Online Education in Pakistan to Earn Your Degree At Home

Online Education in Pakistan to Earn Your Degree At Home

Traveling or moving to distant places for seeking education is no more a problem now! Technology has made things way easier than before like Online Education in Pakistan. One of its biggest and significant inventions is the online education system, known as E-learning, which holds many educational benefits. This technique is popular world-wide.

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Need for Online Education in Pakistan

One of the developing countries that implements this technique is Pakistan. Though, from independence up till now, there are not much innovations seen in the field of education, as depicted by its literacy rate which is below expectations.

Majority of people are those who cannot even afford the expenses of schooling, and many cities and areas do not even offer any school for children. The total number of schools in Pakistan is not satisfactory. Government also doesn’t provide sufficient resources for building schools.

In this scenario, we can say that online education system has done wonders. It is not less than a blessing for those who just dream of seeking education and fulfilling their dreams. Online education in Pakistan is becoming famous day by day and has resulted in massive outputs. This methodology is trust-worthy and genuine.

You can take online tests to further enhance your knowledge by knowing how much you have learnt so far. Also there are many testing systems provided by different institutes using which students can have their tests checked by sitting at homes. Every question has a specific time interval after which the next question appears on the screen.

Example of Institutes in Pakistan that are implementing Online Education System

Virtual University, Pakistan

There are many famous names in this aspect, one of which is Virtual University, Pakistan, which has contributed a lot in providing quality education to students online. It is not confined to a particular area, instead students from all over Pakistan are using this platform for learning, and the number of its students is increasing day by day.

There are many students living in distant areas who are utilizing this facility and getting benefit from it. Not only this, but it is the pioneer university that has introduced the concept of online education system in Pakistan. Its degree also holds significant worth.

Comsat University, Pakistan

Not only this, Comsat University Pakistan is also playing a vital role in this manner, providing online education to many students who cannot travel to study. The whole system is based on computers.

Teachers upload their lectures in form of documents and video tutorials too. Students just have to open their computers, choose the lecture they want to take, and can even contact with their university for inquiries.

Advantages of Online Education in Pakistan

The initiative of online education system in Pakistan is really succeeding in its cause of increasing awareness in individuals by providing them proper education. Not only this, government of Pakistan is also taking serious steps by promoting it.

It is believed that with the help of online education, people of Pakistan have become more literate and with increased awareness, can contribute towards the welfare of their country.

A country progresses only when it has an educated nation. Similarly, benefits of online education in Pakistan are not hidden from anyone. The government is supporting it, what else should we need.

Let’s talk about the advantages of online education in Pakistan, listed as follows:

  • No Time Limit

There is flexibility of time given in online education. One can make learning in as much time as he/she wants. There is no restriction. Moreover students are not bound to attend their class in specific timings. Whenever they find time to study, they can go through it, in any time of day which suits.

There is no need to catch a bus or worry about class attendance. They have full freedom to select create their own time table and schedule as they don’t have to follow any rules and regulations, and can select educational plans as per their availability.

  • Continuity of Part-time Activities

There are some students doing home jobs, and some mothers who want to continue their studies. Online education system is the solution to their need.

Students can continue their studies along with home jobs, as well as mothers can give time to their family along with getting education, using online education.

  • Interaction with Various Institutes and People

Students get a chance of interacting with students and teachers belonging to different institutes all across the world, by sharing their ideas about a specific thing, using various platforms like emails and chats.

They get a chance to get closer with different institutes of world.

  • Budget-friendly

One of the biggest advantages of online education is that it is convenient and pocket-friendly, as compared to education acquired through other sources. The cost is les because it saves the expenses of travelling, cost of teacher and other utilities involved in education process.

You can attend the class sitting at your home, without having to pay for anything. However to further enhance your knowledge, there are paid courses available too, which don’t cost much, and are economical to purchase

Disadvantages of Online Education in Pakistan

Though there are many advantages of online education, but if we think that we don’t have to face any trouble or time limitation, then it’s only a misconception. There are a few disadvantages too.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

  • Misunderstanding of Answers

Many online teachers provide a brief explanation to an inquiry which might lead to misunderstanding.

Students might not be satisfied with such a brief explanation to their question and hesitate sometimes in asking again.

  • Limited Time Scale of Teachers

Though we know the fact that students can come online whenever they want, teachers have a limited time scale to connect with the students, as they have got many other work to do, and prepare lectures and video tutorials in many cases, to deliver to the students.

  • Difficulty in Finding Answers

The online education system is not flawless and properly planned. Students sometimes face difficulty in finding accurate answers to their questions.


Having a look at the advantages and disadvantages, we can infer that it has got more advantages than the disadvantages.

Concluding it, we expect the system to be improved a furthermore to an extent that makes it flawless, and overcomes its few disadvantages.

Still what we can say is, that online education system not only improves learning, but also teaches individuals about how to use technology and modern tools, which proves to be beneficial with respect to their future career.

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