Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pakistan



If you are looking Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pakistan? Does your routine lack excitement? Have you been in the doldrums, since your forever 9 to 7 job? Are you a student who needs a source of income to work things out? Or are you one of those desperate housewives who’d try to manage the monthly grocery expenditure just to buy that amazing dress you saw at your favorite outlet?

Well you should worry no more, below I have described twenty small business opportunities in Pakistan, one can always try their luck at, even if you are running low on your finances.

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pakistan with low capital

  1. Dairy Business

Starting on a very small scale Business, purchasing a few cows and goats can prove extremely profitable, since there is a never ending need for dairy products amongst Pakistanis.

  1. French Fries Setup

All you need for this is a reliable person, a fryer, a gas stand and some fresh potatoes from the market. Setup on a location where there is a greater influx of people such as outside a school or a business centre.

  1. Mug and Shirt Printing Business

Make a Facebook page, invite your circle and target your audience by displaying pictures to show your quality of work. Send in their custom pictures for printing. You can also charge them extra for delivery.


  1. Small Restaurant

Despite having areas flooded with different cuisines, there is some space for new investors usually. You can always try your luck.

  1. Homemade Goods/ Bakery Items

A lot of female students and housewives in Pakistan have started this new trend. If you believe you have the fingers for it you can always start from your circle of friends.

  1. Auto Detailing

Your meticulous eye for detailing can help you earn cash, because people do pay different personals to have their cars cleaned inside out.

  1. Rent out A Room

If you have a portion in your house that no one uses except your pet dog, then rent it out!

  1. Event coordinator

Many people find it difficult to manage the catering and the decorating services for their events. You can certainly be the person for their need.

  1. Event DJ

 Who knew having a great sound system and a large collection of music can bust in some extra cash? Well if you are that person you can conveniently hire yourself for different events and receptions.

  1. Exercise Trainer

Your love for exercising can bring you wonders. All you have to do is to find people who are unwilling to pay huge membership fees for gyms and you can be their personal instructor.


  1. Furniture Making

Do you have someone in line that does woodworkmenship? Then all you need is to get that person a few tools and the right clients and you can earn extra cash off as a commission.

  1. Tutoring

This is best for the people who have spare time in their schedule. Choose basic subjects and you will be amazed at the amount of students enrolling in.

  1. Resume Writing Service

If you’re already an employee in the company’s HR department then this side business is for you. All your CV scanning and selection strategies can be put to work here where you can help people prepare outstanding resumes for their upcoming  interviews and jobs.

  1. Real Estate

Thanks to the increasing demand for housing structures, real estate business is greatly appreciated in Pakistan.

  1. Luxury Cars

Automobile industry holds a lot of money, all you have to do is distinguish yourself by selling luxury cars and other automobiles.

  1. Online Freelance Services

Numerous Pakistanis are actually making loads of cash working as freelance professionals online.

  1. Commercial Properties

You can conveniently commercialize a piece of land or a valuable property, if you have it in store and make huge amounts of money out of it.


  1. Auto Spare Parts

Since in Pakistan most cars bought aren’t new, there is an increasing demand for auto spare parts.

  1. Energy

Conserving limited resources and using the unlimited ones is an excellent idea, where you can sell off energy that is generated from alternative resources like wind and solar.

  1. Smart phones Business

There is an ever increasing demand for the latest mobile phones and gadgetry in Pakistan. Start your own small shop!

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