Top 12 Solar Companies in Pakistan For Job Seekers


This article is all about the list of solar companies in Pakistan. If you are searching for solar panel companies in Pakistan, list of solar energy companies in Lahore and solar energy companies in Islamabad. Want to know about solar panel price in Rawalpindi and other cities? This article is going to be an informational one for you if you are a job seeker for a solar company in Pakistan as it contains all the information related to these queries, including list of solar companies in Lahore Pakistan, and in all other major cities of Pakistan.

Solar Companies In Pakistan Post Contains

  1. Premier Energy
  2. Adaptive Technologies
  3. Alpha Renewables
  4. Systems International
  5. Shaheen Enterprise
  6. Pak Solar Services
  7. Shaan Technologies
  8. ATS Engineering
  9. Comtec Energy
  10. Solar Sigma
  11. Tesla Industries
  12. Masco Energy Services

There are many solar companies all over Pakistan that are providing their services.

The world has advanced too much in technology that humans have even invented the technologies that convert the light and heat energy coming from Sun, into electrical energy that is much needed in Pakistan. The energy coming from Sun is known as solar energy, and the concept of utilizing solar energy for benefit of mankind is an increasing trend these days in Asian countries including Pakistan.

While you are eager to seek job in a solar company, you need to have a solid educational background, along with management capabilities and expertise. After acquiring all these, you need to know which companies are the best to apply in. This article contains the top-most companies all across Pakistan that are doing their best in the field of solar energy and technology-utilization. Before you apply in these companies, you need to explore about them, their goals, aims and procedure of working, which is all mentioned below here.

Problem Statement

These days Pakistan is fully under the frequent load shedding, high electricity bills, power blackouts and never ending UPS battery issues!

All these problems have become a part of lives of Pakistani citizens who are quiet familiar to these issues for the past few years.

Solar System in Pakistan image

With growing economy, and a population of more than 180 million, Pakistan’s energy needs are increasing extremely with the passage of time, which resultantly increases the need to move to a sustained transition towards renewable energy, using those resources that are present in sufficient amount. Keeping this in mind, Government of Pakistan is promoting the use of solar energy to meet the energy needs of Pakistan and overcome the energy crisis.

Solar panels are playing a good role in this regard, as an alternative to counter power and energy problems. Though they are still not very common, but are increasingly becoming popular all across the country, both in urban and rural areas.

As far as solar companies are concerned, there are many well-reputed companies like solar system pakistan lahore, shaheen enterprise (pvt.) ltd karachi, premier energy, and many others.

Interest of Government of Pakistan Towards Utilization of Solar Energy

The initiative towards solar energy utilization was taken by the Government of Pakistan on 29 May, 2013 in Islamabad, where the first-ever solar power on-Grid Power Plant was inaugurated, with the help of China under Cool Earth partnership with the Pakistani Government.

Before it, the first most step was taken in 2009 by Federal Minister of Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf. According to him, right after 5 years, there must be at least 7000 villages in Pakistan, with proper serving of Solar Energy, in order to overcome and reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan.

Utilization of Solar Energy image

Due to this reason, the Government of Pakistan took interest is solar energy utilization, and allowed the Government of Sindh to conduct a research on the feasibility and scope of Solar Power in Pakistan. The result of the Government interest is that there are many solar companies now in Pakistan that are providing their services in the Solar Energy projects, and working efficiently. Let’s have a look at the top companies in Pakistan for job seekers.

Let’s have a look at a few well-known solar companies of Pakistan that are really doing well in utilizing the solar resources for betterment of Pakistan. These are:


1. Premier Energy

Premier Energy image

Premier Energy, being a part of Premier Group UK, is an energy solutions providing company in Pakistan, along with a widely spread network across United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Dubai and Pakistan. Moreover, it has headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland UK.

Among its core values is valuing the customers by providing them with super quality solutions and not compromising over integrity. Its strong portfolio distinguishes it from others in the market. In a very short span of time, this company has established itself into a better and stronger organization. It aims to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan by changing the energy-consumption pattern and encouraging the use of renewable energy resources.

