Subjects in BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration Program


In this article, we are going to learn about the subjects in BBA. As we know, these days earning profit and establishing a good business is not a piece of cake. You cannot just stand up and start a business and earning huge amount of profit. It’s not that simple. You need complete training and educational background, along with experience and management skills.

In order to educate individuals for business learning, a course named as BBA is offered to help out students and increase awareness about business in them and teach them about how to establish and make a good profit-making business. It is a degree especially designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals and the application of this knowledge in real-world work environments.

BBA, known as Bachelor of Business Administration, in this perspective is a well-reputed and well-known Degree, which helps students in getting education related to Business field, knowledge about ways of earning maximum profit, the challenges of the local as well as international Market, and to overcome those challenges. All these factors are targeted in BBA and are its major outcome.

About the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

This degree qualification is offered by many global Universities and institutes. It is graduate degree program of four years duration and every year many candidates after seeking Intermediate education from any backgrounds apply for pursuing the BBA course. It is up to the aspirants to study it as a regular course or on a part time basis. In this degree qualification, students are required to study marketing, management, business operations and so on.

It is all about business and business transactions. There is currently no field present in the world that does not require a business transaction. Therefore, the need of business transactions cannot be neglected in any case. There are always people required to manage certain things, even hospitals require people for managing the monetarily transactions. This four year program holds equal weightage to a master degree, and you can even opt for MPhil after completing this degree.

Useful Information Regarding BBA

The duration of BBA (hons.) is total 4 years, and it is further sub-divided into 8 number of semesters. This course aims to provide basic understanding about management education and to develop better communication skills in students which polish their entrepreneurship skills. Also, the students are taught in a way to make them prepared to explore the newly created opportunities in management profession.

The method of its study includes training through practical experience in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry. There are various institutes in Pakistan offering BBA degree to the students and providing them with quality education.

This field includes many types of management positions in it.  In order to succeed in the field of business, every organization needs skilled administrators, from major corporations to independent businesses.  Only those candidates are required that are motivated and having organized personalities, with high-powered business-handling capabilities.

It combines fundamental general education courses while focusing strongly on the specific business specialization, including management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, human resources and other specializations.

Not only this, this degree prepares you for real-world business administration roles, and teaches you skills to reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis, from planning how the organization will operate day-to-day to adjusting strategies in the face of ongoing changes and challenges. It covers many important topics such as the influence of technology in today’s business and drawing on quantitative analysis to understand current business practices, and helps you in developing decision-making strategies involving team-building and leadership development while learning finance, accounting and economic principles applicable to the global marketplace.

Thus, studying BBA you can obtain the skilled approach of business administration from both a micro and macro perspective and be prepared to pursue career opportunities in various fields.


BBA Admission Requirements

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in order to get admission in BBA:

  • Candidate must have passed Intermediate HSC exam from any stream with English as passing subject and secured minimum 45% marks.
  • Entrance test should be passed. Admission is based on the entrance test. Normally, there is an objective-type entrance test for admission which evaluates English language, quantitative aptitude and reasoning skills of the candidate.

Subjects in BBA

The main subjects of BBA include the following subjects:

  • Principles of Management.
  • Introduction To Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Mathematics.
  • Business Economics.
  • Introduction to Operations Management.
  • Financial and Management Accounting.
  • Production and Material Management.
  • Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Business Data Processing.

Bachelor of Business Administration Employment Areas

After studying BBA and completing the degree qualification, you can get employment in the following areas and for the following job positions mentioned:

  • Banks
  • Business Consultancies
  • Business Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Export Companies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Industrial Houses
  • Multinational Companies
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Business Administration Professor
  • Finance Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Management Accountants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Research and Development Managers

Advantages of Studying BBA

Let’s have a look at the advantages we are going to get after opting for this course and completing it successfully.

BBA is the perfect platform for people who want to do MBA. After studying BBA, you can easily get admission in MBA and fulfil your dreams, transforming them into reality.

It covers most of the subjects that one would encounter in their MBA regardless of what specialization they choose, and you can cover 4-6 subjects in each semester depending on the policies of the institute you do it from. Make sure you chose the best institute to make your degree of worth.

Moreover, it is a great degree qualification course for those people who are unsure and confused of what field of commerce they are interested in or select. This is the best choice and best fit to this problem as it covers so many areas that one is bound to find something they like.

There are many people who have a misconception that lead towards not opting for Bachelors’ course in Business Administration. But with the technological advancements and the increasing number of institutes offering BBA, the misconception of the people have been cleared to a greater extent. Now people are getting awareness and utmost interest in business and administration and thinking to pursue the course. The ratio of BBA students has been massively increased in the past few years due to the increasing popularity and scope of this course.

