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Skilled Labor Jobs in Pakistan

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It is encouraging that skilled labor vacancies in Pakistan are preferred more than other professional degree occupation. An increase is also observed in the number of people learning new skills, by the government, which shows its significance. There is no specific definition of a skilled labor job, but one can say it is a type of employment in which one must have any specialized skill or a training to perform a certain job. You can earn a good living according to your level of abilities for a specific type skilled labor job. RightJobs.Pk is the right place to look for different types of skilled labor vacancies in Pakistan. There is a great scope of it, as the demand for skilled labor is higher than the supply of the skilled workers in Pakistan. This mismatch in demand and supply provides more opportunities for the skilled workers.

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Opportunities of Skilled Labor Jobs in Pakistan

It is not necessary for a skilled job labor to get into college and earn a professional degree. Some skilled job requires diplomas, others required, just training. For this purpose, there are many training programs which are introduced by the government or private sector like diploma courses, apprenticeship, on the job training, weekly or monthly training sessions, etc. Thus, you don’t have to be highly qualified to have a skilled labor job in Pakistan are discussed below.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Factories

The number of factories increasing day by day, creating more space for skilled labor posts in Pakistan like machinists, welders, electricians, plumbers, etc. These all vacancies require a diploma specific to the fields.


They are the persons who create, maintain and repair different types of machines or instruments to produce different products in factories.


The electricians are responsible to install, manage and repair the wiring of electrical control units in factories.


A welder is a skilled person who melts metals like steel, aluminum, brass, etc. and fuses them together with the help of a welding machine.

Plumber/pipe fitters

The plumber is a person who plans and installs the plumbing system inside the factory or other buildings and also responsible for maintaining and repairing of pipes and fixtures.


The main job of the drivers is to drive the vehicle and distribute goods or products safely and on time to their required destination.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Restaurants

Chef and cook are two main skilled labor jobs in Pakistan for the restaurants. If you have a great passion of making delicious food, then you might have a perfect career in this industry. 


A chef is responsible for inventing new recipes to provide tasty and hygienic food to its customers. There are also different chef courses offered by various diploma centers.


A cook works under the supervision of the chef to help him while cooking. You can learn to cook on the job training.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Construction

RightJobs.Pk job portal enlists all the skilled labor vacancies in Pakistan related to construction.


An architect is responsible for planning and designing the architecture of the buildings, houses, etc. An architecture diploma in required to get employment for an architect.


A builder coordinates and works with several other workers like architects, masons, carpenters, electricians, painters, etc. to construct a house or a building.


A mason or a finisher is responsible for installing bricks and tiles to level up and finish walls, ceilings, roads, footpaths, bridges, parking lots, etc. Few training sessions are enough for this position.


A carpenter cuts, shapes and assembles wood or other building materials during the construction of a house, buildings, ships, etc. For this, you have to become a carpenter apprentice.


A painter’s job is to apply colors, pigments and other painting materials to solid surfaces like walls, cabinets, doors, etc. You can become a painter by getting few paint training sessions.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Offices

You can search and find all types of office labor openings in Pakistan on RightJobs.Pk.

Office clerks

An office clerk must possess different administrative skills like drafting documents, filing records, emailing documents, sorting mails, etc.

Computer operators

A computer operator is a person whose sole responsibility is to manage, control and repair computers or a network system inside a company.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Hospitals

Apart from doctors and physicians, hospitals may require skilled labor to help and cure patients with the illness. If you have love for humanity and want to provide your services for them, then provides you several opportunities to get a skilled labor job in Pakistan.


A nurse works under the instructions of the doctors to provide health care services to patients. You should have to enroll yourself in a nursing diploma to choose nursing as a skilled labor job in Pakistan.


Opticians are the trained technicians that help you to see better with the help of glasses, frames or lenses. You must get a proper training by a trained optician to become a one.


A physiotherapist helps the patients with movement disorders caused by injuries or disabilities through exercises, counseling and therapies.

Skilled Labor Jobs in Fashion Industry

If you have a love for fashion and designing then RightJobs.Pk offers various job listings for fashion skilled labor persons in Pakistan.


A designer must possess designing abilities to create innovative designs of dresses, jewellery, bags, shoes, etc.


A tailor must capable of stitching and altering clothes according to each customer’s measurement like suits, shirts, trousers, etc.


A craftsman works with his own hands to produce different products like embroidered or painted fabrics, dough jewelery, hand woven carpets, etc.

Hurry up and grab the opportunities available on our forum. Apart from these skilled labor posts in Pakistan, RightJobs.Pk provides a lot of other skilled labor careers on its job portal for your convenience.