It has got many long-term clients from domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Moreover the most prominent fact about it is that it holds the record of installing the largest and second largest power plant for the Textile Sector of Pakistan. With a dedicated team and the endless efforts for continuous growth and innovation, this company is growing very among the energy companies of Pakistan.

2. Adaptive Technologies (pvt.) ltd – Lahore

Adaptive Technologies image

With a record of being part of Engineering Group for more than 35 years and with a sound history in Pakistan and UAE, Adaptive Technologies is a top-ranking solar solutions provider in Pakistan. It has the ability to deliver mega projects with strong International partners in the field of EPC contracting, Solar PV panels and Inverter supplies.

A decade ago it started off in the field of Solar thermal in Karachi and after that the company slowly and steadily expanded its roots and operations to an extent that now it serves most major cities across Pakistan in the field of both thermal and Photovoltaic.

It has numerous long-term clients for applications including Off-grid, Hybrid and On-grid. Not only this, it is well-positioned and ever-ready to engage itself in upcoming solar activities in Pakistan. It imports and install top quality brands including LG and Trina Solar for Solar panels, SMA and PV Inverters for Germany.

3. Alpha Renewables (SMC-PVT) Ltd

Alpha Renewables image

Alpha Renewables (SMC-PVT) offers consultation services enabling and helping clients to reduce their electricity cost and by encouraging them to take positive measures towards reducing their power consumption. It excels in providing first class project management and excellent after sales services and offers a wide range of high quality renewable energy products. It provides high quality solutions to all domestic, commercial & industrial clients.

These solar solutions enable the clients to reduce their electricity cost by generating their own electricity. Moreover, the supply of electricity from its system eliminates production loss during power cuts and reduces the outgoing energy cost too, which distinguishes it from others.

It has a highly qualified staff and specializes in design, supply and installation of high quality solar solutions, solar hot water, solar water pumps, LED street lights and wind turbine. Its systems are installed on schools, community buildings, farm houses, hospitals other domestic & commercial properties, with two years installation warranty and free maintenance.

4. Systems International Lahore

Systems International Lahore image

Systems International, founded in 1990 as premiere solutions provider, emphasizes on providing advanced solutions to its clients with new defining technologies. One of its primary objectives is to deliver and support innovative products and services. It has years of experience and technical expertise in Information Technologies, UPS solutions, Solar Energy Solution, Networking / WLANs, Surveillance systems, and Biometric Access & Authentication systems

Recently, it has an installed base of more than 10,000 systems with a lot of customers ranking among Pakistan’s premier institutions, which is a proof of its high standards and excellence in service. Its basic priority is customers satisfaction and in building long-term relations with its clients by providing them with excellent and high quality solutions.


5. Shaheen Enterprise (pvt.) ltd. Karachi

Shaheen Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd., founded in 1998 and situated in Shaheen Enterprises Logo
Karachi Airport Area, Pakistan though deals in Construction, Aluminum works and design, wooden works and design, Stainless steel and Iron works. But it is also involved in solar energy services with other companies.

It is an end-to-end alternate energy services provider, providing renewable solar energy at prices that are affordable. As a company it supplies solar modules, distributes and installs these modules, generates solar power and provides long-term service and maintenance.

Moreover, it works very closely with the builders and architects in order to provide them with its state of the art CPV and PV modules.

6. Pak Solar Services, Karachi

Pak Solar Services, Karachi image

Pak Solar holds expertise in renewable energy, from concept decision making to hands-on operations, and combines a deep understanding of traditional energy technologies and systems. Its human resources team consists of electrical engineers, skilled personnel for electrical and PV installations. The overall staff is excellent in interaction and professional.

It offers its customers integrated financial and technical studies supporting the viability and the success of each project. With proper counselling and advice, it helps you in selecting the most suitable proposal, always on the basis of your personal requirements, and offers excellent aesthetics, quality, safety and high energy efficiency. Thus it helps in providing high quality solutions to its customers in order to satisfy them.

7. Shaan technologies (pvt.) ltd. Karachi

Shaan technologies (pvt.) ltd. Karachi image

Shaan Technologies (pvt.) Limited is a leading Pakistan manufacturing company, located in Karachi. It is particularly engaged in manufacturing and assembly of a wide range of electromechanical assemblies for leading Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world. Moreover, it is an affiliate of LEDtronics, Inc., which is a leader in innovations and solutions for LED lighting products since 1983.

