Pak Army Jobs: Ultimate Guide To Join Pakistan Army


Most of us wishes to the join Pakistan army, but we don’t know that when Pak army jobs are announced. Our whole nation is so passionate about the Pakistan army, but the core problem that befalls is that they didn’t have any information about job notification and announcement.  In this article we try to explore what could be the best source to get information about Pakistan army   job and how can we apply for particular jobs. What kinds of job Pakistan army offer and what are general requirements for jobs?  In this article, I will explain in details about the Pakistan Army jobs step by step.

  1. Types of Pak Army Jobs
  2. Sources for Pak Army Jobs Announcement
  3. Regular Commission
  4. Direct Short Service Commission
  5. Short Service Regular Commission
  6. Soldiers Recruits
  7. Conclusion

Types of Pak Army Jobs

Pakistan army is one of biggest institution in the country and there are numerous job opportunities available in Pak Army. We can divide Pakistan Army jobs in two categories, that are:

  • Pakistan Army Jobs for Civilians
  • Pakistan Army Jobs for Non-Civilians

1. Pakistan Army Jobs for Civilians:

As I told earlier Pakistan Army is one of the biggest Institutions in the country and it is managing different institution under its umbrella. The Pakistan Army has been operating Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Universities, Banks, Research Centers, Heavy Mechanical Industries and many more initiations. Now you can have little idea how big entity is Pakistan army. Thousands of people recruited as civilian in these institutions and indirectly they work for this great army. All these institutions, jobs are posted on their websites, notice has been posted at their offices and head offices. Newspapers are the still best media to know about these jobs.  All these institutions, jobs usually posted in famous daily newspapers. From janitor to highest level job in these institutions will be filled on merit basis.  So one who has capabilities and believe in his/her self can join Pak Army easily.

Sources for Pak Army Jobs Announcement:

There are plenty of sources for to get information about Pakistan army jobs.  I will share some reliable and quick resource for non-civilian.

a. Pakistan Army Jobs in Newspapers:

Newspapers are a reliable source of information. Every job announced in Pak army is definitely published in famous newspaper.  As we discussed internet provide easy access to any information, but there are some area and people who don’t use the internet or prefer to read the newspaper.  Pakistan Army usually published all job openings in all newspapers so that all potential candidates knew about it. Now day’s e paper can also help in this regard, there are people who start reading e papers. All add posted by Pak army usually published in the following newspapers Dawn News, Express News, Naw-e-waqat, The News, The Nation, Jang and many others.

b. Pakistan Army Jobs in Job Portals:

There are many job portals which post every government, private and Pak Army jobs. There have been many portal sites recently and they also help people how they can become perfect candidates.

c. Join Pakistan Army Website:

People who are really interested to join the Pakistan army should log in this site time to time. All information regarding to joining the Pak Army and their press released the first issue on this site. Also in today’s modern era where everybody has access to the internet can easily get this information. I also recommend everybody who is passionate to join the Pak Army should visit and study this site thoroughly, because every single detail is available on this site. All procedures and Job vacancies detail is given on site. One has to visit, website time to time so he/she don’t miss any new job opening.

d. Join Pak Army Mailing Address:

If someone want to have any information and questions he can mail on this given email id.
[email protected]

e. Join Pak Army Helping lines

Another quick source is Pak army help line, you can get immediate answers of any query. Phone number 051-561-33841.


f. Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs):

One can also get any information of Pak army job from all these army selection and recruitment centers.

