Teaching Jobs in Lahore : How to Find and Apply

Are you passionate about teaching? And looking for the teaching jobs in Lahore? Before starting about the means from where you can find the latest teaching jobs offers/ vacancies in all over the Pakistan. I would like to brief you about what is teaching profession? What should be the teaching goals of a teacher? What are the qualities should a person have to get Teaching Jobs in Lahore? Things you should be cleared before choosing ‘Teaching Jobs in Lahore’ as a profession. What is the Worth of the teaching profession for females? What are the means of finding teaching jobs in Lahore?

Teaching Jobs In Lahore Post Contains

Teaching as a Profession
What would be Teaching Goals of a Teacher
Educational System in Pakistan
Resources to Find Teaching Jobs in Lahore, Pakistan
Official Websites of Institutes
Career Portals
Online Social Media Websites


Teaching as a Profession

We often use the term “profession” in a generic class of way connecting to what is your trade/vocation. The profession is determined from the word “profiteor” meaning to profess. The implication here is that a professional is a person who owns knowledge of something and has a responsibility to a particular set of conditions both of which are regularly well-accepted features of professions. History shows the early professions of the ministry, government, medical/physicians and university teaching. As time advanced, dentistry, engineering, accountants, and architects were assign “professional” status.

Teaching is as significant, many force recommends even more so, as any profession including medical, law or accountancy to list a few. Commitment to determination, knowledge expertise and support are kernel strengths of those in the teaching profession. While, unfortunately, it is not comprehended in this great country to be on an equal foundation as those professions named above teachers are contributory in preparing all others for those professions.

In most of the developed countries all over the world chose, only the best and brightest degree holders are accepted in their schools of education preparing to be teachers.  Because Teacher has to amend new generations. It is considered one of the most highly esteemed professions in other countries and not surprisingly one of the most competitive in terms of entry.

What would be Teaching Goals of a Teacher

Although being a professional there should be a lot of future goals a person have. But a good teacher has some define goals to improve his/her profession throughout the career life. but here I have listed some of the core teaching goals a person should have in order to flourish not only his/her profession but to flourish the new generation with positive minds.

  • Strengthen your Teaching Skills
  • Review Your teaching Strategies
  • Find New Ways of Learning
  • Make Alteration in Classroom Management
  • Get Aware About New Innovations in Education Field
  • Develop a Healthier Mindset Towards Your Job
  • Review Your Old Presentation Tactics
  • Take New Step in Learning New Certificate of Your Field
  • Professionally Organized Your Stuff (Self Organizing Techniques) (Time, Files, Projects, Calls)

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Educational System in Pakistan

Although in Pakistan teaching is think as the lowest profession in the field. It’s the mentality of people they think Teaching Jobs in Lahore professionally is the lowest profession to be chosen when a person get fails to have a job in his own field. In private schools teacher are being paid only 15k to 20k in the starting. They usually hire fresh graduate females to teach new generation with zero experience of teaching. Most of the people do not have any career goals in their mind. Because of the inflation and energies crisis in Pakistan, people all want to be get employed. Poor average class people do not allow their girls to work but because increasing inflation rate in the society, they often allow their daughters for the teaching profession. Teaching is considered a noble profession as compared to rest of professions in the market. In such poor recruitment process, organizations are hiring people with low self-esteem. In Pakistan (Teaching Jobs in Lahore) has been divided into three main categories that are:

  • Elite Class (English Mediums Schools)
  • Middle Class (English Medium Schools but not up to that Standards)
  • Lower Middle Class (Government School)

The educational system in Pakistan in being divided to all of these three above mentioned categories. And the people of Pakistan in accordance with their financial positions get educate their children’s. This class difference keeps progressing in the professional life of people and later in the society as well. Obviously Elite class educate their child’s in top class schools whose fees aren’t affordable by a common man that works in daily wages.

This difference in class will only be excreted by a person we called as a ‘Teacher’. Teachers’ nourished the minds of the new generation that are unaware of words ‘Poor and Rich’, ‘Poverty and Richness’, ‘Class Difference’, ‘Black and white’. A teacher, confident, problem solver, positive mind and passionate about teaching will prosper new minds in a way by defeating such negativity from their brains.

Resources to Find Teaching Jobs in Lahore, Pakistan

There is a huge number of opportunities being announced in all types of educational institute every year. Either these institutes are private, semi-private or government institutes. Their vacancies are being posted or come to society through various resources. Most popular resources are:

1. Newspaper

Most of the Government and Private sector educational institutes announce the posts of “Teaching job in Lahore” in newspapers. So if you are interested in adopting ‘teaching’ as a profession, you should visit daily newspaper. All of the newspaper have a separate dedicated page regarding various jobs announcement. You can grab new opportunities from there. If you have the internet you can visit e-newspaper of Express, Jang, Dunya, DAWN, Khabrain and The NEWS.

2. Official Websites of Institutes

With the innovation in science and technology and advancement in the trend of using cellular devices. Most the organization build and updated their own official websites. You can follow simple steps:

  • Search institute name
  • Open their official website
  • Click Career menu
  • Follow the mention instructions

3. Career Portals

Not that huge but an appropriate number of career portals are working all over the Pakistan. Through which, you can build your professional profile and find teaching jobs in Lahore. All you need is simply build your profile and apply for desired jobs. These career portals will forward your resume to acquire employers. Find Teaching Jobs in Lahore By top job providing portal in Pakistan RightJobs.PK.

4. Online Social Media Websites 

As the trend of social linking has been improved in the world. Organizations have built their official pages on professional websites (linkedIn.com) and social media website (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.)

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