Things That Can Destroy a Modern SEO

Modern SEO is a tremendous technique of making websites a platform often visited and generating higher traffic, and its importance in today’s world is several times higher than it used to be a few years back. A good SEO can easily put you ahead in the competition by means of its user friendliness, ease of understanding and quality, thus driving in good numbers making the particular product or service do well in the corporate arena.

Modern SEO Vs Bad SEO Practices

However, in order to make it a success, one should keep in mind and exercise practices that can prove to be a negative, as mentioned here under:

This page includes

Forcing Keywords
No Upgrading
Ignoring the Visitors
Overlooking Images
Skipping Proofreads
Not Maintaining Integrity

1: Forcing Keywords

One of the evolutions being observed by modern SEO’s is the population of keywords they carry, and this can be equally important as selecting what actually should serve as a keyword.  All of us know how important it is for your SEO, but that does not necessarily mean that it should be overstuffed. Your prime target is to incorporate user satisfaction and quality, which is heavily dependent upon rationality. And this can only be done by keeping the repetition to its lowest.

2: No Upgrading

Modern SEO’s demand consistency and perseverance in being updated, more than anything else, and you just cannot afford to put and then forget about it. Every passing hour and day will make it either climb up or drop down in position, and this will depend on how you think about improving and fitting in those things into it. So keep working out ideas and compiling them.

3: Overspreading

Don’t try and overspread the content too much or in multiple domains. Yes, there are cases where this may prove useful. However, this should only be happening in case of user or if it is a requirement of the content. Rather, it is advisable to conduct a proper research on additional domains to get a fair idea of what exactly should be done and how.

4: Ignoring the Visitors

Keeping your Target audience in mind while proceeding is pivotal, something that has been equally important in the success of SEO’s over the years. If the content is created and crafted while keeping the visitors in mind, it is going to fetch positive results, indefinitely. Otherwise, it may be found as something irrelevant and uninteresting to the readers. Make it related, upright and bringing a clear message to the visitors.

5: Overlooking Images

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and searches can be optimized by using relevant and meaningful images to make the whole thing simple and easy to realize for the user. Pictorial representations are something that can yield better and prompt understanding of human beings by default and you should ensure to make good use of this feature.  Name them appropriately and make the content friendly so that it is well known to the target.

6: Skipping Proofreads

Any kind of mistakes or mistypes pertaining to spellings can simply demolish your SEO. A minute error in a keyword is simply going to mean that it will not be shown in searches, thus making the entire exercise a mere waste of time, both for you and your audience. Therefore, ensure to proofread, at least, a couple of times before proceeding further to ensure that it pulls up decent traffic.                     

7: Not Maintaining Integrity

Try and maintain the integrity by coming up with content that is reliable, natural and to the point. It is a matter of common observation that people try and make their SEO popular by virtue of fake reviews, which often are written by themselves or by someone who is paid and hired, to do the honors… However, the audience in this era is more informative and intelligent than it used to be, so they will recognize and pick up such content straight away and simply shy down. It can do if your content carries less quality, however, what it MUST not carry is falseness.

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