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Cirin Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Pakistan, Islamabad
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<p>Cirin started its pursuit to make an impact in healthcare sector of Pakistan back in 1992. The organization was result of accomplished pharma industry professionals and aspiring young entrepreneurs joining hands together for one vision i.e. to improve &ldquo;Quality of Life&rdquo;.<br /> It was a venture planned for objectives of greater significance requiring extraordinary foresight, unwavering commitment, and excellence in execution. Now, into its third decade of existence, this outfit is credited with achievements that are only associated with highly successful players of the pharmaceutical industry.<br /> Building on its years of experience in formulation manufacturing, Cirin has expanded its production facilities to cover all major dosage forms.<br /> Right from beginning, the company ventured into aseptic filling of vials and ampoules, enjoying status of a pioneer in the region. Such intricate production processes required complimenting robust infrastructure with expertise in modern manufacturing techniques. Cirin proved up to the task and this expertise remains company&rsquo;s forte even today.<br /> The company&rsquo;s passionate pursuance of its objectives has earned it repute of a quality-manufacturer &ndash; ranked among the very best at national level.<br /> &ldquo;Cirin&rdquo; &nbsp;450dpi 031<br /> Cirin derives its name from a picturesque valley and a river of the same name flowing through northern region of Pakistan. Sirin valley displays breathtaking, pure, and untouched natural beauty; that among other things depicts company&rsquo;s hallmarks &ndash; i.e. purity in every respect.</p>

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