Top 17 Multinational Companies in Pakistan of 2016


Nowadays there are number of multinational companies in Pakistan are working and to choose best company from these numerous companies is really difficult task. Here is the list of top Multinational companies in Pakistan and I’m sure this will surely help you in choosing the best company for to make your future successful.

This page contains

  1. Unilever
  2. Procter and Gamble
  3. Nestle
  4. Standard Chartered
  5. Samsung
  6. PepsiCo
  7. The Coca Cola Company
  8. Apple Inc
  9. Toyota
  10. KFC
  11. McDonald’s
  12. LG Corporation
  13. imperial Chemical Industries
  14. Philips
  15. GlaxoSmithKline
  16. Pizza Hut
  17. Engro Corporation

What Qualifies to be a Multinational Company?

Multinational is composed of two words those are “Multi and national “. So looking into the word “Multinationals” it implies an organization which works in more than one country or which has exposure and entry to International markets. Such organizations operates in branches, Factories, Workshops, and most importantly headquarters in various countries and are under the command of the headquarters in the country of its origin. Multinational organizations are well known by various names, for example, Transnational Corporation, International Enterprise or Global Enterprise.

For instance: PEPSI, HYUNDAI, NIKE, SAMSUNG, Coca Cola and many more.


Characteristics Of Multinational Companies Include

Big Size

As multinational companies are the one operating in more than one country so this requires them to have large amount of assets and sales dispersed in different countries. These organizations create extensive wealth. Their operations are huge to the point that occasionally their business turnover surpasses the Gross national product of a growing economy Country. With this we can envision about the forces of a multinational organization. For instance, the physical resources of IBM (globally recognized company) surpasses 8 billion dollars.

Universal Operation

We know that a multinational company works in more than one country. So it is having branches and workplaces in different countries where it is introduced. It works through a system of branches and backups in host nations. It offers its items in various nations. For e.g.: Coca Cola, apple and so forth.

Proficient Management

These Multinational organizations utilizes proficient specialists, particular individuals. Multinational corporations try to keep their workers upgraded by giving them training after regular intervals of time. Multinationals hire and utilizes experts to handle the development in innovation successfully.


The different branches of Multinational organizations dispersed in various countries are controlled and oversaw by the headquarters. Headquarters are arranged in the country of origin. This Headquarter is considered as the principle branch in all cases of Multinationals. All branches work inside the approach structure framed by base camp.

Oligopolistic when it comes to Powers

Oligopoly implies power in the hands of just few organizations. Because of their BIG size, the multinational organizations possess commanding position in the business sector .They hold hands with huge business houses and as a result monopoly is formed. Multinationals can sometimes take over other companies and merge with them to gain more market share and increase the sales.

Modern Technology

These organizations make utilization of most recent and propelled innovation to supply with world class items. They make use of most advanced technology to delight their customers like never before in this ever changing environment. They are actually flexible to the market changes.

Productive companies

Multinational companies are involved in large scale production of different items to supply through various distribution channels into the listed markets. They sell their brand name in all the countries and achieve profit margins..


List of Top Multinational Companies in Pakistan of 2016

The above discussed characteristics of Multinationals hold in all Multinationals. Now we will have a look on top multinational companies in Pakistan 2016. We will briefly discuss each top MNC in Pakistan.

1: Unilever

We come across many things in our daily life which are delivered to us by Unilever. Unilever is not a new name it is well established brand. They are very successful in matching their products with changing consumer needs. They have adopted market penetration strategy. This strategy emphasizes on delivering affordable price products for all income groups. Unilever is the market leader. It is an Anglo Dutch multinational company. Its offerings include beverages, food, personal care products and cleaning agents.

2: Procter and Gamble

The well recognized brand P & G is a focused brand. It specializes on providing household products. You are well aware of its shampoos, conditioners and many other items. It is helping people in changing and improving their lifestyles by providing quality products at affordable prices. P & G is one of the leading global organization. It is an American multinational which specializes in consumer goods. It is named after the founders James Gamble and William Proctor.

3: Nestle

It is Swiss multinational company. Nestle specializes in food and beverage providing products. Especially Nestle juices are very famous all over the world. When it comes to revenues it is the largest revenue generating company. It is operating in one ninety four countries. The main focus of Nestle is to provide good quality food which is of great nutritional value. It has many product lines under which different sub brands are operating. Nestle is recognized as a class apart in Pakistan.

4: Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a British multinational organization. This bank like other banks specializes in providing financial services to its customers. The Headquarter of Standard Chartered is located in London. It is currently operating in more than seventy countries. It was formed after merging two banks. The operations of Standard Chartered include corporate banking, consumer banking, treasury services and institutional banking.

5: Samsung

It is a South Korean multinational group of companies. Samsung was established in the year nineteen ninety three. Samsung started with electronic industry and made progress with the passage of time. Today Samsung smart phones are beating the competition in the smart phone industry. The company Samsung is having a great impact on the economy of South Korea due to its higher and ever increasing profit margins. Mobile phones are its major income driving factor.

