What is CSS and How to Pass CSS Exam in Pakistan


CSS Exam: Central Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan is an excellent perpetual bureaucratic power in Pakistan. It is a renowned examination and is considered as one of the most competitive examination in Pakistan. Hundreds and thousands of candidates appear every year and the most brilliant students are selected. Bureaucratic operations and government registries and secretariats of the bureau secretariats performances are the responsibilities done by the Central Superior Services. Hence, we can define central superior services that it is the most important wheel on which the whole motor of the country moves. There are some pre conditions for central superior services in Pakistan that it is compulsory to have fourteen years of education. You must have got second division in B.A/B.Sc. There is age relaxation for the candidates of Baluchistan. In Pakistan there is only three chances for the candidate to pass this examination.

Objective of Central Superior services

The basic objective of the Central Superior services is to enhance the skill of the government workers to be aware of delivering basic public service to the normal residents in an efficient manner. To attract, uphold motivate the civil servants in a professional manner. To develop high quality amazing civil servants so that it can help to improve the functions of all the three tiers of the government.

Some Occupational groups

Some occupational groups in Central superior services include Railway commercial and transfer group, Police services group of Pakistan.  Foreign services include commerce and trade group. The Revenue services of Pakistan. Pakistan audit group, Custom and excise group, management group, Military land and cantonment group.

Compulsory subjects

There are groups which include number of subjects. So the groups include general knowledge, Islamiat, English, Urdu, current affair, All Pakistan affairs. There are multiple optional subjects need to be passed out for getting 100 and 200 marks.

Some statistics of CSS Exam in Pakistan

Central superior services exam is included in one of the most competitive examination for those applicants that are selected out of 100 and those who are not. The CSS examination is to a great degree aggressive. In Pakistan 2014 more than 28000 brilliant candidates are selected for 186 posts. If we look at the past, 2011 only 12000 applicants participated in the civil services group. 8% of them are qualified for government jobs.  This shows that awareness of this competitive exam will help the brilliant candidates to move forward on the basis of their education, knowledge.

Over and over again CSS examinations in Pakistan are held in the whole country. Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan (FPSC) has the responsibility to conduct this competitive exam. So as FPSC is appointed for the conduction of the examination a number of candidates were recruited on the different department’s f civil services. There are number of books recommended to the candidates to reach up to the upper level of knowledge to be the part of the civil services.

The candidates which are recruited for the Federal services include some groups which are as follows.

  • It includes the commerce and finance group
  • Information Group
  • Provide revenue based services
  • Military and cantonment groups
  • Management services
  • Administrative Service
  • Group which provides you audit and accounting services
  • Pakistan Customs Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • Postal Group
  • Railways (Commercial & Transportation) Group


How to pass CSS (Central Superior Services) Exam in Pakistan?

To pass this central superior services exam, the candidate has to pass from the multiple stages which may include

  • Written Examination
  • Medical Examination
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Viva Voce

Written Exam

The written exam comprises of total 1200 marks. So it consists of 12 papers each carries equal 100 marks .There is a list of some compulsory subject and optional subjects which are provided to the candidate. A candidate should have to prepare for the six compulsory subjects in order to appear in the central superior services (CSS) in Pakistan, and also a candidate can choose six optional papers from the list. Descriptive questions are the part of the CSS paper and an objective section as well. There is a separate computerized criterion to solve the objective part, and there is an answer sheet provided to the candidates to solve the descriptive questions. Only blue and black ink is allowed to attempt the CSS examination in Pakistan. The passing criteria in each compulsory subject are 40% and incase of optional subject there should be at least 33%.

As the compulsory subjects comprises of 400 marks so the remaining 600 marks are for optional subjects so the candidates are required to select the optional subjects from the list. The subjects comprise 100 marks of each from the different groups.

There are multiple groups in which a candidate is allowed to select optional subjects some of the, are described below.


Candidates can have option to choose one subject of 200 marks.

  • Accountancy & Auditing – I
  • Accountancy & Auditing – II
  • Economics – I
  • Economics – II
  • Computer Science – I
  • Computer Science – II
  • Political Science – I
  • Political Science – II
  • International Relations – I | Notes
  • International Relations – II


Candidates can have option to choose one subject of 200 marks.

  • Physics-I
  • Physics-II
  • Chemistry-I
  • Chemistry-II
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Geology


Candidates can have option to choose one subject of 200 marks.

