How does Mondays feel like?

Mondays are the least like-able days of an employee’s life. When the weekend ends it feels like our lives have ended and now we have to go back to that same monotonous and hectic routines. Since Monday is the first and the busiest day of the week so we hate it a little more

Monday morning is a highly stressful day for many people. It is the time when people return to work or school after the weekend. If the weekend was long, such as a three day weekend because of a holiday, it can be more stressful than the average end to the weekend.

According to Dr. Chauncey Crandall, MD, writing for the website “Newsmax Health, A study at Tokyo Women’s Medical University fitted 175 men and women with a device that would measure their blood pressure around the clock for a week. The results were surprising: The highest blood pressure readings came from those who were getting ready for work on Monday morning. Those who stayed asleep on Monday morning because they did not have to go to work did not experience the same surge.

Here are some Monday moods and thoughts that we all experience

Always Late on Mondays

We miss out on our alarm usually on Mondays. On the weekend we don’t have to wake up early so that thing just flows on Mondays as well, that’s why we usually get late on Mondays.

Lazy and grumpy

The only two moods for Mondays are either you’re too lazy to even make yourself a cup of coffee or so much grumpy that you feel like yelling at everyone. In such case try not to bite everybody and keep yourself calm, have a cup of tea or coffee.

You don’t feel like working

All you need is just break and coffee and fine chat with your colleagues about how their weekend went. You don’t want to see the piles of files on your table waiting for you, no calls from manager or client.

Daydreaming about weekends

You can’t even think about doing work and start dreaming of the weekend again which is quite far though, that’s because you are not over the weekend and have absolutely no desire to work or sit in the office.

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