6: PepsiCo

It is an American multinational company which specializes in producing snacks and beverages. The head quarter of PepsiCo is located in New York City. PepsiCo came into being in the year nineteen sixty five. There are many products in the product portfolio of PepsiCo. It has acquired other companies as well. Pepsi is one of the most purchased drink all over the world. PepsiCo sponsors cricket matches. In Pakistan. There is nobody who is not aware of this drink.

7: The Coca Cola Company

It is an American multinational company which specializes in producing beverages. The company came into being in the year eighteen ninety two. It is operating in more than two hundred countries. The Coca Cola Company has acquired many other companies. The advertising campaigns of Coca Cola are considered very effective. It is in a direct competition with PepsiCo.

8: Apple Inc

It is an American based multinational company. Apple Inc. is a technology based company. It specializes in providing both consumer hardware and software products. Apple Inc. is a famous brand name. Though the products of Apple Inc. are expensive but its core competency is its technology. The founder of Apple Inc. is Steve Jobs. On record it is the largest information technology company when it comes to revenues and assets. It is operating in seventeen countries. Apple was founded in the year nineteen seventy six.

9: Toyota

Toyota is a Japanese multinational company. It specializes in producing automobiles. It is famous for producing hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota came into being in the year nineteen thirty seven. It was founded by kiichiro toyoda. It is currently serving in many countries and has well established repute.  The sales and market share of Toyota is very high. They are always found adapting to consumer needs and ease.

10: KFC

It is an American multinational fast food chain. The products of KFC have reached many parts of the world. The specialty of KFC is fried chicken. KFC is operating in one hundred and twenty three countries. The idea of fried chicken was first introduced by Harland Sanders, who was an entrepreneur.  It is known as one of the first fast food chain which was exposed internationally. In china even today it is the largest fast food chain. The peculiar taste of fried chicken is well known all over the world. Especially teenagers always want it.

11: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American multinational fast food chain. It specializes in producing hamburgers. It is currently operating in more than one hundred and nineteen countries. It was founded in the year nineteen forty in United States. The two main divisions of the business is either through franchise or through the corporation itself. On a record after Walmart McDonald’s is the world second largest employer. McDonald’s offer hamburgers, desserts, cheese burgers, French fries, breakfast and milkshakes. It is well known for its speedy service as well.

12: LG Corporation

It is a South Korean multinational group of companies. It specializes in producing electronic products. It is operating in eighty countries. It manufactures and sell electronic house hold products such as Televisions and mobile phones. It has diversified its product mix and is now offering medicines, rechargeable batteries, cosmetics and security devices. LG has established its brand name over the years.

13: ICI (imperial Chemical Industries)

It is a British multinational chemical company. It specializes in providing paints and chemicals. It was formed when British chemical companies merged. This company was established in the year nineteen twenty six. Its Headquarter is located in London. In Pakistan ICI paints are well recognized. In the year two thousand and eight it was acquired by Akzo Nobel. This multinational has a bright scope of expanding more branches in more countries due to its success in operating countries.

14: Philips

It is a Dutch multinational company which specializes in producing consumer electronics. It was established in the year eighteen ninety one. Headquarter of Philips is located in Amsterdam. On record Philips is the largest electronic company in the world. It is serving in more than sixty countries. The three main divisions of Philips in product portfolio are Philips Healthcare, Philips Lightening and Philips consumer Lifestyle. It was founded by Gerard Philips and his father. Philips Televisions are very common in Pakistan.

15: GlaxoSmithKline

GSK is a British multinational pharmaceutical company. Headquarter of GSK is located in London. It was established in the year two thousand after merging two companies. It produces vaccines, medicines, healthcare and nutritional products. It focuses on producing medicines of all major diseases. GSK is a well-established brand name. In Pakistan Panadol is the most commonly used medicine of GSK. It has also acquired different other companies by the time.

16: Pizza Hut

It is an American multinational food chain. It is recognized for special Italian American Cuisine. It offers pasta, pizza, desserts and other side dishes. It is linked with Yum Brands Corporation. It is serving in fifteen thousand locations. It was founded in the year nineteen fifty eight by two brothers. The taste of pizza by pizza hut is very delicious. It was very famous in Pakistan and is running successfully there.

17: Engro Corporation

It is a Pakistani based multinational corporation. The brand Engro is very well known in Pakistan. They have diversified product divisions. Different subsidiaries of Engro include Engro Foods, Engro Fertilizers, and Engro Polymers. It was established in the year nineteen fifty seven. It has acquired a company in U.S. and is serving Halal food in United States and Canada. It has targeted a very large number of people and is very successful in satisfying needs of the customers.


All the multinationals discussed above are operating at a huge level. They have employed a number of employees due to the geographical distribution of their branches. These multinationals have to maintain their quality standards through check and balance in order to maintain its brand name. They give training to their employees to work efficiently in competitive environment. Multinational companies earn high profit margins. They spend on R & D as well.

They give incentives to the employees on completion of the targets to keep them motivated. It is not an easy task to run a multinational it requires research and vision to reach the target markets. With a large amount of investment it requires capability to plan the target goals. Many multinationals started with just a small business and with the passage of time they opened up the branches in different locations. With this activity the brand name got recognition in the market place and the success continuous. Don’t forget to Share this article if you like it Top Multinational Companies in Pakistan of 2016.

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