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Are you looking for the textile industry jobs in Pakistan? No needs to worry you are at right place. RightJobs.Pk has the solution of all of your problems. RightJobs.Pk is Pakistan fastest growing online job platform, where thousands of job seekers and employer get registered on daily basis. RightJobs.Pk has removed the entire barriers among job seekers and employers and joined them on one platform. RightJobs offers equal opportunities to both job seekers and employers. RightJobs.Pk has a separate category of textile industry in order to save the time of both job seekers and employers. Although textile industry faces some ups and downs in past few years during the energy crisis in Pakistan. Most of the textile industries got highly damaged during that period of a severing energy crisis. But now Alhamdulilah! Pakistan starts flourishing again and there coming to good numbers of textile industry jobs. RightJobs.Pk is proud to introduce ‘textile industry jobs’ category, to facilitate job seekers with certifications in the textile field. Let’s have a look at these textiles industries jobs in Pakistan one by one.

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Pakistan’s city Faisalabad is very famous for the textile industry. In the economy of Pakistan Faisalabad is considered as the backbone. A number of textile industries are working all over the Pakistan. Therefore it comes a good number of textile industries jobs in Pakistan on regular basis. 

Textile Production Workers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Textile production workers jobs are one of the most famous categories of textile industry. All of the labors, assistants and workers jobs come under this category. Textile production workers jobs usually do not acquired any professional certification from its required candidates. Therefore, candidates with low profile can apply for this job and easily got job. RightJobs.PK is keep updating their jobs posts on regular basis to serve their registered jobseekers in order to accomplish our mission. Textile industry workers jobs in Pakistan’s include Cleaners, Operators, Printers, Screen Printers, Loom Operators, Machine Operators, Washer, Tailors and much more.

Analytical Textile Technologist

Analytical textile technologists are responsible to test the products and resolve their queries relating to the textile manufacture. Analytical Textile Technologists work in many different regions of technical textiles, for example in the medical, automotive or performance damage industries. They carry out tests on products to resolve technical questions about their manufacture and to control the quality of the material. They investigate errors and test they are fit for purpose. They also check the fabric contents are listed correctly.

Beamers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Beamers load yarns onto the ‘beams’ the reels of textile weaving machines for clothing, furnishing or carpet manufactures. They established up the machines according to production instructions, work out the accurate quantity of yarn required for each job, compare the yarns for defects or knots and record the quantity of yarn breaks.

Blender Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Blenders are responsible for loading and programme ‘hoppers’ with fibers to create a blend, working in the manufacturing mill. A Blender places refined wool and extra fibers, such as nylon, into large 'hoppers', which mix the fibers into a blend. This is then rotated into yarn. A Blender also keeps the 'hoppers' whole and sweeps any excess fibers away from around them. The blended fibers are then collected ready to go to the next method.

Buyer Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Buyers usually purchase the raw materials or equipments acquired for the process of manufacturing. Buyers work in the fashion, footwear, textile and apparel industries. They work alongside senior management officers to define purchasing requirements and budgets. Fashion Buyers also work jointly with design teams to investigate and appraise new trends and plan ranges.

Carder Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Carders are the employees in textile industry that operates and manage the carding machines (Carpet weaving machine) and feed new blends (wool fibers) into it. The ‘carding' is a method to separates, untangles and cleans fiber of various types of wool, known as a ‘blend'. A Carder is normally answerable for the carding machine.

Carpet Designers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Carpet Designers use computer-aided designs (CAD) systems to innovate and create designs for carpet or flooring enterprises and companies. Carpet Designers usually work in-house for carpet or flooring companies, generating two-dimensional designs that can be produced in a repeating pattern.

Chief Innovation Officers jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Chief innovation officer’s jobs are to reach and innovate new things and trends in end products. A CIO specializes in innovations. They produce innovation plans based on investigating new products and estimating the target market and popular trends.

Clothing Alteration Hand Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Clothing alteration hands persons are usually responsible for changing and repairing the items of cloths. Clothing Alteration Hands may be associated in fastening new zips, getting in or making out seams, shortening or lengthening hems and substituting trims. They also work on specialist items, such as bridal gowns.

Clothing Manufacturing Engineer Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Clothing manufacturing engineers are responsible for managing garments production by machines in the factory environment. A Clothing Engineer supervises garment manufacture in a factory. They look at each new garment design to determine the quantity of machines needed for each process.

Clothing Packers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Clothing packer’s job is to make sure that the cloths are packed appropriately for distribution. Clothing Packers ordinarily work in a warehouse environment or on a production line. They can demand to consume a lot of time standing or sitting in the same position.

Clothing Presser Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Clothing pressers are responsible for pressing the garments (in proper shape) and remove creases.

Dry Cleaning Workers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Dry cleaning workers accomplish their jobs by using chemicals and steams to clean the clothes in dedicated wash with water.

Dressmakers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Dressmakers are more professional than tailors, they produce made-to-measure clothing, such as dresses, skirts and trousers for customers.

Product Tester Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Product testers job is to test the products throughout the manufacturing process and make sure that products meet with defined quality standards.

Production Engineers Jobs in bahawalpur Pakistan

Production engineers make sure that manufacturing equipments are running safely. They are also responsible to oversee production process as well.