participate in exam and once you clear that exam, you can be appointed as judge in court. It is an ultimate aim of all young lawyers to join judiciary as a judge or magistrate and by doing this, one can serve better for Pakistan as compared to a lawyer, other than nation service you can also get very handsome salary and by the time you also have the chance to get yourself promoted and become the judge of the Supreme court of Pakistan which is itself a big honor. A lawyer can appear in the exam for the post of judge after two years of legal practice. Along with the practice tenure you also need to be a member of the high court bar association to present in the exam for civil judge or magistrate post. One thing to remember that the civil judge exam is taken in English language so especially for those who want to study law and eventually their aim is to become a judge they should get admission in that college who is offering the study in English rather than in the Urdu because this will create problems for you later.

By reading above article you must realize that there are lots of opportunities for you after completing your degree and you have many options available to work on. There are lots of fields where you can find job in the legal sector of Pakistan, unlike the other education/degrees where one only can work in a specific field. You also keep this thing in mind that this is the noblest profession and our father of nation Quaid e Azam also work as a lawyer, so choosing this field as your career you must keep these things in mind and you have to maintain and follow set standards for the reputation of this noble profession. Another benefit of this profession is that you can work for yourself without investing a huge amount which is not possible in other field of work or professions.