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Automotive Jobs in Pakistan

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There are lots of automotive vacancies in Pakistan; automotive openings in Pakistan are mostly relevant to the mechanical and electrical field. There are three major functions of automotive vacancies such as designing; development and manufacturing, there are two general functions like marketing, and selling of automotive. Pakistan has one the bestselling country for vehicles so that why there are many automotive jopportunities in Pakistan. Toyota, Suzuki and Honda have the major share of selling vehicles in Pakistan. These top companies, mostly perform the assembling function and maintenance function here in Pakistan. Automotive career opportunities which are available in these days, are related to supply chain, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, denting and painting, sales and marketing functions at RightJobs.Pk.

  • Industry: Automotive
Multiple Cities Pakistan Expiry Date: 19 Jul 2018
Basic Information
  • Total Positions 4
  • Experience: 0-10 Years
  • Job Type fulltime, parttime
  • Travel Required: Not Specified
  • Minimum Education: Bachelors
  • Salary Range: PKR10000 - 70000/Month PKR
  • Gender: Any
  • Max Age Limit: 18-40 Years
    AWS/EC2, full stack, html5, NodeJS, react js


We are looking for Senior Full Stack Software Engineers


  • Engineers should be able to have JavaScript foundation at an expert level.  
  • Our application stack is react, nodejs and mongoDB on AWS.
  • Experience in MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) Proficient knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3

10,000 40 hours per week Automotive
  • 0-10 Years
  • fulltime, parttime
  • Bachelors
  • 18-40 Years
  • We are looking for Senior Full Stack Software Engineers


    • Engineers should be able to have JavaScript foundation at an expert level.  
    • Our application stack is react, nodejs and mongoDB on AWS.
    • Experience in MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) Proficient knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3

Automotive Jobs in Pakistan

Other than above mentioned top companies there are also other small companies which are providing repair maintenance services so they are required skilled workers in order to perform and continue their services. As far as automotive future is concerned, there will be massive requirements of mechanical and electrical professional once our government allows other big multinational and international to open their locale manufacturer offices in Pakistan.

Automotive Engineers Jobs in Pakistan

An automotive engineer is used to ensure sustainable mobility, smooth driving experience, security and safety features and research about new technologies and innovations. The challenges facing personal mobility are endless. Automotive engineers work in every area of the industry, from the look and feel of current cars, to the safety and security of new forms of transport. Attempting to make cars as fast as possible whilst keeping them fuel efficient may seem like an impossible task, but this is the kind of problem automotive engineers’ deal with every day. Automotive vacancies related to engineering are divided in three sections like design, in design section Engineers design new products also they suggest new improvements in existing designs, next section is for research & development, in the research and development section, engineer research and suggest solution for different production or design problems, Production is the last section of Engineers job, in this section engineer plan and design new production processes and also monitor the processes. For these types of jobs in Pakistan an individual should have mechanical with research and development skills.

Supply Chain Jobs in Pakistan

Most automotive companies are assembling part here in Pakistan so automotive supply chain field is very much important, they have performed three major functions as usual, order management, procurement, logistics and warehousing. Supply chain executives should Follow up and monitor daily operational work. They have to organize regular meeting with local supplier or international supplier in order to get a minimized material price, they also required to communicate and ensure that vendor invoice and deliver of materials timely. Equipment or material checking is their responsibility. Store executives or warehouse executives used to supervise & monitor store activities.  Warehouse supervisors are responsible for team management and also they have to ensure a healthy working environment because this positive environment help workers maintain their work life balance and they will defiantly improve their working skills.

Labour Jobs in Pakistan

There are other automotive labour positions, for example painter job in which painter has to understand the work requirements and then have to analyze the vehicle body condition. Then the proper work will be start means painter have to prepare an auto body for new paint, nowadays usually spray gun has been used for vehicle paint. Then painter have to prepare paint booth equipment, then he have to ensure proper paint mixture as per the work requirements, also have to ensure that damaged body part should be handed over to another section, painters used to dry and bake painted surfaces, they have to critically analyze paint after finishing.

Customer Services Jobs in Pakistan

Customer services representative is responsible to understand and manage customer requirements after listing their concerns, team lead of customer services have to look after some major things like team management of customer services department, ensure pleasant environment for client and customer, monitor quality of customer services activities, manage the whole sales transaction process from inquiry to invoice, time management, customer commitments it means ensure that all documented work is listed to be done and  future bookings are confirmed. Customer services representative are also well equipped to provide the level one fault diagnosis to the customer and if required schedule maintenance with workshop. Customer services representative have a very critical role when they ensure open communication between customer and workshop staff and technician should inform the customer correctly and solve the problem as per customer requirements.

Field Jobs in Pakistan

Field vacancies are specifically for graduate engineers with management science education, who are self initiates, can work with minimum supervision, they should have a customer centric approach; they can prioritize their work, excellent communication skill because they are the Frontline of the company. As its field job so it’s required lots of travelling, whether it's day or night  so the individual should be comfortable with travelling, and the most important thing they should have a valid driving license for the assigned vehicle. Their job responsibilities required to provide on-site technical option on the systems, Prepare planning document that defines the project or work scope and its outcome, with the help of problem solving skills they have to prepare workflow instructions, drawings and procedures. They also have to monitor different types of reports. They have to ensure effective communication with their site managers in order to share what and how they will proceed and current status of the job, they also have to monitor skilled labour performance and provide technical direction as and when required. They also ensure the health and safety measure are properly followed. They themselves have to troubleshoot and maintain the equipments; they have to prepare different technical reports in order to give insight of the job.