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Gilgit

Telephone No: 05811-920535

Address: Serena Road Jutial Gilgit

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Peshawar

Telephone No: 091-9211747

Address: 10 Sahibzad Gul Road Peshawar Cantonment

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Rawalpindi

Telephone No: 051-9271393 / 051-5125026

Address: Roomi Road Saddar Rawalpindi

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Muzaffarabad

Telephone No: 05822-920598

Address: Mohri Gojra, Abbottabad Road Muzaffarabad

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Lahore

Telephone No: 042-36620730

Address: 317-A Walton Road Lahore

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Faisalabad

Contact Nos: 041-9200363

Address: Near District Headquarter Hospital Faisalabad

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Dera Ismail Khan

Telephone No: 0966-9280155

Address: Near Abdul Rehman Surgical Hospital Shah Alam Abad Chowk

Dera Ismail Khan

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Multan

Telephone Nos: 061-4504566
Address: Near NBP Cantonment Branch Qasim Road Multan

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Hyderabad

Telephone No: 022-2787258

Address: Near Gul Centre Opposite Magasi House Hyderabad

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Kohat

Telephone No: 0922-9260388

Address: Peshawar Road, Opposite CMH Kohat Cantonment

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Pannu Aqil

Telephone No: 071-5633214

Address: Near Sanghi Military Police Check Post Pannu Aqil Cantonment

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Khuzdar

Telephone No: 0848-412719

Address: Khuzdar Cantonment

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Karachi

Telephone Nos: 021-32790919

Address: Opposite Regent Plaza Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi No-4

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Quetta

Telephone Nos: 081-2836626

Address: Zarghoon Road Quetta Cantonment

g. Army Selection and Recruitment Office (AS&ROs)

Pakistan Army selection and recruitment Offices also provide all information that you need to join the Pak Army.

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Shinkiari

Telephone No: 0997-532203

Address: Near Army Public School Shinkiari 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Chakwal

Telephone No: 0543-551931

Address: Uddarr Wall Road Near PC Hotel Chakwal City 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Jhelum

Telephone No: 0544-9270340

Address: Near GTS Chowk Jhelum City 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Rawalakot

Telephone No: 0524-920520

Address: Hajira Road, Chak Bazar, Rawalakot 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Okra

Telephone No: 044-2881242

Address: Lahore – Multan Road NHA Near Al-Barq-CP Okara Cantonment 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Sialkot

Telephone No: 052-4270343

Address: Shehzad Shaheed Road Sialkot 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Sargodha

Telephone No: 048-9230197

Address: Near Kachary Road, DPO Office Sargodha 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Bahawalpur

Telephone No: 062-2281928

Address: Near Abbasia Military Police Check Post Bahawalpur 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Chhor

Telephone No: 0238-577111

Address: Old HRDC Building Near Station Library Chhor Cantonment 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Larkana

Telephone No: 074-9410121

Address: Government Degree College Larkana 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Sibi

Telephone No: 0833-500854

Address: Sibi Cantonment 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Turbat

Telephone No: 0852-413285

Address: Turbat 

Army Selection and Recruitment Office Loralai

Telephone No: 0824-410414

Address: Loralai Cantonment 



h. Regimental Centers

Regimental centers are another source of having information about joining the Pak army.

Armoured Corps Centre

Telephone No: –

Address: PSO Branch, Armoured Corps Centre Nowshera Cantt 

Headquarters Artillery Centre PSO Branch

Telephone No: 0572702196

Address: Attock Cantonment 

Army Air Defence Centre

Telephone No: 02149535885

Address: Malir Cantonment Karachi 

Headquarters Engineers Centre

Telephone No: 0923 – 631937

Address: Personnel Selection Office, Risalpur Cantonment 

Signals Training Centre

Telephone No: 0922516078

Address: Kohat Cantonment

Punjab Regiment Centre

Telephone No: 8737722

Address: PSO Office Punjab Regiment Centre Mardan 

Baloch Regiment Centre PSO Branch

Telephone No: 0992-332116

Address: Abbottabad 

Frontier Force Centre PSO Branch

Telephone No: 0992-332747

Address: Abbottabad 

Azad Kazhmir Regiment Centre

Telephone No: 057-2660605

Address: Mansar Camp Attock, Tehsil Hazro 

Sind Regiment Centre

Telephone No: 022-3400869

Address: Autobahn Road Hyderabad 

Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineer Centre

Telephone No: 081-9202416

Address: Headquarter EME Centre Quetta Cantonment 

Army Medical Corps School & Centre

Telephone No: 332339-8

Address: Abbottabad 

Corps of Military Police Centre

Telephone No: 0966-9280079

Address: Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) 

Army Services Corps Centre

Telephone No: 0923208611

Address: Near Lal Kurti Nowshera 

Northern Light Infantry Regiment Centre

Telephone No: 05811924079

Address: Bunji, Gilgit 

Ordnance Centre

Telephone No: 021-34900589

Address: Malir Cantonment Karachi No-9 

Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps Centre

Telephone No: –

Address: Near Jhang Mor Remount Depot Sargodha 


i. Induction Courses

Pak Army provides different induction courses to serve in the Pak army directly. Following are 4 major categories of induction courses.

