Must have qualities of a good manager

Project management is a difficult task and it demands a brilliant manager which we call a project manager. A manager can be both evil and angelic and that depends on too many factors. In an office environment, the first thing you get to deal with is your manager before everything. An employee’s first ever interaction is with his manager. How the manager is with his/her team sometimes decides the destiny of an employee in a particular field or office. Few of the main reasons why people quit their jobs because they can’t handle the peer pressure their managers put on them

Here are a few qualities that a good manager must have in order to have good terms with his/her team

Team Management

A manager is all about managing his team and their tasks when it comes to project management. A good manager has excellent managing skills. He/she must not burden an employee more than their potential. He must be able to lead his team in an efficient manner and resolve the issues his team members face.

Communication skills

Good communication is the key. A good manager must be able to communicate his demands and his agenda to his team members in an efficient way. He should have direct communication with each one of his team members to avoid the misunderstandings.


A good manager means he is a good leader too. A manager always has to lead his team. This quality is arguably the most important. The ability to direct, motivate, and lead is the most important to a team’s achievement and routine. There are many other qualities and characteristics that are involved in this quality, that includes: drive and orientation, authenticity, and effective communication.


Creativity is something that separates the competence from excellence. A good manager should be creative enough to talk about new ideas and work on new innovations in the existing projects.

See the big picture

Excellent managers always see the bigger picture parallel to managing the details. Small actions always lead to big things. The excellent manager is skilled at doing both, think big while also paying attention to the details.


Discipline always matter in an official environment. A good manager must be able to maintain discipline among the team members and for that, it’s important for him to be disciplined as well.


A good manager must be protective of his team members if any situation comes up. He should be able to defend his team members if required in front of the higher authorities.

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