Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2017 Distribution and Eligibility

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2017 Distribution and Eligibility

Government of Pakistan took an initiative to encourage youth by launching Prime Minister Laptop Scheme in 2013 for the next five years.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

It is a special initiative taken that includes Youth Business Loans, Youth-Training Scheme, Youth Skills Development scheme, free reimbursement scheme for students of under-developed areas, Prime Minister Interest free loan Scheme and Prime Minister Laptop Scheme.

The purpose of laptops scheme is to encourage the talented youth of our nation, increase the quality and scope of education in our country, and spread awareness among individuals about using information technology.

This program was first started in 2013. Following it, laptops were distributed in years 2014 and 2015 too, among deserving youth on the basis of merit. Every year laptops are distributed among 100,000 students.

The basic criteria is Merit!

Those who come up to merit are shortlisted for collecting their laptops.


People believe that for a nation to progress, invest in its youth. Youth investment always returns highest rates of output, and is the best long term investment that plays an important role in the progress and future of any nation.

There are many examples of countries that have strengthened their youth with skills, by investing in them, and resultantly have transformed their economic rate into a better one, leading towards prosperity.

Realizing it, government of Pakistan has also taken a remarkable initiative of empowering youth by encouraging them on their talent and academic activities, as awarding them with laptop and other facilities as a recognition.

The main aim is to spread the use of computers/laptops among students and to make them use and understand technology based things.


The vision behind distribution of these laptops is to upshift the current situation of education in Pakistan, to bring more polished youth in front of the nation and to increase awareness about information technology and its use in them.

The era is totally dependent of information technology, and those who do not keep themselves updated with it, are left far behind. Government of Pakistan always wants to see its youth on the top so that they can play their role in the progress of our country.

Moreover, personal computing devices like laptops are must-to-use for higher level students for exploring solution to their problems and better understanding.

Keeping all these facts in mind, HEC tries to distribute laptops among those students who are in starting years of their respective degrees so that they can avail maximum benefit from them.

Also, the urge to receive laptop increase enthusiasm among students and they try to study even harder to have their name among the shortlisted candidates in the merit list.

Eligibility criteria of Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

  • Students must be registered in an HEC approved public sector institute.
  • Research oriented courses students such as Phd, Mphil, MS and undergraduate students are eligible to get the laptop.
  • Associate Engineer Diploma students in Polytechnics are also eligible for the laptops.

Phases of Laptop Distribution

Till now, two phases of laptop distribution have been conducted so far.

  • Phase 1 (2014)
  • Phase 2 (2015)

Phase 1

This phase took place in fall 2013-14 and HEC was assigned the task to distribute it among 100,000 individuals. Upon the direction of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, this action was taken by the government of Pakistan to highlight the talented and bright young students studying under HEI (higher education institutes) all across Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Not only this, the higher education commission also executed an agency that was held responsible for creating the mechanism, criteria, developed modules for it and a properly planned direction and road map for further continuing the process and executing it.

The project that was passed included laptops along with carrying bags and an EVO device too, that was distributed among students studying under any public sector university or institute recognized under Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Moreover, 5 percent of quota was reserved for students that were studying in Government Polytechnic Institutes all across Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The total budget allocated for this phase was PKR 4.5 Billion and Haier laptops were used for this purpose, and distributed to PhD, MPhil, MS, Masters and Bachelors students belonging to different institutes of Pakistan that are approved by HEC.

Phase 2

With coordination of Government of the Punjab, the execution of phase 2 of laptop distribution was announced in the same year fall 2013-14. During this phase, another laptop distribution process took place among 100,000 individuals that came up to the merit and eligibility criteria.

The laptops had built-in specs like genuine Windows 8.1 Operating System, Training opportunity at Microsoft IT Academy at respective institutes, Microsoft Office365 application software, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification voucher, and access to HEC’s National Digital Library using 3G EVO Device, which was also included along with the laptop.

These distinguishing features will definitely help HEIs to achieve massive outputs by the brilliant students, which are now getting reward of their hard work in form of laptops, and are studying under a technology-enabled academic environment.

The total budget allocated for this phase was PKR 21 billion, and as per contract 50,000 laptops were imported while 150,000 were locally assembled in Pakistan at Haier, Lahore.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme distribution 2017

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif has announced the distribution of laptop scheme 2017 among eligible candidates, belonging to all over Pakistan and Jammu and Azad Kashmir that are studying under an HEC-approved institute.

No matter if the student is male or female, both are eligible for scheme if they belong to an HEC-approved institute. According to the planning, 50 percent of the laptops will be distributed among the under-graduates.

Each laptop will be approximately of worth 40,000 PKR. Same like previous execution of phases, 100,000 laptops will be distributed among individuals. The central executing agency for this scheme will be the same that is Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Students that are not eligible for this scheme

Students that are not eligible to enroll in this scheme include:

  • Those who are doing jobs, whether private or public.
  • Those who have received laptops earlier.
  • Research-oriented (MPhil, MS, PhD) scholars who are recipients of HEC scholarships.

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