  • Regular Commission
  • Direct Short Service Commission
  • Short Service Regular Commission
  • Soldiers

Regular Commission:

Regular commission provides 4 different induction courses. Name and all requirements of applying for these courses will be given in below links:

1: PMA Long Course:

All details are given in below link.

2: Technical Cadet Course:

All details are given in below link.

3: AM Cadet Course:

All details are given in below link.

4: AFNS (BSc Nursing)

This course is only for females. All details are given in below link.

Direct Short Service Commission:

Direct short service commission also provide four induction courses for lady officer, psychologists, Information officers and veterinary officers.

1: Lady Officers (Women Commission):

IT, Business Management, Finance and engineers degree holder female can apply for this course. All details are given in following link.

2: Psychologists (Men Commission)

This special course is only for male psychologists and details can be seen in below link.

 3: Signals ICTO:

This course is especially for Information Computer Technology field officers.

4: RV & FC

Veterinary officer can join Pak Army in RV & FC.


Short Service Regular Commission

There is three different courses Pak army is offering this category. These courses are mainly for medical filed. Classified specialist of different field’s doctors and nurse can apply for these courses.

1. GDMOs:

This course is designed for all MBBS or equivalent qualifications recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM & DC). Below given link will provide you all info about this course.

2. Classified/ Specialists:

This Short Service Regular Commission Course is for classified/specialists doctors. Anesthesiology (HPG) (Male/Female), Pathology (HPG) (Male/Female), Radiology (HPG) (Male/Female), Basic Medicine Sciences (Male/Female), Gynecology (HPG) (Female) all these specialists can apply for this course. Other details are given in following link.

3. Armed Force Nursing Service (AFNS):

Student who passed Matric (science) with 55% and FSc (Pre Medical) with 50% are eligible for this course. Age limit for this course is from to 25 years. Other details are given below link.

Soldiers Recruits

All Pakistani citizens can apply for this post, minimum education required for this post is matric and above.  You can see other details link provided below.


In the end we can conclude that being a part of the PAKISTAN proud institute, all you need is to be in touch with their official websites and keep an eye on latest opportunities, best suitable for you as per your education career. Pak Army announces various multiple opportunities’ in whole year, all you need is stay connected  with the latest updates and apply efficiently. In order to grab best suitable vacancies and courses that will lead you in a way to fulfill your dreamed as being a part of Pakistan Army. The world most honored armed force to defeat your motherland from terrorist and other traitors.

In the above article, I have summarized all the core points to be updated with the latest vacancies in Pakistan Army. I have mentioned all the sources to get updates about Pakistan Army jobs. There are various numbers of Job Portals, News Paper and most of all is the all the Recruitment Centers of Pak Army in all over the Pakistan. I have mentioned their addresses and Helplines that are free to be called during mentioned working hours. I have also briefed about the Inductions Courses for both males and females, civilians and non-civilians.

Pakistani’s are a proud nation with the born courage to protect their motherland since the 14th August, 1947. Our fore fathers struggles to build a separate country named as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, where they will practice Islamic rules and live freely. Where everyone has rights to live life freely. Even minorities will have same level of freedom as Muslims. The White part of Pakistan’s Flag, depicts the freedom of minorities. Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the dream of our National Poet, ‘Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal’. This dream has come to reality by the struggles and immensely hardworking of the founder of Pakistan, Great Quaid-e-Azam Muhammd Ali Jinnah.

May Allah (S.W.T) Bless Him Higher Rank in Jannah! Ameen 🙂