What should I Wear for a Job Interview


What should I Wear for a Job Interview? Do you know that your dressing matters a lot in professional life as compared to your routine life? Often people judge you by your status by your dressing. Expense formal clothing usually give an outlook of a person as rich person. While a person with normal dressing often considered as middle class. This class difference usually got vanished in professional environment. Where people hire you on your credibility not your social status. Yes! Your social status can be proved as strong reference for being hired in an organization. But a formal, normal, and clean dressing is matter a lot for interview phase of recruitment process. Although interviewer has your first impression though your assessment of your resume. Therefore he has called you for an interview.

Before you say a single word to the interviewer, you have effectively made an impression in view of how you’re dressed. The rules given here are usually acknowledged as fitting for an interview. Each organization has an alternate clothing standard usually called as ‘Dress Code’. How you have dressed up at the job may have almost no to do with how you dress for an interview. When you’re welcome to a prospective job interview, one wrong move can blow your odds. However wearing the wrong thing can distract an interviewer from your cleaned resume and exceptional experience. Fashion comes and go, but styling always remain there with its own strong worth. Either you are going form formal or informal interview, there are some hard and fast rules. That do not allow you to perform any kind experimentations.

Things to be wear, when going for a Job Interview

Here I’ll share with you some guidelines about what should you wear for an interview for both men and females distinctly. Hope that these guidelines will help you a lot.


1. Men’s Guidelines

  • Wear dress shirt and pant. Chose a light color of dress shirts.
  • Choose Suit with a dark color in contrast to the dress shirt.
  • Your shirt should be properly washed with no dust on color and shirts’ cuffs.
  • Make sure your dress shirt and dress pant should be cleanly pressed.
  • Wear black or brown shoes Wear Black shoes with black, gray and blue suits while wearing brown shoes with brown and blue suits.
  • Shoes should be properly polished.
  • Wear a tie, which should be matched with your shirt and suit. Your tie should be non-patterned and single colored tie.
  • Wear Socks, choose a decent color for socks as well.
  • Wear a wrist watch.
  • Make sure you have a suitable haircut and good shaved. If you have the beard than make sure you have appropriate Islamic beard styles (khat).
  • Make sure you Look and Feel comfortable in your dressing. Yes! There is a difference between feeling comfortable and looking comfortable. Looking comfortable means you have to wear your fitted suit and your personality is being out looked as in comfortable mode. While feeling comfortable means you have wear a suit smaller or larger in size as compared to your current body mass. Make sure it won’t look like you have wear your elder or younger brother suit. It should look like yours’ suit.
  • Make sure you have applied good and soothing deodorant, perfume or Islamic fragrance attar and musk.

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2. Women’s Guideline

  • Women candidate is Pakistan have the choice to Wear Shalwar Qameez, Kurta Trousers or Shirt with jeans.
  • Choose a decent color of clothes. Choose light colors in summer while during winter choose bit darker color dresses.
  • If you wear Hijab or Scarf or Abaya than make sure you have properly covered yourself. Make sure all off your clothes are neat and clean, properly ironed.karachi
  • Wear nice decent and shoe pumps or pony shoes. You can select sensible heels as well if you are comfortable with that. If you have good height then you can wear flat round toe shoes as well.
  • If you use to carry your handbag, make sure it shouldn’t be too large in size having weight more than yours’ weight.
  • Wear a wrist watch.
  • Tie your Hairs. If you feel comfortable with open hairs, make proper hair style (blow dry or straight). Make sure you have settled them properly through hair spray.
  • Apply light make up (soft pink color and light lipstick).
  • Make sure you have plucked eyebrows, upper lips and waxed arms and hands if you want to wear quarter or half sleeves.
  • Make sure you have applied good deodorant.

Things Not To Be Wear When Going For Job Interview (Both Men and Women)

  1. Don’t eat or smoke before going, will give birth to bad breath.
  2. Don’t wear extra tight clothes.
  3. Don’t wear casual clothes.
  4. Don’t wear anything distracting (female candidate’s Anklet or payal)
  5. Don’t wear excessive accessories. (gold jewelry one ring in one hand will be enough)
  6. Don’t put too much makeup on your face.
  7. Don’t have dirty nails.
  8. Don’t have a full beard and mustaches, should trim.
  9. Don’t open first buttons of your shirt.
  10. Don’t go dirty.

At the end of my article, I’ll summarize my article as all of the above-mentioned guidelines will prove helpful for both male and female candidates. Especially the fresh graduates that do not have any idea what to wear, when going for a job interview. Both males and female candidate need to focus on interview preparation more as compared to dressing. I am not saying it’s not important, of course, it is, but not up to that point. Obliviously it leaves a person footprint, but it matters a lot, according to the post you are applying for. Usually, industries have their own criteria to access the professional skills of a person. A generally multinational organization that has proper Human Resource departments focus such interpersonal skills of a person. For example Banking sectors.


I have no doubts it stating that everybody has an inner gut feeling about his/her Bad and Best looks. Therefore, you should have a habit to keep yourself neat and clean both physically and mentally. If you already have this habit and sense of dressing you haven’t needed to spend that time pondering about what to wear, for a job interview. Wish you good luck!

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