Things to Do ASAP When a Promotion Makes You the Boss of Your Friends

When you are made boss of your friends, things get really tricky. When you want to grow your business and you were having the ability to create the role there are a multiple number of job seekers which want to join you. New recruits go through the interview questions and answers which can take time. Then in this case you should have a look within your company to have a successful business. You can either recruit a new talent in the company or promote your employee as he/she is the powerful asset of your company. Some people say that hiring new people in the company may cost you more as compared to promoting your current employees. The reason is that hiring new employees needs to be trained, orientation time and interview days which will take much time and cost. So for a successful company you should avoid that and promote your current employees.

But when you are currently been promoted and enters in the managerial role you find that it had been complicated when you understand that you were become the boss of your friends. Before promoting you and your friends can have gossips about your boss. So this may be something which is irritable for you. So when your current boss promotes you and you become the boss of your friends and they were having complaints behind your back is much complicated. Most employees want a special treatment from you and many of them need favoritism. Once you have promoted the environment of the company is fully changed. The relationship between your friends and you is changed. Some experts explain four useful tips to avoid that.

Four Useful Tips

1: Change Acknowledgment

When you were been promoted to the managerial role you were having access on the business related information which may not be shared all the time. This may not be the appropriate behavior for you that you were having gossips with your friends that you used to do. If you are a new boss of your coworkers you might have control over the resources that reached to your friends. The most important point is that if you are hoping for the same promotion that your friend got it, you might be angry about that.

2: Come Across Other People

Even if you became the boss of your friend, you can remain friends. You think that you will lose your old relationship but you create strategies to avoid that. You can develop a strategy with a number of people working in your company. 

3: Talk About it with your Friends

Another useful tip is to discuss all the matter with your special friends, who thought that the oldest relationship is changed. You can discuss all the factors related to the promotion strategy, whether you are really happy about the situation. You should not keep in mind about the oldest relationship before the promotion. If you are glad for your friend-turned-boss, you should realize to your friends that if the managerial role is changed but we have been friends and I think the most important thing is to support each other.

4: Optimistic

If you were being optimistic within your job role, things may change much better than you expect. You should discover such type of strategies that your friends may be glad and happy about your promotion. They thought that the new boss is much supportive and kind than the previous one.

Some Promotional Interview Question and Answers

There are a number of interview questions that a manager might ask for the promotion. Some of them are as fellows.

  • The most important question is that if you were been promoted then what are your suggestions implemented for the growth of the company. You should have multiple numbers of ideas that if a company goes bankrupt then you are so talented that you can implement your ideas.
  • You should be aware of the weaknesses and strengths. If you are a new recruit then they might ask you that what your experience in the field of promotion is? You should know about your skills.
  • If we decided to promote you then what are the challenges you are ready to face? If he is not the new recruit then why are you feeling different from the other employees?
  • What are your salary expectations? What are the major skills you are thinking that we can hire you?
  • Once you enter in the interview room you should properly have know how of the company.
  • If you wanted to ask any type of question about the field of promotion you can easily ask that without any hesitation.

Develop a Walk Through Line

There are some points which will help the manager to develop a walk through line among his companions:

  • You should interact with your employees professionally.
  • Put your emotional thing away.
  • Try to avoid crazy parties and your friendship activities.
  • When your team organizes to celebrate any business activity, then don’t be the last one to leave your companions. This will show that you are losing your professionalism.

Some Job Tips for Promotion Interview

Tip 1:

You’ll probably be asked troublesome questions for the interview. You should be preparing for the possible questions which help you to move forward. You should spend much energy which helps in the growth of your organization.  If you are researching before few hours the manger of the company may be impressed by you. You should have a little know how about the company annual report, the more you are concerned about the company activities the more is the chances of promotion.

Tip 2:

As most people say that first impression may be your last impression. So if you are highly interested in your promotion your first impression matters a lot for the managers. When meeting somebody amusingly, we briefly make our psyches about different parts of their identity. You should be very careful about the walking style or confidence when you enter for the interview. The most important thing is that you should never be late; it gives the manager a bad impression. Always start your meeting with a handshake. Dress yourself properly. Try to express your in a clarity manner.

