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Emenac Inc.

Pakistan, Lahore
Company Information

<p>The company came into being in 1997 as a software house. Initially named as Intellisoft Inc., it was later rebranded as Dansoft. The company then ventured into travel services and soon after this, luckily found a brigade of talented individuals who allowed it to make its mark in various fields such as those of web development and internet marketing. With time, the business expanded and the company grew to form more alliances. Thereafter, recruitment and financial services also started. More services were brought in to further ease the working relationship with the business partners. Hence, a brand of various business units, Emenac took shape.<br /> Gradually, Emenac developed a call center and today, it has a wide range of services from all sorts of contact center provisions to financial services to management to recruitment to networking. Throughout this time, it has mastered the art of technology, consultancy and outsourcing and has gained business ethic, which has provided it with a unique position in the world of online business.<br /> Emenac works with its clients in a highly professional yet friendly environment allowing them to not just have their problems solved proficiently but also indentify the problems facing their businesses or its needs and requirements in order to work up a practicable solution and ensure its effective implementation.</p>

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