How to know when to quit your job?

How to know when to quit your job?

It is considered a little baffling when it comes to switching jobs off and on. People worry about to be taken as job “hoppers” and to avoid that, they stick to one job yet they worry about finding a new career. It is a very normal thing that you are often bombarded with so many questions in your mind like which career is right for “me”? would it be a great idea to go for a new career? What job is best for me? And sometimes it gets confusing how to figure out what career is best for you! Quite often employers snub employees for having too many short-term job experiences on their resumes which is why employees are afraid of shifting their jobs often.

In today’s outgrowing business world, the question “which career is right for me?” is so important for your growth.

While finding a new career keep it in your mind that real employers don’t go by the old fashioned notion of stability.

Here are a few reasons why switching jobs and finding a new career over time is a great idea.

When your company is slow-moving

You can tell in a matter of seconds if the company is slow or fast. Slow organizations are blocked with their own rules and regulations they will not appreciate your short-term experiences. Slow companies do not welcome new and fresh talent with vast ideas they work on the 50-year old policies and they don’t let people work freely. These kind of companies are not innovative enough to work on new technologies. Basically, they make you slaves and you are not free there to work and act on your ideas. In this kind of set up no matter how big the financial benefits are and how secure your position is, it would always be a better idea to switch your job and look for new career and move to somewhere where you can work more freely.

When there is less learning

It’s all about learning and developing your skills. When your work is based on old school and old principles you get nothing new to learn and when there is no curiosity your brain and body get lazy. To keep up with the modern world and growing technology you have to keep learning new things.  Switch your job when you think that there is no scope of learning in your current job.

When you’re stuck in one position

When you stay in one job for a long time, you become more mechanical, you start doing the regular things, your new ideas and new ways of thinking get dusted up, because of lack of new and fresh options your creativity die. Sometimes no matter how much or how hard you work you never get promoted because of certain reasons this is so poisonous to your growth. Loyalty to your company is one thing but your growth is important as well So it gets crucial to leave from somewhere in order to be somewhere better where your ideas matter and where you get the freedom to work.

When the environment is not good enough for your mental health.

Some workplaces are too harmful to your energy. You can’t work at any place where the energy is negative. Like there are companies where there are politics and leg pulling, jealousy, unwanted competition, letting others down or where people love to take others achievement’s credits. These are not healthy places to work you can never grow in such places or above all people don’t let you grow. Team energy is a big factor behind switching jobs.

When you are not getting paid enough

It is high time to switch your job when you’re not getting paid enough. never get into those flattering statements of your manager about exposure learning and opportunities. stop working when you think that your job is underpaid. Always remember, When you are good at something, never do it for free.

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