Travel And Tourism Jobs In Pakistan

Travel And Tourism Jobs In Pakistan

The scope in Travel And Tourism Jobs In Pakistan cannot be denied as tourism is a diverse industry in Pakistan which is growing rapidly day by day. It plays a significant role in generating the revenues and contributes a lot to the economy of the country. As there are numerous wonderful places of tourist’s attractions all over the Pakistan so it is important to that one think it as an amazing career.

The government has also initiated different programs and working on various plans to promote tourism in Pakistan. It has started different marketing campaigns to promote tourism, developing roads for better traveling, enabling air networks to more cities, restoration of historical building and exotic places, etc. Due to these advancements in the tourism sector, a rapid increase is observed in the number of travel and jobs in Pakistan.

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Available Travel And Tourism Jobs In Pakistan

Tourism and travel provide long term employment opportunities for interested job seekers who want to pursue it as a career. is the perfect place that guides you in the right direction for acquiring travel jobs in Pakistan. Many tourism agencies build their profiles on and post job advertisements on a regular basis. Here we have mentioned various positions for five categories of tourism jobs in Pakistan.

Accommodation Jobs In Pakistan

If you have a keen interest in the hotel and management jobs, search job listings to find these job positions.

  • Hotel Manager

Hotel managers are responsible for everything that involves running a hotel successfully like the marketing of hotel, managing employees, and satisfying customers, ensure availability of great services, etc.

  • Concierge

As a concierge, you have to guide travels about information regarding directions, reservations for tours, concerts, parties, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, etc.

  • Hotel Receptionist

If you are not hesitant to talk to people in a friendly manner, then this is a perfect job for you. As a receptionist, your main duties are to welcome guests, make reservations and provide all the relevant information to them.

  • Housekeepers

As a housekeeper you are responsible for cleaning hotel and room areas, providing basic necessities like linen, laundry, food, newspaper, etc. Your duty is to manage and control the housekeeping staff like luggage porters, cleaners, bell persons, helpers, etc.

Transportation Jobs in Pakistan provides challenging job opportunities for the following transportation jobs in Pakistan.

  • Pilots, Bus and Train Drivers

Whether you are a pilot, bus or train driver, your core responsibility is to transport passengers safely and on time to their destination.

  • Attendants and Hostesses

As an attendant or a hostess, you have to ensure the safety of the customers and provide continuous services to them throughout the traveling.

Restaurants Jobs in Pakistan also fulfills your love and passion by providing these food and restaurant jobs.

  • Branch Manager

A branch manager has to keep in check the restaurant staff like chef, cook, waiters, helpers, etc. and to make sure the continuous and executive availability of services provided by them.

  • Chef

A chef is responsible for providing tasty and hygienic food to the travelers to make their travelling experience executive. If you have a great passion of making delicious food then you might have a perfect career in this job.

  • Cook, Waiters and Helpers

Cook works with the chef for ensuring availability of delicious food to its customers while waiters help the branch managers in taking orders, satisfying customers and taking feedback from the customers.

Recreational and Entertainment Jobs in Pakistan is the best place for finding the following recreational and entertaining tourism jobs in Pakistan.

  • Travel Writer

A travel writer explores exotic tourism destinations and shares its details about writing columns and articles. It is a writing job which is all about travelling, people, destinations, food, how to travel, when to travel and all the information regarding tourism and travelling. Travel jobs in Pakistan includes prospects for this job too.

  • Tour Guide

Tour guides show travelers around the famous tourism places like valleys, rivers, mountains, historical buildings, museums, religious site, etc. and provide all the historical stories and significant information related to that place while traveling with the tourists. If you are in love with history, facts and figures of famous tourism places then you should apply for this job.

  • Event Organizer

Event organizers are responsible for organizing and managing various kinds of events like concerts, birthday parties, destination wedding, etc. They are responsible for all things from the start of the event till the end, and thus constitute a challenging tourism and travel job in Pakistan.

Travel Services Jobs in Pakistan provides assistance in acquiring the following travel jobs in Pakistan which are discussed below.

  • Travel Agents

The travel agent is the main head of the travel agency who is responsible from planning your whole vacation to return home safely. As a travel agent, you have to provide guidance about different tourism and travel packages to the travelers and help with reservations of hotels, restaurants, flights, buses, etc.

  • Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are available 24 / 7 throughout the week for providing information about tourism destinations and packages over the phone, emails and SMS.

  • Tour Manager

The job of the tour manager is to make sure that everything goes perfectly and runs according to the travelling plan or a package.  You have to keep in check that your clients are happy with your services or not. You are also responsible for making necessary changes in case of any emergency occurs or any requests from your client.

  • Package Planner

A package planner is responsible for planning the whole package within the given budget. As a package planner, you should have good communication skills to communicate with hotel and restaurant managers for reservations, transporting persons for flights and train bookings, event organizers, tour guides and tour managers to make your trip memorable.

So, to find out how you can easily apply for travel and tourism jobs in Pakistan, join and start an exciting and challenging career in the tourism industry.

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