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Location: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

At Designation Hub, we all come to work every day to solve the biggest challenge faced by real estate industry. Value provided by agents to clients is diminishing day by day. Unlike other industries, the concept of specialization in a niche market to provide more value to clients is largely missing from real estate. There are lots of general practitioners but not enough specialists. Because of this, agents suffer because they get less commission and clients suffer because they feel they don’t get enough value from real estate sales professionals. Our goal is to bring a change in real estate industry through its own sales professionals by empowering them with knowledge, tools and technology to do more for their clients by becoming specialists in a niche. We want real estate sales professionals to be more successful to survive the rapid changes in industry as well as provide great value to their clients. Designation Hub offers 16 real estate designations covering specific niches as well as tools, workouts, marketing campaigns and a lot more to help real estate agents have more successful careers.

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