How Can Fresh Graduates Find NGO Jobs in Pakistan!!


Recently, it is observed that there is a good number of fresh graduates who are willing to find NGO jobs in Pakistan, but could not figure out a way to do so. Reasons for this could be many, poor career counseling, shrinking number of opportunities in market, bad law & order situation prevailing or diminishing foreign investments etc. While trying to find a job in any sector, it is pivotal to understand your priorities, which eventually are going to trigger up the passion and setting things up accordingly and needless to say that the NGO sector is no exception. Yes, there are areas that precisely can do wonders in aiding you to find a job in this sector which will be discussed latter in this article. However, the baseline of the whole thing remains the same, and you need to be taking care and ensuring to get the basics correct in order to land up in the business area.

Generally, what happens is that NGO’s being non-profit organizations tend to operate in an environment that is more inclined towards the cost cutting side and therefore, do not and cannot have the luxury to manage onto big teams. Consequently, the number of opportunities that arise are limited giving rise to competition, thus making it difficult for someone to get selected, precisely if he or she has just finished up with studies and trying to get into the first job. Nevertheless, below are some tips and guidelines that you can exercise in order to increase your probability:

Investing in your Professional Development:

As a student, you need to invest in nurturing your professional skills in a way that can add value to your personality, thus making you worthwhile for the respective role and the company that you are trying to target. Go to conferences, attend seminars and exhibitions in order to identify with the demands of the modern era, and keep abreast of same to increase onto your worth.


Master Languages:

Generally, most of the entities in the non-profit sector of Pakistan are foreign based so it is a matter of common sense that they are going to prefer professionals coming up with multi-linguistic capabilities. Now, of course, the extent of this will depend upon the organization and the nature of your role in it. However, no one can decline the importance or the edge that you get while possessing this. In addition, knowledge of other languages will make you more valuable, while dealing with different groups of people and officials which in turn will enable you to convince them on your terms. The probability of success multiplies and this is all you want as a professional.

List down NGO’s:

Make a list of the leading NGO’s operating around and try and find more information about each one of them. Meet people in your network, visit their websites, try and explore how do they work and what are their priorities. Doing this will let you develop a clear understanding of their objectives which will help you develop a better understanding of the preferences regarding the human resource. In addition to that, this also allows you to focus yourself more and refine onto the mode of action, which usually incorporates more control into the whole thing.

Find an Internship:

Be it in any field, professional experience is something that always differentiates you from others and it can be in the form of a short internship too. Sometimes, it gets essential for you as a fresher to make yourself aware of how things work in the professional environment, precisely due to the fact that it lets one understand the IN’s and OUT’s of the process in detail. Therefore, it is advisable to try and find an internship somewhere before initiating the actual job hunt, it can work wonderfully well.


Keep Aware of Things:

Generally, NGO’s tend to prefer individuals who are well informed of what’s happening around. Of course, this is due to the nature of the work they are supposed to do, meeting different people, organizations and companies so you have to equip yourself with the necessary arsenal. Take the scale of your general knowledge to the next level, make a routine of going through newspapers, listen to the news, surf internet and do whatever it takes to make yourself well informed.

Enroll with a recruitment agency:

Get yourself registered with top recruitment agencies around you. This won’t be a difficult task at all to execute, search the internet and make a list of the best available options. Follow it up by visiting their offices and submitting your credentials, so that they make you a part and parcel of the database for consideration with reference to upcoming opportunities. In fact, this module has gained more importance with the passage of time, precisely due to the fact that they are the ones responsible for carrying out the process in a professional way, which is a big facility both for the employer and potential employee. Both ends generally get filtered options without any real fuss or confusions, so they prefer opting for this thus making it a good choice for you to explore.

Develop a Feel for the underprivileged:

This is what the sector works for, trying and finding ways to aid them in getting the basic necessities of life, food, education, shelter, medical treatments etc. As someone looking to work in this arena, it is imperative for you to understand the importance of doing this first, what essentially are you going to contribute to the whole scenario. And in order to do this more effectively, develop feelings for those who are deprived and underprivileged. Once done, things will start coming to you as responsibilities rather than duties which will take the performance to another level.


Make yourself a master at:

Last but not the least, there are certain areas in which your skill level should be at the highest if you are to work as an NGO professional. Make yourself a master at communication, verbal or written, socializing and intermingling, time management, negotiation, judgment, decision making, idea generation, statistics, market research, data analysis and its compilation. More or less, these are the weapons to sum up what’s being done, rather, what you will be supposed to do in your professional role. And indefinitely, you will be the one to taste success in case justice is done to most of these aspects. Set your priorities as a student, workout ways on how to improve yourself on each one of these and most importantly, set a mentor who can guide you through by virtue of his experiences and ideas, letting you grab the competitive edge.

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