Top 21 Free Pakistani Live TV Channels From Internet


Pakistani live TV channels:  Now a day media is playing an important role in our life and helps in transmitting the social problems, economic issues and political situation for the leaders and for the whole population. Media is considered to be a free press and electronic media is an important feature for every type of person as it is used for the exchange of information or news freely from the internet as well. Pakistani media is working day by day and going towards a great success.

Pakistani Live TV Channels Post Contains

  1. ARY Digital
  2. Hum TV
  3. Duniya TV
  4. Express
  5. Geo
  6. PTV Home
  7. DIN news
  8. Channel 24
  9. Metro one
  10. ATV
  11. Urdu one
  12. Royal news
  13. Aaj entertainment
  14. Dawn news
  15. City 42
  16. Samaa News
  17. Waqt news
  18. Vibe TV
  19. Such TV
  20. Geo taiz
  21. 92 news

With the help of vast technology it an amazing and most powerful source that is available through multiple electronic appliances. It helps the viewers in getting awareness of all the current happening going on in the country. It is the cheap way of communication. Media helps in bringing the world together. This includes television, Internet, cell phones and newspapers. Now there are a number of Pakistani TV channels which provide you free facility to watch online shows. Media helps in promoting the entertainment. Media is in the charge of promoting.

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Other current affairs of the society

Media affects every people and shapes the general public behavior about the daily life issues and helps to highlight the certain traits of these issues. We can commonly say that media of any country indicates the issues of that country and shows how mostly people used to live in the country. Its major responsibility is to spread true news or stories and it should be careful about this regard. They should have to know how to aware the public without a negative impact on their mind.

Media a very helpful source

There are a number of Pakistani TV channels in Pakistan which are working so hard and entertaining people by providing efficient services. Internet is the most helpful option through which you can have live streaming to view the programs currently going on the TV channel. You can easily view news and dramas on your choice. These TV channels are free of cost and entertain you as well. These TV channels have a number of categories which are as follows

  • Urdu channels
  • Business channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • Food channels
  • Lifestyle and fashion channels
  • Music channels
  • Kids channels
  • News channels
  • Miscellaneous channels
  • Movie channels
  • Religious channels
  • Sports channels

Pakistani free TV channels are emerging now a day

Basically the free electronic media was initiated by general Musharraf. Most people have interest in watching the news traditional dramas and movies online. This is a great source for those people who want to have a time pass. So emergence of free Pakistani TV channels from internet is a best way to communicate with people.


Top 21 free Pakistani Live TV channels

There are a number of free Pakistani TV channels which provide you live streaming and you can watch online dramas movies etc. So some of them are as follows

ARY Digital

ARY Digital is a most popular TV channel available in Pakistan. It is basically a subsidiary of the ARY group. ARY group provides many services in Middle East, North America and in many other countries.  This is a Dubai based company and the initial step was taken by the Pakistani businessman. ARY Digital provides you many services of entertainment like you can watch movies and traditional dramas easily. This is the only channel which has the way of presenting dramas etc like Pakistan television. In the beginning it provides an hourly slot for presenting news, but now it is totally an entertainment subsidiary whereas there is a separate news channel by the ARY group.  ARY group is a free Pakistani TV channel which provides you unlimited services for entertainment. You can view dramas online easily. This is the channel which was considered to be the beginner in Pakistan media after PTV.


Hum TV is one of the most favorite Pakistani live TV channel in terms of entertainment. The head quarter is based in Karachi. This is a 24 hour entertainment channel. All types of traditional dramas, women based shows are presented on Hum TV. There is no doubt that Hum TV has created a great name in the drama industry. It provides you free online streaming, so that you can easily watch your favorite shows on internet.


Dunya TV is used to search the news and current of Pakistan. It is the free Pakistani live channel. This free live TV channel is considered to be the most favorite one of Pakistanis. This channel has worked a lot to get the most popular name in Pakistan. Dunya TV a free Pakistani channel stands out between the most popular live Pakistani TV channels.  This channel is managed by the National Communication services. It covers all the top rated shows which are watched by the millions of Pakistanis on daily basis.


The TV channel which was launched on 1st January is the Express news. The best free TV channel and fast provider of every type of news. It provides you with the live streaming so that you can easily visit to the official site and watch online news and dramas as well.  It is the 2nd most popular channel after Geo news.


