Top 5 Business Directories you should get your business listed in 2019

Top 10 Business Directories to List your business with

For start-ups looking to launch a service or product, finding the right clients is absolutely important. For this, your online presence matters the most. Business directories are not only a way for companies to find other companies and services, but to be found by potential client.

In this article, we have compiled a list of IT directories where you can find thousands of potential service providers and list yourself to start getting immediate business.

1. Crunchbase

CrunchBase is much more than a listing directory. Its an extension of information providing website TechCrunch and has many analysis tools and advanced search options so companies can dig out the best tech partners matching their needs.
You can use their pro version for 7 days free of cost to see if its worth it.

2. White Pages

White pages is a one of a kind wp listing directory with over 5 billion records data and is highly regarded among businesses who require a huge amount of data to be directed. The websites provide its APIs to businesses and companies can use their extensive databases to build their custom software.

3. Google My Business

People search Google for everything. Obviously, the business listing with it are the most visited ones too. So all good businesses are on Google and any company that isn’t in a google directory automatically feels shady and not well managed. According to a study by Google, 50% of all the mobile consumers who search for a local business in a day visit it as well.

4. TrustList Uk

Modern-day companies need IT consulting and development services to digitize and automate their business process, so the tech hunt in inevitable. Trust list brings all the tech seekers to a single forum helping them in finding the right business partner. The listing provides advanced search filters, reviews and company ratings for users to make important business decisions. You can add your listing or claim your business on the website and start getting seen by clients worldwide.

5. Youtube

This might sound a little off the traditional ones, but it’s effective. Many people don’t like to scroll through all the data and read lengthy details. They would simply prefer to watch a company review. Also, companies who have managed to successfully establish themselves on YouTube are worth a try. You should also utilize the social platform for your own business and build your presence.

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