Top Private and Islamic Banks in Pakistan

Top Private and Islamic Banks in Pakistan

In Pakistan, banking sector is making progress very fast with the passage of time. All banks have huge competition with each other. Just because of this competition, every bank tries to give best services to its customers. These best services are making the financial sector stronger with every passing day. And our dear blog readers you can find numerous Jobs opportunities in Top Private and Islamic Banks in Pakistan through RightJobs.Pk.

Top Private and Islamic Banks in Pakistan Post Includes

Here is the list of Top Private and Islamic Banks in Pakistan and their categories that are serving in Pakistan.

Private Banks in Pakistan

  1. Allied Bank (ABL) is one of the best commercial banks in Pakistan having 1000 branches with online network connection. ABL provides credit and debit cards facility, Daily accounts, deposits and saving terms and e- Banking, Investment and corporate banking, agricultural financing, online banking, phone banking and lockers.
  2. Askari bank is a retail bank having 222 branches in Pakistan. It provides the services of debit card, master card, mortgage and personal finance, monthly saving account, traveler cheques, agricultural and investment banking. It also offers the internet, phone and mobile banking and ATM facility as well.
  3. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) has 1,193 branches. It is the second largest bank of Pakistan. It provides the services of funds transfer and local and foreign trade and house and car financing, debit card and VISA card also.
  4. Bank Alfalah is the 6th largest bank having 471 branches and 388 ATMs. It offers the foreign trade, deposits, lockers, mortgage and auto loans, credit cards, phone and online banking, corporate banking and investment.
  5. Bank AL Habib has 390 branches in Pakistan. This bank is one of the partners of 1-Link system having 196 ATMs in Pakistan.
  6. HBL has 1,450 branches. It provides the services of net banking, retail banking, credit cards, agricultural finance banking and Islamic banking as well.
  7. Habib Metropolitan Bank is operating retail banking, consumer banking, Islamic banking and E-banking in all big cities of Pakistan.
  8. JS Bank is expanding its branches in all over Pakistan. It is offering the services of retail banking, wealth management, corporate banking an investment banking.
  9. NIB Bank is one of the largest banks of Pakistan having 179 branches. It is providing the services of commercial banking, corporate banking, retail banking and investment banking trade finance and transaction banking.
  10. Samba Bank Limited is expanding its branches and now this time it has 28 branches in Pakistan.
  11. Silk Bank Limited has 85 branches. It is offering the internet banking, branch and ATM locator, VISA debit card, funds transfer, phone banking and bill payment service.
  12. Soneri Bank Limited has 223 branches. It started in 1992 and it is operating online banking and management.
  13. Summit Bank is the best bank growing very fast. It is providing services such as loans, credit cards, and consumer banking.
  14. Faisal Bank Limited has 260 branches offering savings, loans, credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking etc.
  15. KASB Bank Limited has 104 branches in different cities. KASB bank is expanding its branches and making progress. It is also making its services and policies better for its customers.
  16. UBL is one of the largest banks in Pakistan. UBL has 1400 branches in Pakistan producing private banking, corporate banking, commercial banking and management.

Islamic Banks in Pakistan

In Pakistani bank sector, some banks are operating their management according to the teachings of Holy Quran and principles of Islam. Islamic banks make their trade rules and terms and services according to the Islamic rules. Here is the list of some Islamic banks that are working according to the Islamic laws.

  1. Bank Islamic has the 213 branches in all over Pakistan providing retail banking, trade finance, consumer banking, investments under the Islamic rules and regulations.
  2. Meezan Bank is the first largest Islamic and commercial bank in Pakistan having 35% share in Islamic banking. It has 550 branches offering the services of consumer banking, VISA debit cards and saving accounts.
  3. Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited has 135 branches in Pakistan producing consumer banking, corporate banking, and investment products such as Murabaha, Ijarah and Musharakah and retail banking as well.
  4. Burj Bank has 75 online branches offering investment and corporate services. It is known as best Islamic bank.
  5. Dubai Islamic Bank has 243 branches in Pakistan serving with home finance, auto finance and internet banking.

Specialized Banks in Pakistan

Specialize banks are those banks that are specially fixed to serve some industries like agriculture, textile etc. These banks make long-term plannings and play an important role to support the groups and industries. These banks are participating for the progress of the economy of Pakistan. Here is the list of some specialized banks in Pakistan.

  1. Industrial Development Bank
  2. SME Bank
  3. Zarai Taraqiati Bank
  4. The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank

Public Sector Banks in Pakistan

Public Sector banks are the biggest banks of Pakistan. These banks play their leading role in the progress of Pakistan’s economy. Here is the list of some Public Sector Banks.

  1. National Bank of Pakistan is the biggest commercial bank of Pakistan having 1,280 branches and a large number of assets. NBP is offering the services of NBP online Aasan banking, Domestic branch network and NBP careers etc.
  2. The Bank of Punjab is one of the top financial banks in Pakistan having 344 branches. It is also known as one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan. It is offering banking services like local currency deposit, deposit in foreign currency, trade agricultural and industry.
  3. First Women Bank is the public commercial bank of is serving its customers with loans, savings credit cards and consumer banking etc.
  4. Sindh Bank is the commercial bank of Pakistan having 250 branches in all provinces of the country. It is producing savings, consumer banking, microfinance loans and other bank services also.
  5. Bank of Khyber is provincial government bank having 130 branches in is offering the services of Islamic banking, conventional banking and microfinance loans as well.

Islamic windows

Some banks have their Islamic banking windows that are listed below.

  1. UBL Ameen
  2. MCB Islamic Bank
  3. Aitmaad by National Bank
  4. Bank Alfalah Islamic

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