Top 10 Telephone Interview Tips To Conquer Second Interview

Have you ever come to the point in life, where you pick a recruiter call early in the morning and got blank while answering about your studies, professional development and professional experiences? You no need to worry. Here, I’m sharing with you top 10 telephone interview tips to make a positive, good and professional impression on employers. In Pakistan, most of the well-known and well developed organizations preferred to have a telephone interview with candidates before actually approaching them for a physical interview. This is the best way approach right candidates in right time. RightJobs.Pk is Pakistan one the fastest growing online job platform. It facilitate the employer for not only post free ads but they also offer services to screen right candidates as per their requirements, by having their 1st interview at their ends. There are various packages about screening services, you can avail acquired packages in accordance to your needs.

Top 10 Telephone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview

Let have look at top 10 telephone interview tips one by one. Hoping that these telephone interview tips will help you a lot in your future. 

1. Do Research About Organization

The 1st and foremost tip among, top 10 telephone interview tips are “Research about Organization”. It is very beneficial for a candidate to leave a positive and professionally mature impression by having a complete research about the organization. Being an interviewee it’s important for you to have a brief overview of the organization especially about Organizations’ culture, services, products, history (background) and other specifications. For this, you can compare employer with their competitor’s websites as well in the market. Do remember important points in your mind, don’t forget to read announcement/news section.

2. Make a List of Questions to Ask

The 2nd telephone interview tip is making a list of questions’ you would like to ask interviewer in the end. It is the best practice to impress the employer during the telephone interview. In order to make the list of questions, you would like to ask the interviewer, you need paper and pen while having an overview of organization’s website. Being an interviewee you can ask the employer about career growth of current position you have applied for.

3. Keep Your Resume/CV with You

Habitually, the interviewer has a copy of your resume/cv while having any kind of interview. So it will good for you as an interviewee to keep your resume/cv with you, so you can give fluent replies of asked questions. Especially for experienced candidates who have a wide variety of employments and projects. It’ll give them a kind of mental satisfactions and keep them safe from mumbling about forgotten projects’ and employments. Your fluent replies will show an image of effective communication Skills.

4. Do Show Gratefulness

In the list of top telephone interview tips, it should be number one but here I have placed “Show gratefulness” on 4th position. Displaying gratefulness’ towards anyone will leave a positive and good image of yours. Therefore it is necessary for you while giving a telephone interview keep your voice tone, Upbeat, Positive, Confident, and Clear. Don’t be so rigid to act like a mature professional, rather do smile, when required. Keep in mind that there is a difference between smile and laugh.

5. Do Listen Interviewer Attentively

In order to carry out a good telephonic interview conversation, it’s important for you to listen to the interviewer attentively. For this, you can select a clam place without any noise in the background, keep in mind about issues regarding network signals as well.

  • Give answers with short sentences.
  • Keep a glass of water near to you.
  • Don’t talk without breathing.

6. Considering Telephone Interview Different

The point 6th is about considering telephone interview different from the physical interview. That is nothing but a conventional mindset of candidates. The Telephone interview is different from the physical interview as, interviewer can’t see you but it does not mean remain in your sleeping suit unless interview call rings. To act like a professional person, it’s important for you to have a feel (dress up properly) and environment (choose a clam background) like professional. So do prepare yourself physically and mentally for a telephone interview.

7. Remain Focused

Among all top 10 telephone interview tips, it is the most important one. In telephone interview, because you are not physically present there, so it’s important for you to remain focused towards the interviewer. The only communication medium in a telephone interview is “air” so it’s your duty to pay attention to the person on line and turn off stuff around you that can divert your focused like television, laptops, and other stuff. Keep your communication flow flawlessly by giving complete focus to the interviewer.

8. Don’t Eat Goods

It’s essential for being an interviewee to make fluent conversations without keeping a flaw at your ends. It’s necessary for you don’t eat anything during telephone interview conversations that may cause mumbling and gambled voice in another side. The most importantly it can create your image as an unethical and unprofessional person. Therefore it is significant for the interviewee to don’t eat goods during the telephone interview, especially don’t chew gums some people have a habit of chewing gums all the time.

9. Let The Interviewer Finish First

It is a very common thing we have been taught from our childhood, but with time while developing our own personality we build new habits. It is one of the habits that might be considered as a bad habit of interrupting others during conversations. We should have manners to let the one person finish first then give your point of view. But normally especially in arguments situations we don’t listen to other person and keep interrupting them. Which is no doubt considered as “bad manners”. Usually, people think it as a way to press others that are totally wrong perception.

During a telephone interview, it’s essential for the interviewee to give time to the interviewer to finish then respond or answer asked questions. It will not only give you time to think but also keep your positive image (you aren’t speaking over). Give courteous pauses during the conversation, don’t keep awkward silence.

10. Don’t Sound Sleepy and Uninterested

Last but not the least telephone interview tips is don’t “Sound Sleepy and uninterested”. It’s really essential for an interviewee to remain attentive towards employer as well as towards its actions. Make sure you don’t sound sleepy even when you just wake up 2 minutes before telephone interview call.  Assured that you don’t sound boring, don’t sound sleepy, don’t sound speechless and avoid yawning during conversations in the telephone interview. You should Sound good, positive and as a confident personality.


In Last, we can accomplish that, all of these above mentioned top 10 telephone interview tips will help you a lot in near future. In the ending note of telephone interview say waSalaam, Takecare, Allah Hafiz or Bye anything you want say in order to show gratitude. Make sure you has given your 100% don’t lose hope if didn’t get selected. Do analyze your mistake and other points you would like to improve for next time. Stay positive towards dreamed goals and keep reminding yourself that,

In the race of Excellence, there is no Finish Line.

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