8 Part Time Jobs in Lahore for Matric Students That Will Cure Your Bad Day


There are lot of jobs available for students who complete their bachelors or master’s degree and they pursue their career in relative field. They start jobs to earn for themselves and for their families as well as to gain some experience and excel in their professional career.

Part Time Jobs In Lahore Post Contains

However, there are lot of candidates who are in need of job after completion of their matric degree due to several reasons, at that age a child needs to start working or become professional because they can’t afford study any more or some have to support/ finance their family so they start looking for jobs after completion of their matric degree. People are also looking for Part Time Jobs in Lahore for Matric Students as they need to support their families and they also want to continue their studies further. In job matric students learn how to become a regular and punctual person. There are various jobs available on different websites and newspapers for matric students, both part time jobs and full time jobs are available.

Top Part Time Jobs in Lahore for Matric Students

Below is a list of Part Time Jobs in Lahore For Matric Students which are available


1 – Data Entry job

Data entry job is one of the top jobs for matric pass students in Lahore, they can do this job as full time job as well as this job is also available as part time job in Lahore for matric pass students. This job mainly requires skills related to computer knowledge and typing skills are the must, if someone have these qualities he/she can easily get part time job in Lahore for data entry and they can support their family as well as themselves if they want to do part time job and continue their studies further.

2 – Home Based Online Jobs

Matric pass students in Lahore can get part time home based job, for this they require computer knowledge and creative mind. In home based job they can get project from online websites and get paid in dollars for this they need to make a profile/account in those websites and people can contact hem for work. They can get project of online data entry, ads posting, clicks on different websites and other projects like that. People can also get home based Part time job in Lahore by registering themselves with agencies, these agencies create account for yourself and charge you for that account creation after that they will give you projects and you can complete those projects at home and earn good for yourself and your family.

3 – Office Assistant Job

Another top job in Lahore for matric pass student is office assistant job, as Lahore is a big market and there are thousands of offices in Lahore so matric pass student can easily get office assistant job as a part time job in Lahore. During his services as an office assistant in any office he has to perform different works as per the requirement of the office. Some common works/duties he needs to perform will be photocopying, maintaining the files, office cleaning, serving tea/coffee, office maintenance, Greeting guests, answering telephone calls etc…  By doing office assistant job people can get very good experience by dealing with different type of peoples which will be helpful for them in near future.

4 – Salesman Job

It is quite easy for a matric pass student to get a job as salesman in Lahore. One can get this job at many places, as matric pass student does have skills about reading, writing/ speaking due to his education so he can be a salesman at any outlet/shop. He / she may be a salesman at some clothing shop/outlet or at any beauty clinic/ shoes store or at any departmental store, medical store and many other places. Working as a part time job holder in Lahore he can also use this experience in his studies as well.


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5 – Order Taker Job

This job can be co related with sales man job, an order takes needs to visit the shops and receive orders from them and then inform the company whose product is in market and the company will arrange to deliver the orders of the shopkeepers. This is a good part time job for matric students. They can earn good in it if they have good communication skills as in addition to salary they can get commission for more orders.

6 – Delivery Boy Job

Most of the companies ask that a person who have his own conveyance can work for them as delivery man job. Companies needs to deliver their products to customers or retailers and they require delivery boy who can deliver the items to concern peoples. This is a good part time job in Lahore as in Lahore people are very fond of food items and there are thousands of food outlets who provide home delivery services to their customers and for that they need delivery boy. Big food chains like KFC, McDonalds etc… uses delivery boy to deliver the items to customers on their doorstep.

7 – Teaching Jobs

Another good job for matric students in Lahore is teaching job as there are lot of academies/ coaching centers/ tuition centers or Montessori/ preschool type of schools where matric students can work as part time teachers and can teach to Montessori/play group class children’s and in coaching centers they can teach student up to class 5 or class 8. This teaching experience will be very good especially for those who are doing this is part time job and want to continue their studies as well. This teaching experience will help them to their own further studies. By getting this part time job in Lahore they can get reasonable salary through which they can help their families financially.

8 – Call Center Jobs

Although most of renown call center offers job to graduate person however some call centers do accept a matric student as their call center agent if he/she have skills to talk fluently and know how to gather attention of customer over phone or how to resolve customer issues over phone. This is very good part time job in Lahore for matric students as by working in this industry they not only get paid they also enhance their speaking skills and negotiating skills which will be helpful for them in future. Hence, you have now good knowledge of Part Time Jobs in Lahore for Matric Students after reading this post.


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