15 Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment


As a Digital Marketing Expert, I will share with you how to get Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment.

I do not know about you, but I work from home in Pakistan. And I’ve been doing it for over 5 years now. First employed in the company where he worked (until I got the kick) and then on my own thanks to the blog and doing what I like. What work at home before and I had dreamed of, but now I can only congratulate me because a few years ago I set out to write a blog. How I regret now not having done so!

When I start an online work in Lahore Pakistan. I don’t have enough knowledge and information how to get online jobs work home. My 5 year career taught me the right way to get to do online jobs from home in pakistan. I have read many articles on INTERNET work from home with paying anything or without investment.

But when I read entire post there are no effective tips to get online work from the internet. Today I am going to share with you most effective and 100% genuine way to get online jobs in Pakistan work from home.

15 Ways to Get Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment

1. Virtual Assistant

People are so busy these days. Most of people hire a virtual assistant  Who has ability to manage all virtual assistant activities? The business man looking for someone to handle their tasks like handle email, scheduling and travel arrangements or a busy executive who wants you to schedule her children’s doctors’ appointments. If you have the skills to manage all tasks that required for the virtual assistant, you will definitely be successful in getting online jobs in pakistan.

What you can expect to earn

You can earn $10 to 20$ per hour if you work directly with clients.

How to get stated

You must contact with business owners in your area from newspapers or search on craigslist or register with agencies such as eahelp and Zirtual.

2. Online Reseller

you can earn big amount of money by the selling items online by reaching out the people who want to sale their waste products but they don’t have enough time to do it themselves. One of they best way if you have product and want to sale online in the worldwide and earn money from home in pakistan.

Expect to earn

It depend on item price and it’s predefine percentage Commission for each sale.

How to get started

Simple register on EBay online marketing store for reseller. And upload your products and sale online. For more detail about reseller Check out allyou.com/home-business for more tips on how to market your services.online Call-Center jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

3. Call-Center Employee

Customers complain their problems to companies for their products and services. If you have great communication skills you can find online call center jobs in Pakistan work from home earn more money to fill out your daily expenses.

Expect to earn:

$7 to $15 per hour, with some jobs offering incentives for high sales.

How to get stated

Enroll yourself as an agent at a call-center company website. Such as workingsolutions.com, liveops.com or alpineaccess.com—that offers extensive training.


4. Document Translator

Online business increasing day by day and business own want to communicate in more languages. Good news for them who can speak multiple languages fluently and interested in this translation Profession. From virtual office VIA skype, join conferences and calls. Peoples in this field join conversation translate documents and record their voices. You can grab more information on for translation working in Pakistan work from home below the paragraph. Online Document Translator jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expect to earn:

About $12 an hour. Translators working with technical or scientific content can earn up to $40.

How to get start

You can start work now just open below url and signup free account update your profile upload cv mention your hourly rate and start earning online in Pakistan. You can traslation services jobs with translatorscafe.com agency are  verbalizeit & Gengo.

5. Data-Entry Worker

Companies always looking for someone who can type newspaper by typing paper documents into a computer. There are many task daily update from different data entry work. you need high typing speed to online data entry jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expect to earn:

$6 to $20 per hour.

How to get started

You can find list of all data entries jobs detail on homewiththekids.com and also you can find from craigslist or google by the using this query “type in “online data input jobs”),”

6. Captcha Entry jobs

One of the most easily online job work from home. captcha work without investment daily payments . There is no technical skills require for this type of work. You must have high speed internet and start fill captcha.in worldwide most people’s use this kind of work to get online job.it is very simple to start online captcha jobs in Pakistan. You must register before start Captcha job. Captcha online data entry work instant payment.online Captcha Entry jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expect to earn:

2-5$ daily with 2Captcha with typing.

