Workplace ethics

Workplace ethics

Somebody wise once said that “worship your workplace”. The workplace is not our home but we can always call it home because we spend around half of our day there. So, in the office environment it’s important to follow the code of conduct but above that, there are some ethical duties that must be observed. Human resources and many hiring managers prioritize people with high integrity and honesty because that’s how they add up on the company’s success.

Here are some important points that will help you to maintain ideal behavior in the office environment.

Follow the dress code

There is always a dress code for a particular workplace. Try not to break it. Don’t wear loud colors in office environment. Be a little subtle with colors. It’s better to under-dress than to be over-dressed because you’d want to be comfortable while working neither the center of unwanted attention so be careful about your attire.

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest, no matter what. Many situations might occur while working when you’ll find it really hard to stay honest and truthful but anyhow, try your best to not lie especially to your managers because that is going to leave a very bad impression and you might lose your trust. You would not obviously like to be called liar among your colleagues and team members so be truthful and honest with everybody.

Team Work

In office environment when you’re working in team try to gel-in with your team mates and help them if needed. In team you all work for same purpose so don’t compete with your team members and work as a unit. You can ask for help too, there is no shame in asking what you don’t know.

Stay away from gossip

Try not to engage in unnecessary conversations with your colleagues because that represents lack of dedication and interest. If you want to have a productive conversation, then do it without wasting your time.

Be Polite

You are always getting better ranks with time but never forget from where you started. Be polite with your colleagues and don’t treat them based on their seniority level. Especially be kind to the lower staff because you count on them every single day.

Always be on time

Time is money, so try to be punctual and follow the office timings strictly. When you’re working in cooperate circle it’s very important to meet your deadlines. Sit with your supervisor and decide about your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Set the goals and timelines. Exceed the targets.

Avoid Leg pulling

A certain amount of leg pulling and “winding up” is common in the majority of workplaces. Managing workplace politics is no less than an art. Since most of the conspiracies at the workplace happen in your absence, be vigilant and don’t be absent from work.  Be competent. That is the only way to survive and thrive in the corporate jungle.

Try to practice the above mentioned workplace ethics and you will surely end up in good books of your managers and colleagues.

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