Thus you get to know the perks of this qualification degree once you have completed the degree successfully within the time-frame, as you are going to get jobs immediately after completion of degree with a good starting salary package. With proper guidance about career path selection, you can think of doing BBA due to its above mentioned advantages.


Scope After BBA program

After completing the BBA course, candidates can further opt to study the Masters’ program in Business Administration, known as MBA. The course structure of the BBA program is designed and proposed in such a manner that it acts as a foundation and backbone for the MBA program. The BBA curriculum or syllabus prepares the candidates aspirants to perform their fullest levels and give their level best in their post-graduation program.

Students learn the technique and tactics to handle businesses effectively. In order to stand with the competitive world outside and in the world of business and technology, candidates should have a sound base in graduation level education. All these needs are fulfilled in the Bachelors in Business Administration program. Also, this course helps candidates to study about the increasing economic trends, fiscal policies and also the different administrative and commerce-oriented techniques to deal with the various operations and transactions related to business and the commercial world.

Career Opportunities After BBA Program

After studying BBA and completing the education, the BBA graduates can opt for a wide range of careers also. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for them. Once they decide to enter any particular field of employment, sky is the limit. They can seek out for employments in share trading, business corporations, industries, print media, and so on. They can also work in Government sector or in IT industries. Moreover, the main advantage of the BBA program is that candidates can easily opt to pursue the MBA program after completing the same. They can specialize in their desired disciplines while pursuing the MBA program. The different specializations in the MBA program include Systems, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and so on.

Having an MBA, the career profile of a BBA graduate may change drastically and to another level. This really matters a lot on the career of an individual. The MBA course helps aspirants to reach to the top most designations like Directors, Managers, and CEO and so on in multi-national companies. Similarly, MBA professionals can expect higher salaries also. So it is a good option to opt for Masters in Business Administration degree qualification, right after studying the Bachelors in Business Administration degree qualification.

List of Subjects in BBA

First Year Semester 1

Course Code Course Title
BA (H) 301 Business English I (Grammar)
BA (H) 311 Microeconomics
BA (H) 321 Basic Mathematics I
BA (H) 331 Principles of Accounting
BA (H) 341 Introduction to Business
BA (H) 351 Islamic Studies / Ethical Behavior (for Non-Muslim)

First Year Semester 2

Course Code  Course Title
BA (H) 302 Microeconomics
BA (H) 312 Business English II (English Composition)
BA (H) 322 Business Mathematics II
BA (H) 332 Financial Accounting
BA (H) 342 I.T. in Business
BA (H) 352 Pakistan Studies

Second Year semester 1

Course Code  Course Title
BA (H) 411 Human Behavior
BA (H) 421 Logic
BA (H) 431 Money & Banking
BA (H) 441 Business Communication I (Correspondence & Business Report)
BA (H) 451 Business Statistics
BA (H) 461 Principles of Management

Second Year semester 2

Course Code Course Title
BA (H) 412 Introduction to Business Finance
BA (H) 422 Business Communication II (Oral Communication & Presentation Skills)
BA (H) 432 Statistical Inference
BA (H) 442 Organizational Behavior
BA (H) 452 Business & Labor Law
BA (H) 462 Principles of Marketing

Third Year semester 1

Course Code Course Title
BA (H) 511 Cost Accounting
BA (H) 521 Environmental Studies
BA (H) 531 Community Development
BA (H) 541 Pakistan Economy
BA (H) 551 Financial Management
BA (H) 561 Computer Application to Business (E-Commerce)

Third Year semester 2

Course Code Course Title
BA (H) 512 Entrepreneurship
BA (H) 522 Production & Operations Management
BA (H) 532 Marketing Management
BA (H) 542 Business Research Methods
BA (H) 552 Human Resource Management
BA (H) 562 Managerial Accounting

Forth Year semester 1

Course Code Course Title
BA (H) 601 Consumer Behavior
BA (H) 611 Management Information Systems
BA (H) 621 Business Ethics
. Elective I
. Elective II

Forth Year semester 2

BA (H) 602 Strategic Management
BA (H) 612 International Business
. Elective III
. Elective IV
BA (H) 622 Project Report

Starting Salary BBA Jobs in Pakistan

BBA is one of the hot discussion these days in Pakistan. BBA graduates are offered a good salary package. After this degree program, you are eligible to work as manager in banks and import/export companies, financial organizer, marketing organizer and multi-national organizer. Not only this, you can also work as accountant in any big company or industrial house. A lot of options are waiting for you after the completion of degree.


The salary package is handsome, you get a starting salary of PKR 25000+. Not only this, you can also start your own business, and with care and expertise you can take your business to sky.

Therefore, if you are a commerce student and looking for future-promising graduation degree, then you should definitely go for the Bachelors in Business Administration degree qualification, which is one of the top most professional degrees offered in Pakistan and has a wide scope all over the world.

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