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Transportation and Logistics Jobs in Pakistan

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Transportation and logistics are a vast field and we can say that this is the backbone of the business industry in all over the world and in Pakistan also. Transportation and logistics vacancies are available at RightJobs.Pk, if you are skilled person you can drive or you can supervise or manage things or if you are an educated person and you can handle accounts, you have good communication skills and you can interact with people, you know how to build relations, if you are a good administrator. If you are not a skilled person and you also don't have  any degree with you even then you can adjust yourself in this vast field, you can work as a loader for that you need to have a healthy body because loading work is very hard. Transportation and logistics career opportunities are of very vast variety one can see that there are educated persons working in this field as well as uneducated but skilled person are doing work in it and at the same time one can find a person who don't have a degree and he is not skillful on the same time but even he gets job in this field.

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Transportation and Logistics Jobs in Pakistan

Below are some openings which are described for you and you can reassess yourself and find a job of your choice or demand.

Driver Jobs in Pakistan

The driver is the key person in the field of transportation and logistics as in this field you need to move things from one place to another and for that one need a driver who can drive the vehicle to move the things from one place to another. There are thousands of goods transporters stand in each country of Pakistan, so if you are a driver and have a valid driving license, which must be LTV / HTV driving license the you can easily get a job in this transportation field. Normally you are asked to drive trucks/ Dumpers/ multi wheeler trucks to move the goods.

Logistics Officer/Supervisor Jobs in Pakistan

If you are and graduate person and you want to work in transportation or logistics filed you can fit yourself in this filed as logistics officer/ supervisor. You need to manage the procurement and delivery. You have to make effective management of inventory, you need to coordinate with branches/partners throughout Pakistan for supply, demand and delivery of the goods. You need to book the ordrers and coordinate with your internal team to get orders and work efficiently. In some organizations who are doing transportation and logistics work on a larger scale you need to liaison with government office coordination with different courier companies, freight forwarders and clearing agents. You also need to properly monitor the mail movement from one location to another.

Accountant/Accounts Officer Jobs in Pakistan

One can work in the departments of accounts in this filed. Transportation and logistics business involves many accounting entries and they need a fully devoted person who can handle their accounts as they need to work with different partners/ freight forwarders / they have to manage the payroll of different type of persons at the same time and they have to manage the record of fueling and repair and maintenance of vehicles they owned. They also need a person who can maintain the record of their bookings which customer gave them. For an accountant or accounts officer job you need to have a graduation degree, especially in commerce or accounting field and you should have the skills to manage the accounts of transportation or logistics field. You should have a good communication skills and a strong and strict personality so you can communicate with different persons as per their level and no one can cheat you in accounting.

Computer Operator Jobs in Pakistan

If you have no bachelor/ graduation degree and you are unable to enhance your education and you want to work in an office environment, it is recommended that you should get a diploma of computer operator or improve your computer using skills then you can get job as computer operator in the transportation and logistics field. A computer operator is mainly required to update the records/ inventory. He needs to issue slips or generate bills for customers who book their goods/ luggage from your company. For this you need basic level training on how to operate the computer.

Motor Vehicle Mechanic Jobs in Pakistan

Transporters who are running a large scale business of transportation and logistics used to hire their own mechanics to keep their vehicle operational and proactively these mechanics check the vehicle after every tour so they can identify and fix a problem even if it is not arrived yet. If you are a good mechanic and have the previous experience, then you can get a job with big transporter as mechanic. For this job you don't need any degree or diploma but you do need past experience. To get this job you do require reference along with your skills as your previous can only be recognized or verified by references.

Loader/Cleaners Jobs in Pakistan

Transportation and logistics category also provides employment options for uneducated and unskilled persons which is a good service in a country like Pakistan where education / literacy rate is not higher and people are not very skillful. One who doesn't have any skills and education can work as a loader / cleaner in this field. As a leader you need to load the goods in the vehicle or unload the vehicle and place the goods on their designated places this job may not require any travelling and you can find a job in your surroundings and can live with your family at the same time. If you start working as Cleaner you need to travel a lot with the vehicle where you are placed by the owners of the company. As a cleaner you need to assist the driver during the journey from one place to another.

Transportation and logistics filed is required in any country where the economy is dependent on trade/agriculture like Pakistan, because there is required of moving raw material from one place to another and deliver the final goods to customers from manufactures.