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Non profit And Social Service Jobs in Pakistan

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The definition of the  NGO is, A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level. Pakistan is a developing country and there are lots of social sectors/issues which is not addressed by the government,  so NGO's are playing their role in this and they are running social projects for the wellbeing of the people of Pakistan. As there are many NGO's working and thousands of projects so there are many Non profit And Social Service Job opportunities in Pakistan. In Pakistan there are many international NGO's working along with the local NGO's, they are not only doing projects for the wellbeing and providing better lifestyle to the people of Pakistan, but besides that they are also creating job opportunities which itself providing opportunities to the citizens to enhance their living standards, as they are earning good from these organizations. 

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Non profit And Social Service Jobs in Pakistan

NGO's are developing and working on their projects in rural areas of Pakistan, those areas where the poverty rate is high and people are unable to find the basic living needs in their surroundings. Clean water drinking project, education to poor children, Food program these are the some examples of NGO's project in the rural areas of Pakistan. If you want to serve your country or do something better for people of Pakistan along with earning from your job you can join these NGO's and get both your targets from this. You may can get job in Nonprofit & social organization as below discussed fields.

Project Coordinator Jobs in Pakistan

You can find a job in any NGO as project coordinator, as the work style is of developing projects in rural areas so they required project coordinators to monitor the progress of the project. In Pakistan a good project coordinator requires to perform the following duties as a project coordinator.

As a project coordinator you are supposed to supervise and monitor program implementation, keep a record and an eye over procurements and spending, and you need to ensure effective systems in place for uninterrupted supplies for the project. You need to technically supervise subordinates to ensure that your project is progressing as per the schedule and timely report this to the management. To keep a close eye on the progress of the project you will be required to conduct field visits to ensure effective and quality program management and implementation.  As a project coordinator you are required to  provide technical assistance for generating quality monthly project technical and financial reports. You are also required to prepare or assist in preparing reports for the donors. A good project coordinator maintains a positive working relationship with the staff by demonstrating consistent and effective management and leadership roles. By the end of the project you are required to coordinate, assist,  present and submit a report regarding the activities and operations of field office or project office with the head office and facilitate and assist the management of the third party compliance audit arranged by the donors or by the management.

Facility Officer Jobs in Pakistan

Facility officer is another position in the nonprofit & the social organization of Pakistan, where you can work and serve your nation/country at the same time. As a facility officer your job responsibilities may vary from company to company or project to project, but the general responsibilities of a facility officer in NGO are required to work as a part of the operations team. He/she has to do the field visits as and when required by the management and you as a field officer have to participate in the research of new projects, the requirements of the peoples which are still needed to be addressed and which lies under your company's area of interest. As a field officer in an NGO you are responsible to manage field operations. Many NGO's also arrange training programs for their teams or for the peoples to enhance the awareness of a specific project, the facility officer will make sure his/her  participation in all aspects of trainings and development activities. Facilitation officer also assists the team in conducting and managing the training and awareness programs. Facilitation officer required to make his efforts to reach the goal  of customer satisfaction by providing excellent delivery of services. Donors of the project or NGO or the people for whom the project is developed are the customers for an NGO. Any other task given by management is also the responsibility of the facilitation officer to complete it.

Fund Raising Officers Jobs in Pakistan

If your interest is towards the social work and you wanted to do a job in social organization or in an NGO, you can get a job as a fundraising officer in any NGO. NGO's required funds to run the projects for the well being of the people and they can get these funds from donors. Your work as fundraising officer is to do the scanning of the donors and make a list of the donors, whether they are local individuals or international donors, you should make a list of those donors whose area of interest is also the same of your company. You then need to prepare a presentation for the donors along with the team and you need to present this to donors to mature them as donor of your project. You can do this by many ways but your ultimate goal and responsibility is to get the donation for the project. You can arrange a meeting of your management with donor for generating the funds. As a fund raising officer you may also require to do the telemarketing or social media campaign to generate funds you can get these funds from individuals or from the corporate sector, or from educational sector or any other potential places  of the Pakistan other than your donor of the project.  As a funds raising officer of any NGO you need to make sure the privacy of the data/records of the funds to avoid any discrepancy in the future, some NGO's may sign a contact with you before offering you job for the privacy of the data. If you are a freshly graduate and looking for Non profit And Social Service vacancies in Pakistan, then RightJobs.Pk is the best place to Find desirable job in Pakistan.