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NGOs in Pakistan: Governments in developed as well as underdeveloped countries try to arrange superb resources for the helpless and poor citizens. Politicians take votes by promising the solutions of their problems but unfortunately the condition of deprived people is getting worse and the rich are turning richest in the country like Pakistan. Therefore, NGOs come into operation for such underprivileged residents and put their best efforts to reduce their complications and make them move towards betterment, contributing towards the prosperity of state. Now here the question arrives, “what are NGOs?” Are they fake associations depicting their artificial pain for the miserable and enjoying their luxurious living with the money generated upon the name of establishment? Or is it really something good for the deservers?

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What is an Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) ?

Every society is stuffed with the good and the bad figures. A beam of hope never dies even in the dense darkness. The shining ray keeps the way open for righteousness, goodwill and sincerity. Considering all such golly and avoiding the evil faces, NGOs generally called as non-governmental organizations, are the non-profit foundations functioning to change the conditions of depressed publics. They perform a variety of services to craft the country a better place to exist for the unfortunates. The formations attend health, environment, agricultural, rural, unemployment, educational and social troubles.

Pakistan as being the developing nation is facing distressing financial crisis and offering a lower standard of living to the deteriorated entities. Hence, a wide range of NGOs are working for the well-being, welfare and safety of worsened ones. They have created a high call of awareness for the development of beloved nation. Removing the racial differences, NGOs unite people under one flag and enhance harmony, nationalism and solidarity.


List of Top NGOs in Pakistan

An array of NGOs are operating in Pakistan but let’s have a look upon the list of top NGOs in Pakistan working efficiently:

1: Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation NGO in Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the top NGOs in Pakistan, employing their extensive funds for the charity purposes. They are the biggest providers of welfare services throughout the country. They clutch the moto of benefitting people without any sort of commercial, political and communal discernments. Their facilitation remains available 24×7 for the people belonging to any color, caste, creed and religion. Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi has been awarded several shields and awards for becoming the greatest example of kindness for the people living dejectedly in Pakistan. Edhi carries the honor of being the largest ambulance suppliers in the entire world.

2: Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

Imran Khan after touching the heights of popularity through his great career in cricket and now also in politics hold superb concern for the people suffering through deadly disease. The historic hospital was the only clinic for the cancer patients at the time of its establishment. With its successful operation in Lahore and Peshawar, Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital employs the modern technology and advanced machinery for the detection and treatment of syndrome. The formation grips the services of qualified doctors, attending the people not affording the cure of cancer. The hospital do not charge a single penny and turn the infected individuals towards life from the death edge.

3: Ansar Burney Trust International

Ansar Burney is a great name associated with Pakistan for his exceptional charity work. The persona is outstandingly circulating around the globe for achieving the civil and human rights. The top NGO also performs for the prisoners under the “Prisoners Aid Society” and helping the innocent people by letting them free from the jail. ABTI is running an exceptional establishment ensuring the lawfulness and legality in Pakistan.


4: Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation is one of the top NGOs in Pakistan working for the rights of women and creating awareness in public regarding a just, democratic, independent and helpful society. Thus, the foundation raises the voice against inequality and striving hard to abolish the gender discrimination. The leading NGO started its journey in 1986 to flourish the importance of females’ dignity. The foundation is not only popular in Pakistan but also in other corners of the world for its outstanding promotion of trust, cooperation and collaboration among the inhabitants. The top NGO highly supports women empowerment, it allows them to fight for their rights and do not consider them lower than the men at any level of existence.

5: Darul Sakun

Darul Sakun is an exceptional center functioning for the comfort of mentally disabled children and adults. The leading NGO gives place to such members of society even when their families leave them to be in a relaxed mode of living. It’s a home to disabled individuals residing upon the streets, witnessing the harshness of their loved ones. The social workers, relatives or even police sometimes bring such people to Darul Sakun to improvise their pathetic condition. Sr. Gertrude started this amazing platform and serving the important part of society here in Pakistan without flying back to Holland.

6: Chippa Welfare Association

The leading NGO of Pakistan operates just like the “Edhi Foundation” for the citizens. It is completely a non-profit business run by Ramzan Chippa, who always remain ready to provide every type of help to the needy individuals. The organization holds no distinction upon the basis of caste, color, creed and religion.


7: Shahid Afridi Foundation

After enjoying the victorious cricket career, Shahid Afridi is now serving humanity through the construction of school and hospital in Pakistan. Shahid Afridi Foundation grasps the vision of making Pakistan the motherland of educated people and ensuring the best health facilities without any discrimination. According to a recent survey, Shahid Afridi is one of the most generous cricketers in the world, giving large amount of money for the charity purposes. The non-profit organization is working genuinely for the poor people, who holds great aspiration, passion and enthusiasm to be educated for being a great contributor of Pakistan’s prosperity.

Considering the great work of top NGOs in Pakistan, we should all shake our hands for the progress of our society and try to help the helpless as per our capacity.

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