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Abudawood Pakistan

Pakistan, Karachi
Company Information

Abudawood Pakistan (ADP), originating from the heartland of Saudi Arabia is the one of the largest multinational sales & distribution company in Pakistan to have acquired the Distribution and Logistics business of consumer goods. We are globally known as Ismail Abudawood Trading Company (IATCO) and have 70 years of experience in Sales & Distribution. ADP is headquartered in Karachi, and currently operating in 48 locations. We have close partnerships with top companies like P&G, Braun, Wella, Duracell, etc.

ADP has designed its own warehousing Quality Standards, which are implemented at each facility creating a Quality Culture within the organization. One of the key objective remains to evaluate and employ the use of technological innovation to better our service levels and distribution operational model to enhance the supply chain network.

The challenging complexities, competitive environment and the sheer dynamics of the market in which ADP operates, demand an intelligent and adaptive logistics structure.

Sales ADP has multiple districts within its sales territories, which are in line with the Best in Class sales framework of Fortune 500 companies operating in Pakistan. We have structured route planning and performance by our sales agents who ensure that our customers’ demands are fulfilled on time.

On-spot merchandising and POS material deployment is another skill set which provide our group with a unique edge over our competitors. We train our staff regularly to keep them updated with the latest best practices in the market.

Our main driving force is reflected in the way we do business: to deliver decent results. This means we don’t just think and plan; we get out there and initiate the change we want to see.

The implementation of SAP makes ADP the pioneer in state of the art ERP solution deployment in Sales, Distribution & Logistics in Pakistan. Aligning with our vision of becoming the Best in Class Sales, Distribution & Logistics Company in the region, we have selected the prime Wholesale and Distribution Module in SAP.

With 2000+ employees we make intentional efforts and encourage all to participate. The Head Office takes the lead in that by setting the cultural imperatives, this then gets trickled down. We aim to have similar culture in all our locations which is the Abudawood Pakistan signature of excellence. We encourage employees to be candid and fearless in being honest, thus chances of manipulative tactics and politicking are decimated.

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