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Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Liberty Books started its journey back in 1950 with a small street side book stall in Saddar, Karachi. It was founded by Mr. Abdul Hussain who had arrived in Pakistan with his family to start afresh after partition. A simple minded businessman with a high sense of purpose, Mr.Hussain like many others started with the humble aim to provide for his family. The stall was located across the famous Capitol cinema in Karachi and the founder’s sons still reminisce about befriending the cinema staff to watch ‘subsidized’ shows at the cinema. Many of our oldest customers continue to share stories about the time when they stood in line at our stall, anxiously waiting for the new edition of Archie comics. Liberty Books opened its first formal retail store in 1961 at the Intercontinental Hotel. This opportunity equipped the small family run business with the intricacies of organized retail. The late Mr. Hussain and his sons (enrolled in school and college by this time) worked tirelessly sharing warehouse and retail shifts. With no prior background in selling books or an expensive education, this was truly a labour of love and passion for books. Today, Liberty Books is the only locally owned and operated bookstore chain in Pakistan with 8 stores in the country including an online store that services all major cities in Pakistan. We represent the largest number of international publishers and continue to innovate in the way we serve our customers. Our journey has been long, full of learning and interesting experiences. We continue to work towards our aim of encouraging the reading habit in Pakistan.

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