  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Governance & Public Policies
  • Town Planning & Urban Management

Medical Test

The candidates who qualify the written test for the central superior services will be further moved to the next step. They are examined medically in order to ensure that the candidate is having good physical health, good mental behavior and free from any physical defect which may be possible to interfere with the discharge of their duties. This medical checkup is done by the medical board in Pakistan. The candidates who are not fulfilling the requirement will not be moved further except the disabled ones as the rules mentioned by FPSC.

Psychological Test

When the selected candidate are examined by the medical board they are required to go through form the Psychological test which include written test and group task in order to appear in the viva voice. This psychological test will help to evaluate the capabilities and to judge the personality attributes of the candidate. This all will help to select the brilliant candidates from all over the Pakistan. There is no separate division of marks for the psychological test, though 300 marks are assigned to the viva voice as it reflects the performance of the psychological test. It is mandatory for the candidates to bring their national identity cards and some recent photographs.


Viva Voce

After all these stages there are a final stage to pass the CSS exam in Pakistan is the viva voice. The candidates will be interviewed by the board. The questions are related to the general interest area. The objective of the viva voice is to asses that he/ she is suitable for the services in Pakistan or not. The board will give importance the moral ethical qualities, intelligence mind, strengths, leadership qualities and alertness of the candidate. These all qualities play an important role in the selection. The candidate will be asked about his/her extra-curricular activities such as sports, debates, hobbies etc. All candidates should have expected knowledge about Islam and Pakistan. A candidate must be aware of the current affairs of Pakistan.

Eligibility for CSS Exam in Pakistan


A candidate must have C grade in the bachelor’s degree or having the 2nd division in any of the field from the Pakistani universities. It may be any other degree which may be equivalent or similar educational qualification recognized by higher education commission Islamabad.

A candidate who has holding a third division or grade D in his/her bachelor degree will be eligible for the exam in such a case where he/she has obtained a higher division in master degree.


Only those candidates are eligible to enter in the CSS examination that are holding a citizenship of Pakistan. A person who has married the person and he/she is not holding the citizenship of Pakistan will not be eligible.


The age limit for the candidates to enter in the CSS exam will be 21 and not over 28 years on the closing date when the application will be submitted.


The examination will be held at the same time at multiple places like Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, D.I.Khan, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Larkana, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, & Sukkur. Mostly candidates are given the relaxation to the near city.

Procedure to apply for CSS in Pakistan

The procedure starts with the advertisement in the newspaper by the FPSC. The applicant must have to submit the application within the due date through official website of FPSC. The applicant can take out a print of that and attach all required documents and send it to FPSC within 10 days of the closing date.  If the documents or the application is filled wrongly or reached to the FPSC after the due date then it will be rejected.

Re-counting of CSS Exam

If you were having some confusion and want to re count your marks then you will just have to submit the request application within one month from the date of issue of the result card/ mark sheet. Hence, the candidate has to attach the Challan along with the application.

Some Super Tips and Information to Pass CSS Exam

The candidate must be vigilant and careful in the section of the subjects. Just try to select those subjects which you have studied earlier in the previous classes or those subjects in which you have interest and a perfect command. This will help you to pass the CSS examination in Pakistan. The most important thing is that while filing all the information in the application form should be correct. In case of any wrong information to influence commission then you will be answerable and fired from the services.

There are a number of rules and regulations for appearing in the CSS examination. Hence, If the candidate is not satisfied from his/her exam you can easily give the retest in order to get good marks. Don’t wait for the result because result may take a lot of time. At the end, once the candidate can pass the examination and enters in the civil services can make his/her career successful.



There are many useful tips to pass the CSS examination, so some of them are as follows.

  1. In CSS examination there is negative marking so to avoid this leave the MCQ or anything in the objective part if you are not sure about the answer.
  2. Law is a very wide subject most lawyers take it as an optional subject and skip that.
  3. Don’t used to learn the topics or question just read them and try to understand the concept.
  4. You can find out the past papers and this will help you to understand the format.
  5. Prepare that paper or subject in which you are weak.
  6. Avoid those people who used to discourage you.
  7. The most recommended books are who is who and what is what so start your preparation by using these useful books.
  8. English is the major subject and you must have to be more focused about this subject.
  9. To know about the time limit for solving a paper, try to solve the past ones.
  10. Always provide correct information about yourself while applying for the CSS exam. Otherwise you will be rejected and miss the chance.
  11. You should be relax and confident during the paper.
  12. It is impossible to prepare for the central superior services exam by yourself so try to take maximum time on preparation and take help from multiple libraries, newspaper and internet.
  13. Don’t ever underestimate your abilities and don’t try to be over confident.