Women’s Education Rights in Pakistan

Women’s Education in Pakistan is the basic right of every woman. Normally, it is expected that a women should take care of her home and children as a wife and as a mother, but very few literate people know that the women’s education play an important role in the progress of the society as well as a community. And that’s why women’s education is the most important for the progress of society.

Women’s Education Rights In Pakistan Post Contains

Education helps the women to participate in political field as well as to build the equality basis social relationships. It also helps the women to access the better jobs to support their families, and also helps to solve the health issues and gives them a courage and power to solve the life’s other issues. Education can leads the women to take part in politics, so that they can raise their voices to get their rights.

Legal Benefits of Women’s Education

Education also helps the women to access the legal system, so that they can aware how they save themselves from domestic violence and other social evils. They can fight for their rights. They can raise their voices against the cruel customs of the society.

Comparison of Women Education in Pakistan with other Countries

In some areas of Pakistan, women are fastened in some religious customs and traditions where they were taught that women are choose to play traditional roles, so that they are deprived to the basic education. Whereas, in other countries the education considers necessary for the women.

In Pakistan, some women are bounded in the boundary walls of the houses, whereas, in other countries the women took part in every field of life side by side with the men. They work as a hawker, store keeper, nurse, lawyer, shop keeper, attendant and a housewife as well because there is no difference between men and women to get the equal education.

How Women’s Education is Economically Beneficial

As the education give the women knowledge of social affairs, it also helps the development of healthy minds. It helps the women get the administrative skills. The education raises up and improve the women’s self-respect and social status in society as well as in a community. Pakistan can be successful in development of humans and equality of genders if it promotes the education among the women. According to an observation, the increase in women’s education raises the wages rate larger than that of men.

Some economists says that in some countries the education of women decreases the mortality of infants and increases the education of children. Economic growth is directly affected by the inequality of gender.

Women’s Education Difference Between Rural and Urban Areas

According to an observation, some years ago in urban areas the literacy rate was about 58.3%, otherwise in rural areas it was about 28.3%, and for women education it was just 12%.

Women education is increasing every day in urban areas. The important thing is that the parents of girls in urban areas start to boost up their girls on initial stages and at the age of puberty, they guide their girls to choose the better field that is knowledgeable for women’s rights. This guidelines and motivations of parents help the females to stand up for their cause of education and their rights. Firstly, urban women have a lot of private institutions for better education. Secondly, the women in urban areas are surrounded by educated people and this helps them to go ahead with confidence.

On the other hand, peoples of rural areas discouraged women’s education and schooling. They are taught that they are made to manage the household system only and the education is a time wasting thing only. Mostly rural women belong to conservative families. Just because of the lack of support system, rural women have to work harder than urban women because they have not proper educational facilities. If some parents agree for the female’s education but they are poor enough that they cannot afford the expenses of better education.

What should be the Role of Parents?

The most important thing in the women’s education is the support of parents for their girls. Some families in Pakistan do not send their girls in schools or some educational institutes because of co-education system. By sending the girls in co-education institutions increases not only the confidence among the females but also give them a courage to move in society with confidence.

The Role of Government

The government of Pakistan have to make the education accessibility possible to every women of Pakistan in urban areas and rural areas as well. Government always prefers to build new schools and institutes in urban areas and the rural areas and town are neglected. Increasing in funds for women’s education can resolve the educational issues. Another way to recover the problem is by giving the scholarships can help the parents financially so that they send their females to schools and for better education.


Statistics show that women’s education in Pakistan is affected by the gender inequality. Women have to face many hurdles to get the better education. They also show that the education for females is necessary for development of the educated society.

Education is necessary for both men and women so that they can achieve progress side by side with each other.

Being a Muslim, it is necessary to promote the education to the maximum level among the females because Islam has given the right of acquiring the education to every men and women.

They point that the inequality of gender has an impact of poverty in the rural areas of Pakistan, and the female education is an important part to reduce the poverty rate in the country.

Some feminists say that the need of this hour is to increase the expenditures for the education of women. So that the women of all over the country can get the education in both rural and urban areas and be able to build an educated society and healthy and active mind new generation.

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