In 2002 Geo television was started. It is one of largest Pakistani live TV channel with a number of subsidiaries. It was the first free Pakistani TV channel which shows parodies of different politicians. The most important thing about that channel is that it provides the best idea or concept of presenting news on a big channel after every hour. This will help in updating and awareness of happenings in the country and outside it. Geo entertainment presents a number of traditional dramas. So Geo is currently having four Pakistani TV channels working live. Every type of news like politics entertainment and daily issue are presented on the Geo news. The most important competitor of Geo news is Duniya News and Express news. Geo television is the free Pakistan TV channel which provides you every type of entertainment.


PTV (Pakistan Television) Home is considered as the pride of the Pakistan. It was the first free Pakistani live TV channel. We can say that it has the deep root when the media of Pakistan have great progress.  PTV home is also an entertainment provider. Dramas on PTV Home are live on internet.


Din news is a Lahore based channel which provides you top rated news. It is considered to be the fastest channel which gathers news and the current happening all over the Pakistan. Like other free Pakistani Live channels it also used to present many other shows as well. All fans of Din news can view their favorite program on the internet.



Channel 24 is an Urdu channel. It head quarter is in Lahore. It is the new channel launched in the media industry, but made his name and popularity within a year. Channel 24 a free live TV channel seeks to inform its viewers with the high quality in terms of renowned journalist and anchors .It is considered to be the pioneer of providing high quality infotainment on Pakistan airwaves.


There are a number of news channel in Pakistan so Metro one a free Pakistani Live channel plays an important role in the media industry. It helps to provide all the finest news to the viewers. It is the Karachi based channel. Metro One is the most helpful and beneficial channel for the citizens of Karachi as it provides bulletin, hot news and in depth coverage.  Top stories of the city government Karachi and election news are also available on this free live TV channel Metro One. It is a 24 hour day new provider and streams from different web servers.


ATV a free TV channel is a global television network in Pakistan. It is a privately owned channel. A number of entertainment shows are presented on the ATV to gain the viewership. It is the second popular entertainment channel just because it is behind the most oldest and popular channeling PTV. We can say that ATV is the symbol of providing quality entertainment to the viewers. The channel is totally running on its expenses. There is government grant and other budgetary allocation.


Urdu one is an Urdu based entertainment channel. It’s a free Pakistani TV channel that presents all types of dramas related to the Turkish, Urdu and Indian language. Mostly it dubs the Turkish programs into Urdu language for the audience of the Pakistan. Similarly it also used to broadcast some Spanish shows also. A live streaming is also available for the Pakistani audience and considered to be the most famous channel for foreign dramas which are dubbed in Urdu.


Royal news another news channel provides you with the currents affairs. It is one of the most famous and popular channels of all the regional channels of Pakistan. It used to broadcast the news, talk shows and current affairs programs.


AAJ entertainment used to broad cast a number of traditional dramas online. It is free online TV channel which provides you with the Indian and Turkish content but dubbed in the Urdu language.


Dawn a highly popular name in the newspaper.  It is another live TV channel which broadcast the relevant and top news of the country. Dawn news is the subsidiary of the Urdu channel. Online facility is also available. You can view any favorite show on the internet.


City 42 is a highly rated free Pakistani live channel in Lahore. It is considered to be a Lahore based channel which provides you news which includes all the current affairs of Lahore and what is happening in the big city. There are some others shows presented on City 42 to increase the viewership. There is a variety of Pakistani TV channels in English and Urdu that present on this great channel. You can view any type of show easily on the internet.


SAMAA TV is a Pakistani news and entertainment channel. It is considered to be the most versatile and famous channel that provides you with a mixture of shows.


WAQT news is considered to be in the most famous free news Pakistani live TV channels. Mostly political shows are broadcasted on Waqt news. It is the great live TV channel which incorporated highly anchors and journalist.

Geo Entertainment

Geo entertainment is one of the popular free Pakistani live TV channels. It provides you with the variety of dramas, morning shows and other programs. It is the subsidiary of the geo television. Geo entertainment is considered to be favorite channel of the Pakistanis. It is a 24 hour entertainment channel which also provides you online facility.



Such TV is a free live TV channel which is among the news channel. It used to broadcast the news and a variety of other TV programs. The variety of shows includes family entertainment shows, sports, dramas and current affairs.


Geo taiz is another news channel after the subsidiary of geo news. It is an Urdu based channel. All the major headlines are broadcasted on this channel. Live streaming of geo taiz is also available. You can listen to the top rated news online on the internet.


It is the first live HD channel of Pakistan that is launched by the leading groups of Pakistan. The main idea behind this news channel is to broadcast the news as well as the infotainment. It has a corporative team and highly qualified staff which work together for the progress of their channel. You can view dramas and news online.