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Out Source R Us Pvt Ltd

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Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

OutSource ‘R’ Us (ORU) is an American based Offshore call Center with its headquarters in Oakbrook, Illinois, USA. We specialize in consumer debt collection, including medical, retail and commercial sectors. ORU was organized in collaboration with Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates (MSG) an Illinois based collection agency, operating since 1974. From the very beginning ORU’s goal has been to offer a trained staff to American Collection Agencies at very reasonable rates. Reasonable rates, yes! But not at the expense of quality. Keeping quality in mind, we designed a detailed training program for all aspects of consumer debt collection. Besides technical training in consumer debt collection field, our staff goes through an extensive accent and diction training, including awareness to cultural issues. At ORU, we firmly believe that service delivery is the only way to succeed in a business. Our staff realizes that Customer is the most important part of every business. Besides technically qualified, we have people who are friendly, courteous and intelligent. We started our operation in March 2004 at a very small location by renting the complete infrastructure from an existing call center. With the encouragement of our initial success, we decided to work on a facility of our own, fully equipped with state of the art technology and equipment. In middle of 2005, we moved to our new and permanent location capable of housing 350 collectors at the same time.

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