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Pirani Group of Companies

Pakistan, Lahore
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<p>Since setting up the foundations of Pirani Group of Companies, we have continuously enjoyed the overwhelming success. This success has only been made possible due to the hard work and dedication of our Management and the loyalty of our employees.<br /> The ultimate fruit harvested by the founder of the company, was the opportunity to allow the organization to spread its wings and take a giant leap in the corporate arena.<br /> Growth<br /> The expansion of Pirani Group of Companies has been immense. Within a short span of time Pirani Group expanded to establish strong subsidiary organizations:<br /> Pirani Engineering Pvt. Ltd<br /> Auto Mobile Parts Manufacturers<br /> N.J Auto Industry Pvt. Ltd<br /> Auto Mobile Manufacturers<br /> P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd<br /> Tractor Manufacturers<br /> These three organizations have made us head and shoulders above the competitors and a step closer to the customers. We have always remained above the competition with ease with notable market share and are the pioneers in the automotive industry.<br /> The Edge<br /> Pirani Group of Companies has made all the imported and advanced technological machinery available to its subsidiary companies to optimize the operations, making it more efficient and effective. The main idea behind bringing the imported machinery was to increase the output of the company to meet the increasing demand.<br /> At Pirani Group of Companies the management ethos has always been customer focused, which has enabled them to retain a high esteemed place in the minds and the hearts of their customers.<br /> Through our products, we have not only served the needs and demands of customers, but have always given them the best value for their money.<br /> Achievements<br /> Today, Pirani Group of Companies is a trusted name in the industry for manufacturing:<br /> Two Wheelers : Motorcycles (70cc, 100cc, 125cc)<br /> Three Wheelers : Richshaws (175cc CNG/Petrol)<br /> Auto Parts<br /> Vans<br /> Minivans<br /> Trucks<br /> Tractors<br /> We are also trading in Sugar, Wheat, Pulses, Chick Peas, Spices and fertilizers. Being Active in so many categories/industries, we have made our mark as the most technologically advance group of companies and also being pioneers in the market, which makes us the undisputed leader of the industry.</p>

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