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Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

The 100-year old QADRI-Group will keep alive our founding fathers’ legacy of upholding quality, delivering best value, honoring commitment, winning trust and fulfilling social responsibility.  We will achieve growth without compromising abstinence from interest-based borrowing and with the conviction of our resilience. We will share the fruits of our growth with all tiers of our workforce and with our society as “we work for the land where we were born”.  We will continue relentlessly to inculcate the virtues of family bonding among organizational members of all companies within the QADRI-Group and team work will continue to be our priority. In serving the GROUP-Companies and all organizational members, our Board of Directors will always act with the conduct of a father-figure. BASIC MANAGEMENT POLICIES In doing so, equity and wellbeing will continue to reflect in the establishment of systems which will: Transparently measure the skill and performance of each individual Show career path and provide an enabling environment for organizational members to grow by availing continual opportunities for enhancement of skills Promote professionalism, team work, open communication and leadership Provide company-resourced mechanism for resolution of personal problems faced by organizational members Develop company-resourced social service networks for organizational members and their families Provide a mechanism for exercising the right for respectful disagreement

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