This company was established by Mr. Pervez Lodi, President of LEDtronics, in 1998 to both create employment in Pakistan and provide skilled product assembly for his North American manufacturing facility. It is an acknowledged high quality Hi-tech LED lighting manufacturing company with a well trained and experienced workforce led and managed by a professional management Team.

Its core competencies include Contract Manufacturing, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Component-Soldering, dip-Soldering, Wire Stripping, Crimping, harnessing, Thru Hole PC Board Assembly, SMD Soldering, Ink jet marking and Miniature Spot Welding. Moreover, it is now engaged in the manufacturing of Solar Powered Lanterns and Photo Voltaic Solar Panels.

8. ATS Engineering, Islamabad

ATS Engineering, Islamabad image

ATS Engineering, founded in 2005, is a Sales & Services Company which is currently in the business of Solar Energy Solutions, Fabrication, and Industrial Fans & Water Heating Solutions. It has clients of all sectors including domestic, commercial & industrial level.

It focuses on selling the highest quality products & best after sales services. This company has successfully earned customers’ confidence with hard efforts of last many years, which is its most valuable asset. These factors make it trusted and reliable Sales & Services Company nationwide in its areas of business.

Moreover it has a professional and passionate staff ever ready to make Pakistan a prosperous nation using modern Alternate Energy Solutions.

9. Comtec Energy (Private) Limited, Islamabad

Comtec Energy (Private) Limited, Islamabad image

Comtec Energy is a well-reputed company that is working with customers and prospects across the country to install smart & concept solutions that integrate new or existing power generation and consumer’s assets with renewable solar to meet local energy demands.

Moreover it holds experience of having over three decades of technology business presence in diverse disciplines. Also it holds several years of solar energy expertise and is always determined to contribute and deliver renewable solar solutions in the times of national energy crisis.

10. Solar Sigma Ltd. Islamabad

Solar Sigma Ltd. Islamabad image

Solar Sigma Ltd. is a solution-providing company that delivers cost effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products. It specializes in project management by paying special attention on customer requirements, efficient design, safety, quality, cost and schedule.

All its projects are managed by internationally recognized professionals who deliver the best performance in every element of project management from conceptual design to startup and after-sales services, and its products are the best selection of PV Solar modules, Inverters, Batteries and other Energy Efficient Appliances.

The Company Head Office is in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia with regional headquarter in Islamabad-Pakistan. The company team is totally committed to provide clean energy solutions based on structured and robust business models with the key focus on early payback of project cost.


11. Tesla Industries Islamabad

Tesla Industries Islamabad image

Tesla Industries, formed in 1992, produces hi-tech sophisticated and dependable equipment, controls and safety devices for domestic and industrial uses at affordable is Pakistan’s largest manufacturer of CNG equipment, electrical control devices and regulation equipment.

Moreover it has a broad based engineering design, development, testing and hi-tech manufacturing setup that are geared towards the production and constant improvement of quality gas and electrical innovative products.

It started its journey with the indigenization of gas geyser thermostat in 1992. The electric heating elements and thermostats for electric water heaters are currently being exported to the United Kingdom along with flexible hoses, end fittings and sockets for gas appliances. Also, it is also manufacturing and exporting semi-rotary double acting hand pumps for light liquids to the U.K. market.

12. Masco Energy Services Rawalpindi

Masco Energy Services Rawalpindi image

Masco Energy is a well-reputed company in the supply, engineering, installation and maintenance of power systems machinery sales and services occupying a leadership position globally in areas including Solar Power Systems, Diesel & Gas Engines/Generators and Construction & Earth Moving Machinery.

It is the pioneer in advanced power systems since the last 44 years, with a wide range of products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is at the forefront of producing innovative solutions for power generation needs of its customers.

Its head office is situated in Karachi and its regional office is located in Lahore. It has two satellite facilities in Islamabad and Hyderabad. It is also providing its services to clients in Middle East and Africa, other than Pakistan. Its basic goal is to provide high quality solution to its loyal customers, in order to maximize the customer satisfaction and dominate in the field of power and technology.

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