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Pharmaceutical Jobs in Pakistan

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The Pharmaceutical industry is spreading worldwide and has become world’s most profit giving industry. Pharmaceutical drugs is scientific discipline for production, to compare , to register and other medical aspect of marketing and benefits of drugs and other developmental aspects of community. At the moment Pakistan has 800+ large volume pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations, also there are more than 20 multinational pharmaceutical organizations which shows the bright future of career growth in pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan. Job seekers can easily search and apply for these opportunities posted by different companies and industries at RightJobs.Pk.

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Pharmaceutical Jobs in  Pakistan

Pakistan pharmaceutical industry is well known among the Asian nations specifically in developing Asian nation, there are some other companies from other countries like Afghanistan, who don’t have its own pharmaceutical industry, Tajikistan and Sri Lanka are working with Pakistani companies which increases job opportunities even more, moreover due to increased profit in the last three year many other international companies are interested to open their companes in Pakistan which definitely creates opportunities for Pharmaceutical Persons. This pharmaceutical industry has been manufacturing traditional products which is fulfilling more than ninety percent requirement of Pakistan. These three main categories are sales positions, science and engineering related positions, internet and other technology usage related positions.

Product Development Professionals Jobs in Pakistan

When we talk about pharmaceutical vacancies in Pakistan, then we have product development job, they are majorly design, develop, formulate and execute new items, they also have to communicate with the product department to clearly communicate the product specifications. After that they have to monitor the new products, manufacturing and then has to analyze the costs of newly proposed products. Track new pre production samples and the approve them, these types of pharmaceutical positions required documentation for product related meetings, record keeping, and for future references like profit margins and sales plans; these jobs in Pakistan also required communication to purchase, quality control and business development departments like sales and marketing. Product manager requires a specialized degree in pharmaceutical with MBA and seven to ten years of experience in related field. Product specialists are middle level pharmaceutical vacancy which include certain duties such as managing and monitoring all the possible aspects of a product, including the life cycle of a product as well as developmental and marketing perspectives. Product specialist should have awareness about product’s market standings, keeps contact with product manager and product clients in order to maintain the marketplace of the product. For mid level Product development professionals should work with marketing professional in order to do effective marketing and business development campaign and also have competitive marketplace insights. They should work on product catalogs, new products and decide how to launch new products effectively. But these responsibilities required, Masters Education in Business management or pharmacy and more than four years of experience with good communication and interpersonal skills, they should know about the pharmaceutical industry and future trends, business opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry. Science and engineering related positions are becoming more important because of professional degree and more attractive profile.

Medical Representatives Jobs in Pakistan

There are Medical representatives or medical rep vacancies in Pakistan, these are sales related pharmaceutical positions in Pakistan. Medical rep has to visit different physicians and give them details about the products and tries to get their attentions towards their product. Although medical rep positions are becoming less important because of more competition as the reps are more in number than physician but still medical reps with science degree are attaining more job opportunities in Pakistan. Normally companies prefer those individual who are presentable, well versed, sharp and can ride a bike or drive a car. So any individual with above mentioned specifications can easily get the job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Supply Chain Professionals Jobs in Pakistan

Other pharmaceutical vacancies in Pakistan are related to supply chain function, majorly they are responsible for planning of within time deliveries, make sure warehouse have enough stock, also coordinate with suppliers to ensure they have enough stock to meet demand or otherwise shortlist other options, moreover these professionals are required to supervise the ordering and packaging process, monitor existing stock levels. They have to manage logistics like track products through depots to make sure they arrive at their destination and monitor the arrival of shipments.

Medical Information Officer Jobs in Pakistan

Medical information professionals maintain and record knowledge of products, diseases, competitors and selling skill for prescription generation. They have make sure to meet sales target for the assigned products mix through full exposure of assigned territories spending 90% of available time in detailing activity and implementation of cycle plan, Proactively look opportunities to increase customer base through sharp targeting and selection while maintaining superior customer services to current customers like healthcare professionals including doctors and chemists, distribute better-quality sales presentations to customers by fully planning each call with well-defined objectives, ensure customer interest, handling queries, communicate smartly the product features as customers benefits and competently use marketing  material like literature, brochures, clinical papers , ensure accurate and timely completion of all weekly reports, maintain territory records, handling queries and complaints promptly and professionally in line with company procedure, coordinate effectively with the marketing department in order to develop proper leaders as speakers to promote product through systematic activity lecture, seminar, symposia or road show. The Nowadays New field is getting more importance which is marketed on the internet, there is direct contact between representation and the patient, this type work requires special IT education and specific product knowledge.

Quality Assurance Professionals Jobs in Pakistan

The Manager quality assurance professionals is a person who is able to attain higher production values by his management skills, by his leadership quality he manages the product constant quality, coordinate with the production team in order to ensure the product quality and replace management if necessary and investigates the errors. He has to maintain proper documentation about his every action so it can be used in future. This position requires a master degree in pharmaceutical sciences and experience in related field and other qualities like communication skills, social links, and team managing qualities, reporting and informing others.