How to survive in a Corporate environment
Corporate slave

How to survive in a Corporate environment

Today’s business industry is mostly based on the corporate world. The corporate world is a formal place where nothing matters more than work. It’s called a place of workaholics. Corporate companies have their clients all over the world and they consider it crucial to be very professional. If unfortunately, you fail to impress the corporate world then you can’t be part of It for any time long.

A fresher in the corporate world is just like Alice in Wonderland or precisely it’s more like a newlywed girl among the grumpy, hard to impress in-laws, not that horrifying but you can relate.

In the corporate world, your work is one thing and the other major thing to deal with is “corporate tantrums” which are not so easy to deal with.
Hence there are few guidelines to keep in mind when you are working in not so kind and warm corporate environment.

Leave your pride at home

If you got an attitude I’m sorry you’re gonna pay hard for it in the corporate jungle. There is no space for your mood and styles of getting work done, your timings to do things, your way of talking to your colleagues, your state of mind matters nothing to your managers. You have to be their way if you want to stay.

Keep it chic

You have to stay updated from head to toe. Your dressing aesthetics, your cool behavior will help you a lot to gel in such companies which are all about corporate. Some companies actually reject applicants on the basis of their way of carrying themselves despite their outstanding academic records. So keep your workplace attire on point.

Be on time

Corporate or no corporate, punctuality is observed everywhere. Those college days are gone when getting late used to cost you nothing. In the corporate world, it’s a stern no-no for latecomers, if you’re frequently being late then get ready for some harsh lectures from your bosses.

Brace yourself for hectic routines

You’re not getting any time to whine like a baby about your tough routine. If you’re a corporate slave then prepare yourself for no weekend get-away, late night sittings, getting no lunch breaks. And you have to deal with all this chaotic routine with peace, you are not supposed to get cranky or complaining about your routine.

Avoid gossips

Indeed, a very hard thing to avoid but you can’t do this in a corporate circle because it’s going to come back and it is definitely going through the person’s ears you’re gossiping about and this is so bad for your relations with your colleagues and your reputation as well. So say no to gossips.

Maintain professionalism

When you work in a corporate environment do not expect life long friendships and relationships. You are merely there for your profession and you should keep that no matter what. There are going to be many times when your emotions will get hurt when people will backstab do politics behind your back because this is what people would do to outgrow you. In such situations, you have to deal with everything with sheer professionalism. You come to the office for work and that’s all you should care about. Be social but not off limits. Maintain your balance between personal and professional relations and always stay at a healthy distance from everybody.

So that’s how you slay being a successful corporate slave .

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