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MJLA Solutions

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Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

MJLA SOLUTIONS is a management and development consultancy firm which specializes in the role of strategy advisors  to provide innovative and expert solutions to  senior leaders and managers of business, government and non-government organizations. Our areas of expertise include  Leadership Excellence, Strategic Management, Innovation & Growth, Strategic Renewals, Risk Management, Institutions and Governance, Policy Reforms, Justice, Rule of Law, Delivery and Management of Public Services, Civil Society Empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our representative clients include governments, family-owned businesses, professional service firms, Non-government organizations, and educational institutions.    MJLA Solutions is committed to delivering world-class value to its clients through innovation and thought leadership, and benchmark its professional approach, tools,  methodology, resources and team against international best practices.  We work closely with our clients on issues of strategic importance,  develop be-spoke solutions and maintain long-term relationships for mutual learning and growth.

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