Tip 3:

You should know, how to neglect a hidden occupation market, you can expand your possibility of holding your position in the organization. There are a number f sources to enter in the hidden market like Friends; Family; Ex-collaborators; Referral; HR people group; Field people group.

Tip 4:

There are a variety of approaches to get prepared for the interview at home rather to join any institution for the interview. The most important thing is that you have a high level of confidence and you don’t need any type of expert and professional for this act.   

Tip 5:

Once you enter in the interview room you should not leave the room until you guaranteed that you are aware of all the things that help you in the promotion. Be particular with your questions and answers. Get some information about the organization and the business.

How to Overcome the Change When You Become the Boss of Your Friends

1: Clarity

The most important point to overcome this situation is to be clear with your companions or employees. You can be friends after promotion but you have to realize everybody that now the work relationship has been totally changed. You should clear that now you are the boss and they are all your subordinates. Set clear desires and limits. You have to explain the new responsibilities and obligations to your past friends so that they can understand you. Clarify that you are responsible for the improvement and performance of my friends. If you want to become an effective leader then the time you spend with your friends or companions will likely need to change.

2: Be Reasonable

You should be fair and reasonable about your job. When it comes to the rewards, bonuses and promotion then you have to be very fair. In this case you have to leave your biasness asides. It will create a mistrust environment in the company. If your friends deserve promotion or salary raise then you have to give him, so that it shows an awesome behavior by the leader. On the other side if he does not deserve that then there is no need to show sympathies and favoritism. Sometime the manager shows the favoritism to his friends and he assigns his responsibilities and task to other employees. For the time being this favoritism may be reasonable, but it will create disputes and have an impact n the company environment.

3: Know How

The third important thing is to know and be aware of everything what is going on in the company. When you wear the management cap and the leadership t-shirt then there are a number of responsibilities on you. You should be very careful while sending the contemplations to your friends. So, be aware of the time, strength and resources you are giving to your companions. Ask your subordinates and your own boss to provide you the feedback of your own performance.

4: All Set

The last point is that when you are getting promotion you should be prepared about the environment and your past relationship in the company has totally been changed. Some experienced workers say that the relationship may consist of four life cycles which are as fellows

  1. Decision
  2. Starting
  3. Extending
  4. Finishing

So, when you go from friend’s relationship to the managerial role then you have to realize that the friendship you know is totally finished.

3 Things to do ASAP When a Promotion Makes you the Boss of your Friends

Avoid Casual Conversation with your Subordinates

Most people say that it is so easy to become the friend of your boss but it is so difficult to become the boss of your companions. So, the first thing an effective leader must have to do as soon as possible is to avoid an easy going conversation with your friends. You should have to develop a border line between yourself and your companions. It is very critical thing to do but you have to set the limits. So when you have the managerial responsibilities then you should care what you want to achieve and what your goal is. For that you have to be willing to take hard decisions in the business field even though your subordinates are not willing. You need to be transparent, upfront and passionate about your decisions while some friends my disagree you. For that, sometimes you should be hard enough with your companions.

Watch your Attitude and Tone

The second thing you have to do is to set your attitude and tone. You are the one who have the power of raising salaries, giving bonuses and other benefits. So, when you are fair about that and if someone argues you and raises the points then you have the authority to keep him silent. In this case you have to change your tone to show your companions that you have the authority. You have to gain the trust of your subordinates that they believe that you will take the right decisions. This will increase their confidence and they appreciated the association and relationship. So having a managerial role you cannot give the chance to other people to think that you are helping your friends. You should put aside your emotional feelings for your companions and it should not influence the business decisions, rules and other important activities.

Bring the Change

So the last thing you have to do as soon as possible is to grasp the change in the business environment. When a manger kept in his mind to bring something new or some innovations in the company then to achieve your end goal, you might go through the change. Sometimes it will be beneficial for your subordinates. The manager should be totally prepared of losing the past friendship as it is a very hard time for him. But now his major responsibility is to achieve the company goals and objectives.

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