How to get started

You can start work with 2captcha and onlinetypingjobs.net

7. Upwork

Upwork was formerly known as Odesk , but changed their name and design of the newly page. 75% of professionals who I know and who work from home were hired by their clients from this site.online Freelance jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Upwork is a reference page to find work: they were one of the pioneers in this type of Internet services and the types of jobs they can find are the most varied.

I know people who have worked here in many jobs: moderating forums, translating letters, writing for blogs , websites promoting, being virtual assistant to company directors …

Expect to Earn

$2 to $20 per Hour

How to get started

Simple sign up Upwork and update profile according to your skills.

8. Answering-Service Employee

if you call a doctor office at 3 AM. The person who answers might be someone just like you, at home in her pajamas. You can find answering services employer and get hire yourself.

Expect to earn:

$8 to $14 per hour.

How to get started:

Look for listings on these job boards: indeed.com, simplyhired.com and careerbuilder.com.

9. Interview Transcriber

If you have skills to conduct online interview. Then this transcription job perfect you. you simple need high speed internet and headphone and conduct interview for the companies and get paid.online Interview Transcriber jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expect to earn:

From $5 to $40 per hour.

How to get started:

Look for regular work with a transcription service such as the ones at verbalink.com and scribie.com. One enterprising way to find nonfiction writers is to check book publishers’ author websites (there are hundreds at harpercollins.com/author/websites.aspx).


10. Content Writer

All-time favorite online jobs most of companies have not much time to write article and blog for their website. So they hire freelance writer who write content for their companies website. There many peoples already working on this type of work on internet from worldwide. If you have great skills for writing then don’t you worry about a good amount because you are going to highly paid by your writing skills.online Content Writer jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expected earning

$4 to $20 per month

How to get started

You don’t need to search on internet how to get writing jobs. Here are simple website which offer content writing jobs daily as freelance. Upwork.com elance.com  indeed.com & bloggers.com.

11. Expert Advice

Many website offer how to advices for everything. You must have knowledge about their products or services. Simple sign up guru.com answering the specific topics.

Expect to Earn

$4 to $10

How to get started

justanswer.com and ether.com to find out whether you are qualified to be an expert at their sites.

12. Affiliate Blogger

if you have a website and you divert many visitors daily. Many website or company own share their link with your website audience and get paid by companies. There are many platform on internet which offer you to advertise their client products on your website.online Affiliate Blogger jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expect to Earn

$10 and $50 per 1,000 hits.

How to get started

Two excellent websites, earnersblog.com and bloggingtips.com, offer many ideas and resources for the aspiring affiliate blogger.

13. Social Media Market Consultant

Today our peoples mostly activate on social media website some of using as entertainment other use for promotion. if you have strong skills in social media like Facebook twitter LinkedIn and YouTube. Then consult with companies who seeking social media services or consultancy for their business. and developed relation with their customers and sale their services on social media sites.online Social Media Market Consultant jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

How to get started

Submit your resume to sites such as jobsinsocialmedia.com and elance.com.

Expect to earn

$10 to $25 per hour. But some pros get as much as $75.

14. Online Tutor or Teacher

As you know in our planet everyone seeking teacher services who teach them. Now days we can teach anyone by the using internet. If you have great experience related to your skills you must have ability to teach online on internet. You must start online teaching services in your area or outside from your area.Online Tutor or Teacher jobs at home without investment in pakistan.

Expected to earn

 $9 to $40 per hour. Certified teachers and those with expertise in advanced math or science might command more.

How to get started

You can start with tutor.com and  upwork.com.


15. Beauty Product Seller

Do you love beauty products? If you really love to sale beauty products online. Peoples buy and sale their products online it all depend on quality and promotion most of companies hire peoples for promote their beauty products online.Online Beauty Product Seller at home without investment in pakistan.

How to get started

 Create your own personalized website to sell products or buy a starter kit.

Expect to earn

As a seller for Alcone at Home, you receive 10-30% sales commission,


if you Want to Get Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment. you need to read above tactics and get hired for the Freelance work in Pakistan.